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It was ...
I welcome all who are in the middle of the story and do not know anything about it. For Those of you there is a brief look at developments and situations in three environments, the link has not been disclosed for the time being even close readers of previous books. Those who can already read with calm following lines skip. Others would have to clarify all nesmyslnosti made in order to have the assurance that nothing came, přetrpět following explanations containing rather boring list of facts needed to understand the situation. Nejnetrpělivejší of you may even entire previous story as insignificant the fact ignore ...

The 1-City
Hrdiny books referring to the fictional town Rapačises are two young people who found that life is perhaps even nebaví, and therefore begin to explore new horizons, and where seemingly do not have to be. The fact they highlight the importance of, or at least somehow fill their emptiness. In each chapter with a visit Zuzana Honzou (as the heroes designate) Church, mysterious Indian bar, dance very, be a powerful inhabitants of the city, the spiritual session, a public celebration on Children, interviews, opileckou restaurant motorkářskou community, the local town hall, sect living in the woods a television show. The stories meet Peter (powerful inhabitants), Čendu (spiritual father of economic increase and Councillor), Christian (leading motorcycle community, also later involved in the management of the city), Gabriela (Christian niece, manipulátorka), Snejku Držky Bláta (motorkář) Blanku (secretary of Petra), Sylvu (a girl who brought Honzu), Kvída (head of the sect) and Karel Hynek (motorkář).
The story is that the big boys, who are involved in dishonest business eventually gain supremacy over the surprisingly town hall and become radními.

The 2-At the Plate
Hero of the book has not been determined, but for the most part going pseudorealitě taking place in the Czech Republic is potkáme with Charles (unemployed), Jana (unemployed), Andrea (unemployed), Jaromír (unemployed), Metodějem (barman), Antonin (barman), dýdžeji Fíkem, Hutníkem, Chemikem, Tetřevem, Motykou, Retychem, Gábinou (student), Rychtářem (judge) and many other less important epizodními roles.
The story is the wild life on the edge, when Charles gets to křížku with the law and die prematurely. During his departure to eternity to accompany the above-mentioned either in rolls his well-known or more related souls.

The 3-Všesvět & S.H. (hereinafter abbreviated Všesvět)
Heroes books denouncing the world smyšleném contents zlobry and člobrdy are more or less all participants. In zlobry is especially Kýna (at that time ruler of an empire), Líry (court jester), Vošingtn, Stalman, Ňjůtn. In člobrdy act Květoslav, Mojmír, Daniel (MEPs), Elena (journalist), Herbert (young scientist), Gordon (secretary), Aneta (businesswoman), Rudolf (demovryper), Gordon (demovryper), Henry (barman), Louis ( the owner of the dead cats), Renata (demovryper), Erik (demovryper), Gizela (demovryper), Hubert (pordinér), Alfons (boss Rudolf), Paul (demovryper), a leading bezprizorných, John (demovryper, the girl from Rudolph) and even several other not so significant roles.
It is not possible to outline the contents of the book in the dictionary normal world, because it is not. I must therefore leave everything in smyšleném language of the pseudoreality. The story takes place around člobrdů groups seeking to using their demovrypových group provokovat bezprizorné and demozvráceně elected government. When bezprizorní tries to intervene with the help of force against demovrypům, the situation in Všesvětě neúnosnou and as a last resort it is shown to enforce the new law. The text of the Act, however, absolutely does not correspond to the idea of eternal rulers Všesvěta, zlobrům who shall be issued to settle the matter. Quite surprisingly they have done so only partially to almost never. The story ends when the entire group zlobrů is close to the border Všesvěta a plan to implement something.

Potemnělá room propouštěla remnants afternoon sunshine. Inside the rozprostíraly a series of tables arranged in an irregular polygon naznačujícího unlikelihood fact, the universe and the world in the eyes of managerial staff of one of the nejutajenějších research centres Světadílanů. People are slow to meet here after the afternoon svačině. Pojedli most organic food in a radius of one thousand kilometers. The local scientific elite expresses snobskou awareness of the joy of their own intellectual and material wealth (in terms of rolls of flour hmoždířem broken hand). The building in which work is strikingly similar to mešitě the belfry. Světadílané already knew everything and had some time since they were the very force majeure ponouknuti to abolish svatostánků to be used parcels practical manner.
Just when the last bell of dožívajících spiritual leaders, stotřicetiletý Kevlar přeškolený to self-maintenance system faults (they have to consciously build that they occurred at all) kopl to the oldest bell in the vicinity and that it damaged, begun in the lower floors of buildings, the former crypt , Lecture.
"Gentlemen," said postarší man in tmavočerveném coat, which looked as if the guy originally wanted to be Toreador, but a kind of unfortunate coincidence has come to science. "We've just vyseparovali long created a new strain of virus mutation. Our department has the whole eight years of dedicated and only the possibility of making the world a better place to live. And with the help of an autonomous systematic virus zajištujícího individuals full autonomy in matters of thinking and second in total devotion Cases of higher performance targets. understand the objectives of the science, science and holy companies approved as a higher goal. " Scientist are confidently zakřenil. "So using these means we can finally calm to declare that our task was finally fulfilled."
Grex vědkyň and scientists from the laboratory of Professor Tydlýta wonderingly sighed. Professor finally able to. Their work has not been in vain. End of vanity world. One becomes a fundamentally different. It is for individuals and autonomous for Science and Society good mravencem. Great.
Professor sufficiently looked into dáli, the předklonil and pohozením head backward swept all of its half-meter long hair back into the proper scientific or rockového hairstyle (that decides whether history). Then embarked on the appreciation of the experiments carried out so stvrdil its success. With the commitment in the face then it came to the screen, where odehrávali his scientific team namodelované scene, which began zasvěceným voice, and explain Annotate.
"As the focus of the experiment were chosen three areas of interest. This is a relatively provincial town with a somewhat passive citizens who refused to cooperate in the production of new types of goods drinking zajištujícího for world permanently valuable and constantly evolving dokonalo. For this reason, also said the city was chosen deliberately Because the productivity of these areas has fallen far below the established average. Nezbylo us than to take proper measures and motivate the citizens of the cities mentioned by means other than the television screen and sausages in rohlíku. Approval from the European Union Světadílů and other relevant authorities, of course, we have power. But this is just on the edge, since all executives, researchers conducting the experiment went through the proper training conspiracy inner office for the power interests of the world. If by chance someone did not know, so this is a quiet pětku. " Professor is roguishly pousmál. "If someone still did not know what is still Five," so this is a vision zhmotněné spiritual fathers of mankind. Takříkajíc representative of God on earth. It is obviously more than obvious that contributed to their rediscovery our previous experiment to find a reincarnation of the saints. To maintain transparency in our actions would be appropriate to note that the current reincarnation of the saints are very often changing. Just to clarify, in recent years has been to place Buddha, a small monkey. Instead, the Islamic god again frog and Christian leaders represent the goat. In the meantime, has also been difficult to find from falling due to the truth only five reinkarnací, but in other experiments are continuing and it is expected that the final range may go up to one thousand souls, which will be due to special equipment to vokalizování ideas Saints simply say, what is their intention. "
Doctor Butter began to vykecáváním Tydlýta bored. He is responsible for all the work on virus mutation, and many other things. Zůstával but at the request of the Ministry of Interior in the background, since it may not know to what really works and what interests will pursue. Tydlýto was horrendous Butter idealist and břídil him at all and his Tales nezajímaly. But unlike the Butter it was a good visionary who was able to bring all things quite simply as charisma, the Ministry of need. Butter at the time still did not know, but in fact had a background in zústat it forever. It is not enough to work hard, they must be appropriately plkat. Recently mentioned invaluable ability Tydlýtovi nechyběla. And for that reason can only develop on its vision forward and go:
"The first sphere of interest was, therefore, the city Rapačises. Naoko there took place the entire revolution. Experiment of course, continued even after this event. Our recording equipment nezahálela and thanks to you the following times Let demonstrative video, we understand how our autonomous virus manifested inside and outside individuals. camera vision evolved Institute Professor Tábrda this, and I thank him for his contribution to our scientific research. "
While the damaged bell carry out their compulsory dvacetihodinovou repair, rozjela for strikes hammer automatic camera engineer and mysterious story in the foreground, accompanied by profesorovými hlasitými remarks, began take place.

City I.
Jack with Zuzana sat in a room and pokuřovali cigarettes. Should such a lazy afternoon during which they can just lounge about and watch television. The whole matter of the transatlantic economic half ecstasy and happy observed, as television offers them crispier sweets or card-key. None of this ever nepotřebovali, but were happy that they were quite happy thrive. Indeed, even one at all there, which take all the things they need to live, when in fact not at all and parents, they are no longer before odstěhovali. Jack slowly watched as Sarah rozkošnicky protahuje switching to television and then caught behind around the waist.
"What mad?" prevents the naoko she.
"But no, I can only osahávám you," she smiles Jack.
"Aha," odtušila resignedly Sarah, have already idea, which may also Honzovo petting finally quit. Then but nadechla and spoken. "Do you know what is special?"
"No, then I do not know."
"The fact that we are all still not enough and do nothing either. Moreover, even in the streets to look differently than before. Actually it looks like there exactly as it představuji. It's not strange?"
"No, I am no longer the přemítal and it appears that some may consider a higher power. Maybe it's simply fraud ušitý Čendou and those of his kamarádíčky."
"This could be true, it simply will have to examine," nadhodila Sarah.
Her lover is not encouraged and called twice.
The other wire is polopile ozvalo: "Yeah, I have some maids here now, you do not want to come? And if you go on sex, so do not zavěste and now, I do not have time. Never!"
"And there is an organized busty and the wide sides," he remembered Jack Věstonickou on Venus.
"No, but it may be," laughs on the other hand, Čenda, which had to be under steam since then, when the coup took place in the city. Revolutionary Council since then has held a vymýšlela how stupid could still perform to a sufficiently pobavila.
"What is it to ptáš, those chlípníku," zaškaredí to Honzu usmívajícího to phone his girl.
"I do not know, offered me some maids or what, and I wanted to make him happy."
"What joy, therefore, not give it here," Sarah vzteká is already almost really.
"Hey, who is there?" Čenda began again.
"Here, Sarah. Hele, and a gigolo, was not there?"
"But yeah, completely deliver anything," chechtá the Čenda to the phone.
"No nothing," she smiles now and Sarah and forward Honza handset again. "Yeah, is completely vyjetej a drunk," vyřeš to him.
"Look Čendo, does not appear to you that everything in the city of some power work?"
"And why not, because the market works, advertising works, revolves dust rising and the economy, why would not like to work?" began to be a bit rozlíceně Čenda.
"No, I do not know you. An advertisement that, while running, but do you know about someone that worked?"
"I do not know, because we are elite, so we do not need to do."
"And where necessary nakupuješ food?"
"They wear me is the maid, too good in bed, not let it?"
"No, thanks."
Jack put and said: "No, it looks like, so that we are really inside of a conspiracy that does not have head or heel."
Zuzana usměje to it, then it políbí and explain everything after: "So to neřeš."

Professor Tydlýto the odkašlal. "Yes netvůrčí such a totally passive negotiations citizens of one of these positions in their snech. Externally, however, the entire area as an extremely inventive and pracovitá. There are coal mines, many accidents at work. Infinite overtime and workplace risk. The work of individuals provides a gene Communications, which is part of an autonomous virus. Individuals as a whole governed by the specific steps proposed by the originators of the previously dedicated programming socio-handling game known as kodovými signs Civilization and destruction. In short, people in the system design of the speed of decision-making or sophisticated planning. " Professor you odkašlal and vysmrkal in its half-year used plátěného kapesníku size Christmas ubrusu. Then just made: "For today I would therefore lecture ended. Next time we will devote more of the areas of research the scientific community stvořených, then mid-term evaluation to the items superlidské autonomous systems." The scientists obviously felt Tydlýto particular and, of course, only himself.
Inkriminované story in the field, of course, despite the end of the lecture by Professor continue to pursue.

City I-Impossibility
"Wow, no going to attend, some people argue that there shut kohosi for possession pervitinu, said it made for seventeen million and took kamsi beyond. To me, therefore, is not very clear. It also would no longer be able to ten pervitin zlegalizovat and not the poor What have the pořádnej fet dust, still close, "commented Jack zděšeně television reports.
"No way to design Čendovi, potkáš to him, or Peter," Sarah odbude him.
"Also, they propose, who has still to watch. Even though the question is what will have to legalise then?" Jack smiles emptily in front of him and přemítá of those meetings things that you find in the library between the banned literature.
The television is ozývalo satisfied mlaskání child, who appeared čokoládovější chocolate rod in the bag with the purchase of mothers who have at the supermarket at the same time quite wash your hair, učesat for kadeřníka, nalakovat nails, buy new clothes, relax in the sauna and then undoubtedly achieved on Sexual satisfaction in sprchách from svalnatého plavčíka from the swimming pool, which in the trade have also have.
"And when?" Zuzana leave him relax.
Maybe now, and even followed him zajedu. Beztak there is the sale girls, so at least see how they look.
Zuzana našpulila uraženě lips and made: "No, I look there also, as there could be Jim. And it is sometimes s funny."
Published in the bezděky the way. When you arrived, found that behind the doors Čendových the ozývá: "Yeah, even more, add, you are great."
At the moment, the zarazili if they are to enter, but then to have under the motto "Who nezkusí, does not know" came out.
Jim koukal to Čendu, as in a computer game to odpravování bezduchých evil enemies in some pomatení kills all, whether friends or enemies.
Girls posedávaly back to Couch and talked a lot about some possibilities, as the two get from the pitomé game, when it is paid for sex. Nothing is nenapadalo, neorientovali are in psychology players, but only in reality nadrženého male. It is, however, was not due to the impossibility of odtrhnout from uhrančivé flashes of joy, dying and creating confusion among players throughout the community.
Jim, after opening the doors slowly turned polovztekle: "What you want, because you did not want to come?"
Jack provocatively nadhodil: "No, Zuzana it rozmyslela, viď?"
"Yeah," she začertila is. "I am here, as needed sex, and this one does not have to today."
"So this is different, let us go into the bedroom and see what this can be done," a happy říhne Jim, give you further loka whiskey and the two leave. On Zuzanu surprisingly, every time he occupies. In fact neither kněžky love can do anything.
Čenda will laugh: "And you have to, the art of fetu already neschopnej or what?"
"It should be also, but to me it is now entirely one. I am here mainly due to a nelegalizuješ pervitin why?"
"So I will tell you, since it does not want me."
"This will be the last word, and an explanation of what?"
"What you need an explanation? According to my explanation is that he does not want me to quite a large loss of time to explain."
"So nice and zatýkaní producers, their convictions and odtrženost from the World kriminále not?"
"Hmm, so I do not know it, but as far as I know, no prison or prisoners do not have. Finally, it can verify." Čenda call Peter and he confirmed to him: "Yeah nothing that we do not have, even the police we have cancelled, so I do not know what to talking about?"
"No, the television reports."
"Aha, you think this," kulí Čenda zmateně eyes and kroutí head. "But nobody knows where it broadcasts. It's there samej ošklivej man and see us here. Fetu Twenty years on, and still look as a young man." And should the truth, even he zvětšovali and muscles and flexibility to acquire. "Watch," ponoukl Honzu to be updated, and then made stojku on one hand. He therefore zíral and zmlkl. It is rather a go for Zuzanu and go away. But he went under the motto "Who nezkusí, does not know and had to be done. Sarah was naked throughout, and Jim can play with her after. Honzu even nerozlítilo only rozesmutnilo. So went back again and found him to go with some of the girls. Vyvolená be less black hair and appointed to Klara.
Čendovu left the synagogue and moved to nazpátek to Honzova apartment. Sarah, according to the estimates of both probably should not even occur several hours. Jim and his stupid game everyone knew the city well to power.
Klara sat on the floor, poprosila on a drink and překvapeně zírala the strange rozestavění furniture and everything inside at all. Then they just said, "I have to strip immediately or at the time?"
Jack entire surprise ztuhl. "No, I do not know, I will take you there, only because there Zuzana ulítla again."
"They like to holkama nespáváš or what?" started it mravoučně káravým view přeměřovat.
"No, but he is very risky, illness, pasáci so."
"That I can reassure you, pasáci are no longer, I do not know, just disappeared and diseases with them."
"Really?" nechápavě zíral Jack.
It happened as the year before occurred in the city to ujetému coup.
"So I have to say now and tell me whether it from me, you strhávat, or do I wear sundat itself."
"Instead it off themselves, sorry, but I was quite comfortable."
"No, it at least does not," replied namítavě to odměřeně Klara. She was accustomed to it all pull down. She, therefore, in such special clothing to be drawn into it could be. Připadla therefore the whole nezneužitá when to avoid this.
"So now you navnadím and we have sex, so be ready," instruovala him Klara.
"To me there was also that this will not be a chess," kroutil Jack nevěřícně head as he again povídá for báchorky.
"Jéé, sometimes you play chess, so it will grátis when you zahrajeme then, right?"
"No good."
Although Jack had incentives, but then it started out to a whole as expected. Chess have played, but Klara won and ended the evening. Jack still přemítal how it is possible that maids are grátis, pasáci disappeared and the disease is not, Zuzana you just sleep with Jim and his is one, though it bezmezně loves.

Stories take place in the title of each of us. You just have to right to explore and we become part of another of them. Some of us hit more and some less. Nestaneme If part of a plot, neexistujeme for him nor for its stakeholders. However, become if all co fact, there will not be time for anything other than the empty words. One such creature is unable to invent new things without the other. At a certain stage, it is necessary to ignore all the other so that we can begin to form. This time, all bojíme most. Neuskutečníme.

2nd Newspapers
Press statement Institute of autonomous systems based on strategic planning:
Professor Tydlýto was nominated for the Academy prize for his research into autonomous systems. Research has resulted in solving problems of the virus in the positive behavior of viruses in the genetic manipulation on the basis of some medically proven agents.

"This would really interested me, what does this really mean?" pročítá the lines of Alice, a young woman who does Professor Tydlýtovi theology, so in fact have access to information that could somehow benefit. Her security clearance, however, was more or less built on the okázalé simplicity of thought.
"This I ask you, because there yet working?" face the naoko impartial agent Spojenýchstátů that this does not světadílné mašinérii chance of success.
"Yeah, but I accepted because it is nothing nezajímám and do not understand anything. And so, at least to me, and I submit that since then, I believe. Chápeš, they know everything and I am nothing, so why not believe them."
"It's a what you think you or those people for whom working, you simply have to start thinking and seek to, because otherwise they can together do not have to say," odtušil confidently Carlos.
Alice was somewhat překvapená, Carlos knew almost a year and a half. Each time was very nice and caressing. And now it suddenly something vnucuje. The fact is a bit different. Began to push him above, as the market share of ads and goods Spojenýchstátů to světadílných markets fell too fast and it was just understood that it may be related is the autonomous systems.
"And how do I actually do?" looked at the love of his life Alice.
"I explain to you, it's absolutely simple. Stáhneš me data from their computers. Previously, but you have a whole department to positively nadopovat our norfiny, which set their friendliness towards you with the highest degree. And then," zamyslel with Carlos satisfactorily, Světadílanům turn great Joe burn pond, "we will live happily together until death." This Alici quite convinced, now, for it seems to jump from the eighth floor. From the ninth but not because it is the unfortunate number. And yet Carlosovi zaprodat did not want.
Professor Tydlýto following morning continued to monitor the results of the reports, which docházely from autonomous areas affected, or more specifically amended the ongoing experiment Union.
The second area of interest was the city in the middle Světadíle. One of those and other efforts to obtain more jobs for its citizens, hence prove themselves alone, that they do not even belong on the one hand, but are simply part of all. Unfortunately, in this city to nedopadlo far as the Union wanted. The behaviour of the Autonomous Region over the years turned to the difficult popsatelnou změť confusion and violence under the influence of anything ohlupujícího soul. Nezbylo than that all its inhabitants to leave and begin to prefer to devote the creation of private copies of the heads of participating as přeměňováním public zevnějšku in something usable. On the screen is what is happening in the whole odehrávalo coded strings of characters and Tydlýto everything to a strengthened commitment to the poetic monitor ....

At the plate I.
One morning nědělního year two thousand and two to John poničeně probudila after a long party spent on the axis of Molly, Liána, Lunapark. Why then visit due its being referred to businesses? First is out of pity rather than respect decided to visit the "Kriminálníkův party," where Charles and somehow loučil with freedom. No, that would just be ženit, rather its next steps in theory been scheduled for the prison. But, as it so happens, Karel simply did not have to prison. Then, at least to everyone believed, and because every time he gave to the views of others, nor indeed does not need to hear, fall in the wrong time truchlivému commitment to its end. And so it was not enough, all the tyjátr him at all, moreover nevydařil. No one simply did not. All are apparently either they were afraid of police, as it always watching, or already have Charles lives simply full teeth. Jana to basically also saw a similar, but still have the pinch of compassion with umírajícím. As the only then come and sat with him at the table.
Karel her that night bezvýrazně her eyes, but then speak: "So what, Jano, what now?"
"I do not know, I will simply have to find someone else to parties and visits to clubs, if you so posral."
"Yeah, it is probably true," pokýval head and smiled with desperately. "Who is now your favorit, smím if it know?"
"No, I do not know yet, but now I have to meet in Lunaparku with Mojmír, you know," she usmála is innocent.
"Aha, so it could be Mojmír what?"
"And you do not mind that has already completed one hundred and fifty gé péčka?"
"And why is this man like you and I, or not?"
"Also true, already on the moralizování blbnu, it is the court," the semi zachechtal foolishly on. Moreover, he has at that time was not at all clear whether the laughs, or just sesypal. Jana rather believed that those sraček they did not know what it does.
"No nothing, I here with you, you stayed, but they no longer nejseš no investment, it is yet clear, is not it?"
"I know, nobody here has no investment. It's only fair kopulujících creature on the road to hell. Beztak there has not tomorrow, so what?"
"And where were you like, perhaps you want to go somewhere?" nevěřícně it looked.
"Yeah, just am coming on the way to hell or to heaven, to let you decide klauni in očistci."
"After all, but on anything other than the biological essence of man nevěříš, so as to plácáš."
"Maybe not, but this morning I have to revisit its approach, perhaps I, is not it?" zazářili him for a moment the eyes of enthusiasm for further personal fraud itself.
"But yeah, and do you think what you want, but I am with this at all disagree."
"Aha, the damage that this dozvídám so late. So hopefully in the next life."
While the sound of the John Beckovi music, drama Hutníkem odehrávajícím is already in full zhuleném world nenechavého alcoholic dýdžeje, povídá with Charles, přitočí the country bytelně ukotvenému table of wood and steel Antonin.
"What you, Karle, to do tomorrow, not down bezvadnej you to move with Hutníkem in Liáně?"
"No, tomorrow I am dead, sorry."
"Aha, so to nothing, so perhaps in the next life," little action send face, poznamenaný thousand previous alcoholic raušů, barman, a teacher and he milióntinu the second one.
"Yeah, it would go," zachechtal to turn Charles, now visibly hurt and šíleně.
At that time Jan started the whole ponurá atmosphere nebavit. Rozhlédla is once more around. Recently, the Charles looked zhluboka to šedí his forthcoming death zakalených eyes and gone. Since then, it has never been in this role seen alive.
The moments in which John spent in the presence of non-existent kriminálníka, Mojmír decided to try to try a new dose of something freshly uvařeného. Vysedával just in Lunaparku, which is a melancholií and smutkem gimped place with lots of dark corners and hardest, but still legal, music in clubs, which at that time hrávali. Performers will in those songs lámou heart, do suicide, insult and undermine the morale and needs of the Western way of life, or they kill in the chest and declare that they are such. However, it takes quite a decent dust, so they are not actually so others. Sole of them already on the payroll nahrávacího industry is not Kurt. No, and it takes the love of his wife. So actually not žádnej velkej problem. Whether it is in any way. Mojmírovi it was at that moment quite stolen. He had just talked with friends producers, who are still unable to successfully get through sophisticated repressive drug policy in the Czech Republic lapáku, which could start more kšefty had encountered any reasonable kápa.

"As to šlape, man," it observed with satisfaction the words these two dlouhovlasí anarchists seeking to earn on the žrádle at least five liters, because the money for beer docházely and simply did not have any further. For the consumer society, however, were to vyvrhelové with which it must turn it spoiled our children. It is therefore clear that children do not belong or even parents are unmarried. The child is just as a citizen of the property. One is simply capital, which is not promrhat because they could lose other people, what will be capital of another nation. Působivá global pranice.
"But yeah, you look forward, to come Jana, oxen, nothing neřeknu it, because I am out of reality," spheres eyes Mojmír beating heart while he was a hundred and thirty tepy per minute.
"No, it need to be decently nakopnutej what?" usmívají the pobaveně them.
"What I know, because I do not know about you, would like to beer, to be a bit spravil can donést me to someone?"
"This nezvládneš himself?" popichovali him.
"Fine, but take on their responsibilities, if not Adolf know what I have to give, because of nedostanu themselves."
"Každej on their own T-shirt, you know," poplácali him kamarádsky on the back and sent him to order, while closely watching how he goes fórek.
Mojmír meanwhile, came to the bar and trustingly turned to Adolf: "Look, I would like this thing, you just can not remember the name, but that alcohol and it's such a yellow with foam."
"They seš turn sjetej what?"
"No about, you know, for anarchy, the man must sacrifice. First you procvakáš eyebrows, tongue, do you need dreadlocks and eventually need to pass into the brain, and now I am doing, a clear no?"
Adolf with úsměškem sight Mojmíra. "Yeah, magore. Nechceš they finally just beer?"
"It could be," oplatil him bezbranným expression in the face of Mojmír.
"Maybe the next time the order Write than go somewhere again, it will be much easier then on," literally deliver brilliant idea barman, while the yellow revolves sračku with foam.
"We'll see, zamyslím is over, and next time dodám notice," delivers just like anything Mojmír, while no longer going back to the table.
John just postává to stop and plans dostoupit its desired objective evening, the vast intoxication. This, however, must get through Liánu to Lunaparku. The first company is designated as usual, however, it becomes nejobyčejnější accident evening. It should be noted that, despite its alcoholic choutky is in its twenty-two years, still enough for the world. It is very accessible to his face and when he talks, looks so bezbranně that it would be defeated and they nejmírumilovnější přiopití opponents of violence. Now, however, to the event, simply to appeal to some young týpci as it přilepili it to stop before Molly:
"Slečno, did not you dancing?" turned it perhaps the youngest of them.
Janě in that time managed to dopitím fifth of vodka panáka overcome its usual ostych from the crowd and went. Boy, but it could not dancing, but this too will she not remembered anyway, because it began to take place in the evening rapid succession, when a man is seated on the table and enjoy it, as we all enjoy, without you ever uvědomoval whether If he entertains or not.
Jana still monitor its initial plan and slowly upíjela to ignorance. In addition, young men no longer enjoy it, since they all váleli under the table because it could not drink at all. Nezbylo than once to continue výpravě and dolézt, even if only four to Lunaparku, a great place for the Backstreet and marginal entertainment alcoholics and sex posedlých creation.
Mojmír there vysedával and almost incomprehensibly you ever read something. Vypadalo as a guide. When it sat, vybalil to it:
"Nedáš a little péčka, just my friends invented a whole new recepturu, so it is twice cheaper to produce and not as much as last sraček. It's here the whole written, do you see?" zíral with amazement in the eyes still in počmáraného lejstra from which chvílemi odhlížel and těkavě přejížděl view of their surroundings.

"They already seš turn off, viď?" usmála to it so chápavě, as only you can, if you depend on someone, but you know that the rest of the evening looks like a big unnecessary NIC.
"Yeah, Mom, nějakej problem?" laughs Mojmír it nejbáječnějšímu to reach its vteřinové Beauties.
"There is no no, but they must have you, to you svedu and nothing will," durdí themselves, although how well they know themselves, so for now ZBYTEČNĚ.
"To let me today and would you just can not succeed, today posiluji their abstract thinking for the anarchy and where women have no place."
"Why not?" I nechápajíce clamps down on what it speaks.
"Are you anarchistka?"
"And here you see any?" looked to Jan, without interest.
"No, but they have to just play that, because someone may want for themselves, then collapse, but in fact it does not know, clear?"
"Maybe," Jan's current přestával interview fun. Decided to be here for the tenth panáka to Adolfovi the bar.
Once turned themselves into the desired chlast, looked around. The whole world is with her točil and she could finally deliver memorable sentence: "So, Charles is now dying and not to help him, no good?"
Adolf it viewed suspiciously because tušil how much is the dust, but then it vypadlo: "No, but it s funny, no?"
"No, to say those to me so much of the time nepřipadlo, you know?" John oponovala him strangely zádumčivě. Then it dolehlo and suddenly the rozbrečela. Perhaps it simply vypila power. The couple moved all the time and John as this emotional výlevem reconsider their views: "While some jo, I am quite able to entertain and sometimes too much spoken."
"I say again, but anyway you have to know him better," odtušil Adolf. "Nothing girl, so they were left at least Mojmír, try it pohlídat than to přepískne too, right?"
"I do not know, I'll see until tomorrow, or never," were her last words of the evening. Probudila up in the morning, the fact it was not so early in the morning, but rather in five nights. Třásl with her and just Mojmír povídal something that close, therefore, will be high time to leave. John zapila its žal even one panákem, and then left them home. Probudila the morning, but the head of it at all nebolela what is more, lay next to her Charles.

... Tydlýto constantly přemítal slowly, as it takes place before the eyes of the story perfect bankruptcy and great cooperation in the conduct of individuals infected autonomously. What you said splendour. But still there hlodal mysterious feeling that maybe something is not right. Could be quite compare with the fact that this should be a better way. The rozjímaní him vyrušilo to double his assistant on the shoulder. "Lord profesore, can you to ask a question?"
"No, not paid for, while, but please, Madam."
"What is the scope of the global economy will have the autonomous virus?"
"Hmm, a special question, I do not think that would go on the global economy, but a better functioning social establishment, which they're able to maintain the current means."
"No, I do not understand too. For me yet we live in the functioning of human society, or perhaps mýlím?"
Professor zamítavě slightly lifted eyebrows. "No, if that were the case, then the absence of such anomalies, where people are nectižádostiví, netoužící after no knowledge or humility, indeed, not seeking a single answer, because it lacks issues."
"To speak as the people as I am?"
"In any case. I just přemítám about how to correct a completely different parts which propadli do much worse situation than you can imagine."
"This as you think a series of numbers, which take place on your screens?"
"This is not just a number, to the whole stories and destinies. You do not know at all and I in them umím just read. About the only what in this case, however, as is our autonomous virus, which in these areas zajištujě total order, while the internal their real worlds population, the place is absolutely different way. "
"And could you me, therefore, something of the worlds tell?"
"No, I am now quite neujasněno in the head as there is in fact happening, so it is quite possible that when you I předčítat out loud, I think something objevnějšího. For example, the following wording'2 BMRTO @! @ 3%% aloplas' indicates the individual , Who fears that could attack the other side of the world's rivers, the local name is Strix. " Then, Professor continued uhrančivým voice pronášet next sentence:

Všesvět I.
"So. Have him out," filed odměřený description of the situation, one of the Zlobrů.
"And as whom?" Kvetoslav seen on Vošingtona.
"No, the Hitler yet, as I said."
"And why you think you see perhaps a zlobry as pumy shoot us here?"
"No, but is now behind us," shows Kýna nechápavě for themselves.
"Hello you, I zlobr Hitler, I made Všesvětu the worst things that go only to perform, but now I'm going with a single question?"
"And this is?" turned to him Květoslav.
"It's simple," calm but very sophisticated voice, nejbláznivější of all zlobrů, "polepšil I, odpustíte me?"
"And why should we actually do?" he left to flummox revolutionary mood Stalman.
"This is not the answer, nor a question. Either you want to do or not?"

... Tydlýto at the moment zarazil. Pohlédl again at its posluchačku and spoke. "No way, and somehow there is still happening."
"Wait, as they believe that there are zlobři and a fight between them and their world or what?"
"He do not understand this too, the experiment lasts for about twenty years, but within these creatures have already been many urychlujícím the posuvům. It is quite possible that eventually become the vytouženými myslícími beings. In the meantime, however, we must be satisfied that the outside is reflected throughout their autonomous enough to be able to help correct the proper functioning of our society, which all the places mentioned before the start of the experiment simply failed. "
Alice nechápavě krčila shoulders and head kroutila. In doing so, moreover, it began svědět on the back, so it nepokojně vrtěla. Professor But none of their expressions of unrest nevšímal. Only pokýval the chin, then spoke: "You know what, leave those points to their development and prefer to tell me something about what is actually happening out there? Now I have long out of the laboratory."
Alice professor odvykládala past fifteen years, netrvalo to an evening of course, but a few weeks. Tydlýto just listened and přemítal the new improved equation, which would finally dořešily their problem. He did not know that already at that time of the act nootropiny States, which began obestírat space research invisible aperture town friendly atmosphere. Likewise, artificial environment to ensure the virus autonomnosti referred to the three areas was caused by chemical industrial way Bombers from orbitu countries, which have Countries ....

City II.

Jack still vysedával to bed and pokuřoval one cigarette after another. He did not know actually what it should be doing. All pursued, the date for him was a special charge even if you are surely seem that hnul even finger.
One could be just the autumn, our hero táhlo around to thirty, yet only after a long time to decide something. It is time to simply turn to a party issue. He did not know why it actually occurred. Maybe for a long inaction could, perhaps, that more than thirty days left flat. Also, he started having to unnecessarily incomprehensible how everything in his heart and sees itself as perfect. You thought that it could take a moment to mourn, since Sarah is already there for a year. Kupodivu him or to any nepřekvapovalo, there was no reason to be anything surprising.
On the evening to prepare as well as for the young years, when they went out and with Zuzana into the streets and bavili after his. Then again heard something about malfunctioning industry and many unemployed. In particular, carefully hear the new drug laws obestírající entire country except for cities in which he lived. Consequently, his journey, and because they accounted for a relatively safe, did so on foot.
Scházel dark uličkou between the old houses oprýskanými, met some people. Neřekli or word, but he called strčili no phone in his hand and again disappeared in the dark. Jack the nepřikládal no meaning at all and went directly to the device is known night with the company name přiléhavým End.
Sat down at the bar and began drinking. The first wine, then another, then rozezvučela music and came third and fourth. Around him were Nowhere come as a happy young people. Obviously výplod Čendova economy, because in addition to constantly pokuřovali cannabis cigarettes and pojídali tripy, bavili just about what a great way spent the previous ten months the same way. All of course, only in the event that we remember more than the last three hours of his life. If not, then speak about ten months, but about three hours. The result was identical.
Jack zavzpomínal what it was before, as it lacks bezútěšnost and even satisfaction with their own disturbances zažitých pořádků that the current situation have seen as absolute standard.
Nothing revolutionary is actually done or not, and it looked so real, as if to sit down for television and problikali all fifty programs, which are available without ceasing. Jack therefore vysedával and waited, if not find someone new to sleep. Just him that night quite interested, if still able to find someone.
At a time when the evening began to turn slowly in the fiasco will be noticed. It nestylové clothing and more children smile. Suddenly, usmála to him and the přiťukla the words: "Again the old toulkách?"
"We know?" připouštěl actually any possibility dotázaný.
"No, but I know you well and I know that you have in your pocket, the phone that you have not applied yet."
"A well known code 237642, you know what this is?"
"What would be really like to be updated to her almost soustrastně."
"This is the information your information. Folder in which you lead."
"Johnny nevěřícně koulel eyes. What should be? Look, I am by nature kamarádský man, but to no codes, konspirace and similar žvásty nevěřím."
"For this too is nothing such, it is simply the scientific experiment. What is more, very important experiment, the whole of this place has a lot of years of living."
"And you know where to?"
"I am here added artificially," she smiles with an expression of radujícího the andílka girl.
"No good, admits Jack. So you know everything, what you after me?"
"No, I would like to stay here is you, because it is much better than the scientific team that manages the entire experiment."
"And to have it nevšimnou?"
"No, I long ago submitted a notice, delete the components of the Ministry of Interior, moved to the infected area, nakazila and now I am here," pronášela everything with naivním enthusiasm nestylově oblečená twenty fixed ňadry and figure virgins Marie, according to this slečny had anyway to attract all the local men superega when they bore under the reputation of Jesus.
"And the phone?"
"This is the last means of communication. It brings together three centres experiment and the surrounding world."
Light sweet potemnělá music prozvučovala dance floor ends. Girls on the poskakovaly to rhythm and podnapilosti of themselves strhávaly uppers. Jack the only koukal and opilecky the usmíval. Then again turned to the girl. "That's fine, I have to tell as to the real world actually works, right?"
"To know that yes, hrdino," usmívala the girl happy and still it prohlížela expert. At least today in the night wanted to have his body for himself.
Jack always happy drinking their wine and silent. Prázdně hours before making himself a chvílemi to the next dívčinu. In this way, to explain the whole. But all this will become a lot of time before he is able to put together a complicated matter. He asked again prefer to nepřipadal zneužitější than at that moment felt: "And you can not please me to bring a little more?"
"This is definitely yes, but first we will go home to you, because I cease to enjoy here."
"Cool," he answered, and, as it is to become opilým people, disappeared with her at night.
The following morning the probral first. Nechtělo him but the power to open eyes and so began the otravovat Sabinu, which he surprisingly already sufficient to present. Also, he announced that in this story is still a virgin, so that was caressing or what. To him, but a whole accounted for the nonsense that the considerations of course not. And, indeed, even mind, because of the whole in addition to its name nepamatoval nothing.
"Sabino, rather?"
"Yeah, spím," she replied kňouravým voice.
"So I say something more about the real world?"
"But yeah, but I must still dospat."
"And what if you somehow woke, it was sdílnější you?"
"This would be seen," made as zamyšleně and semi-she.
Jack used all means love to probrala quite. Once it is already quite probuzená calmed down, asked: "No? So what you want to know?"
"As of this out? I think the pseudoreality."
"I do not know and therefore falls to me as well debilní idea. What you do not like the fact?"
"It's the whole power completely, you know?" nadhodil Jack a bit nevěřícně that the words at all deleted from the mouth.
"Look, this is not perfect at all and I will, therefore, to explain."
"No to start, hořím nedočkavostí!" podněcoval its výřečnost on.
"Just seš something perfectly acting as a citizen of the city, go to work every morning, then again from it. Navštěvuješ doctors, nakupuješ a meal. You may have a wife and children to care for you, as best it can. Nothing more happens. But, by your note neuneslo, so they had to open this schizophrenic world, where you live in one superrealitě his ego and the other, which vedeš as subconsciously and you do not know anything about it. In this kind of virus is responsible autonomous behavior, who provides the ability to live like this schizofrenně. Even something? "
"And I shall get something from this?"
"No, it has not. Dokážeš While associate with the world outside is the rest of the experiment, but if you finally woke, he became only by his mentally ill, and spent the rest of his life in nesnesitelném or snesitelném suffering on psychiatry. But I can not judge. "
"Hmm, so it is therefore great. Radostnější have no explanation?"
"But yeah, some vysněné worlds supereg look much worse than the one who controlled the area experiment."
"And why did you actually discovered them here?"
"I, I simply chose what would best suit me."
"And what it is like to be?"
"A lot of drugs, many chlastu, lots of sex, no accountability, no diseases, promiscuity and so on. This is a clear?"
"Aha," odtušil Jack. "But this is a whole may yet change, and here? No, this is still super visibly satisfied. Sole, who is not satisfied me there, so you have only those. Dokážu But that still stand, and especially you enough influence," usmála the světaznale Sabina.
Jack accounted for a little specific, but because to him his new girlfriend so close přitiskla, time to forget the whole, and slept.

The tin-Charles II returned
John opened his eyes and lay next to her Charles, the only way to usmíval and nedával shows the smallest concern. She is vztekle looked at him and made "What you do and how did you get here?"
"I would like you to explain, but I just netuším. It is what to do with the phone, my interview with God and with all the horrible maškarádou. But now I neřešil, because I'm with you to love."
"No, but I do not want," began to defend John, but under the weight of the newly charged Karlovy forces soon completely podlehla and now just happy oddychovala.
"What it should be like? After all, you have me almost znásilnil."
"A disliked you?"
"And I had a choice?"
"Well, if you so nenabízela itself, it certainly would not behave," she smiles Karel still confidently.
"Kecy," refused to girl, as well as every time. "And I can at least explain what you do?"
"No, it's about, that I am now in the world, twice more than I burn my earlier. I had really povídal with God, but in addition there was Kurt, Jim, nějakej shaman and other pitomosti. And when I refused to go into hell, so to očistce or heaven, in turn, sent me here. "
"This is so they therefore believe."
"Want evidence?"
"Clearly I want that."
"So The following," went a videotape přehrál it. It was the scope of police video cameras, as odvážejí his body to the morgue. Viewing date corresponds to date, but throughout the state to be up for half an hour.
"And in addition, I have also a new identity, mysterious phone and generally leads me to the very better than before. Netuším But what has actually mean" the whole odvyprávěl gearing Karel events.
"You know what, so we look at the phone, we need to say something else?" urged him John.
"That would like to, it looks as if he was not přihlášenej to any network. It's not strange?"
"When you povídal with God, so everything is possible. Beztak you never believe nobody."
Phone looked like everyone else, not on him at all to any specific cognitive signs. It contained only four numbers. Three of them were completely hluchá, or just one nezvedal. On the fourth with one's voice still answer:
"Hey, who is there?"
"Here Hitler, odpustíte me?"
"No, but I already had the one Hitler, but we do not forgive, pozabíjel horrible lot of people," said Karel more than logically.
"People?" ozvalo the nejistě.
"Yeah, people, you probably do not know who they are people, Sir Hitlere?"
"I can reach vyprošují Sir, I had zlobr Hitler."
"Zlobr?" zařehtá the phone Karel.
"It is so perhaps something special?"
"It's not Ali Baba, what is evil intentions?"
"I go with you will not fit if you do not have an interest forgive me."
"And you can not give me a phone to someone else?" tries to Karel for good.
"In any case, until somebody neodpustí."
"So hopefully next time," responds Charles and suspended.
Phone ohluchl and telefonující the zatvářil somewhat disgustedly. Nedozvěděl with nothing and also přetlumočil Janě.
"No, so we'll just have to be patient," made only with a clear voice in security, as can the girls when they like naoko everything completely clear.
Leželi just a few hours in bed, John the same day and took time off work, because we all wanted that to do a bit more Heiter. So far, prefer to keep everything secret, and things continue as if Charles really dead. The only change was that now lived with Jana at home.

The tin-II funeral

A few days later, dead, no znovuzrozeného, Karla rozpitvali and found that it had anyway to death just a few weeks. Supposedly there anything nezbylo office. Moreover, all of patologové court considered almost a miracle when they saw one vnitřnost side by side, either contested cancer, or hrůzně oteklou that he could not move last year. But John knew his, according to her was Charles always so little magician, and could at any time wanted to shrivel, or vice versa again look healthy. Everything depended on what had just mood. She alone even claimed that all narafičil last-minute he had to under the education enough, as ever read a scientific treatise, and all constantly told, as in the third, fourth and I do not know how many times dimension of knowledge. Total cvok with total control over them. Therefore, it ceased to be fun so quickly. All are odehrávalo, as it represented. Living useless říkával. Supposedly, he missed the revolution.
Finally, Charles still comes into coffins and shořel in the Crematorium. But since it would all hold at least one party, where he is not, invited all your friends at the funeral followed by a great feťácká banquet. The entire incident took place in hunting castle, which had to hire state and two hundred klacků. Rooms there were as in the twenties years. Food was the guy tvářící as a eunuch. Not that someone died, bavili would be all right from the start. However, nezbývalo than dekórum respected, and so had to wild rej somehow odstartovat. According to present testimony to apparently managed just Hutníkovi, just drinking the first half a litre of vodka, when zaťukal skleničkou, stood as cast přednesem tragéda spoke: "Yeah, so he parchant zdrhl is dead, while me that we should mourn. But, given the fact that it did not want anyway he could, and let the nechme rather fossor. "
Anthony looked at him a while, still had quite Karla in popularity and try to have their say only: "And you do not seem to be a bit blbý?"
"In any case, I just gave prda and me after the vodka shall clear, but what we can do now is vyvádět, since nothing else on the parchantovi not."
Vypadalo to almost hádku when they do it vmíchala John, which in itself has the fifth panáka. Still could not accept the existence of a new Karla, and wanted to at least dohrát role of the old until the end. "Look, I do not know why, but Karel referred me flat and also quite cynical letter, and there's the fact that the sere us, and therefore does all this organized. He knows exactly apparently exactly what we will do in the next two years, while according to it has never been anything better anyway neprožijeme, which is clear to him from the time when each of us first met. He also that dýl by the same and therefore could not be decided to draw up, therefore, especially for me, to do something instead of roztočila him. "
"And for me there is nothing?" naklonila the Janě her friend Eva and zašeptala question.
"Also, but everything I had nečetla, the apartment is the only psychopaticky full."
Anthony will start Jan zkoumavě view, but it did not, that it Karel with Antonin povídali, so it is too understanding. However, to the whole agreed: "No, when John says, it could be true. Well, přihoďte chlast and start to the need demolovat. Hajzlu Do!" zařval originator voice incomprehensibly wildly, but as unreasonably turn suddenly ztichl.
"Look, people, what kdybysme for zhulili the beginning and then it said it nicely, what do you think?" ozvala one of the slečen.
"No, ultimately, would like to have. Call chamberlain, let us add to," ozvalo of shluku heads nakloněných in communication póze up completely in the corner table at the rear door.
One quite intoxicated guests, it should be noted that many of them are posilňovali during the funeral, went to look after the hotel chlapíka, who said the eunuch, because they simply in the glory of all the castle for receptions zbohatlické passed on.
Meanwhile, after the room kolovaly šlukovky. Vypadalo this really the case, it would probably eventually be able to zhulit group. Unfortunately, at the same time someone tried to vnutit prda and rapid Fráňovi, chlapíkovi, who knew all their sračkách world. "Go with the nature of your shit, who is here opravdovej existencionalista and add to me and šňupne you, it vybalíme, as the Charles was actually what you think?"
Some participants at the same time pobouřeně vzhlédli from their panáků up to chvílemi looked that the Fráňu vrhnou and zlynčují him. However, it is just controlled the situation between huliči, therefore Hutník, at the same time made more memorable sentence funerary feasts: "Well, we can end, once ..."
And from that moment, it was more than clear how easy it is actually skiing. Fráňa therefore, with the assistance Mojmírových debit cards distributed to ninety gé three parts. Then, finally passed from entertainment piánka calm to the right pace. In fact, if it was only Charles pace. Perhaps just as a manifestation of respect to him, however, probably projednou wanted to drop all. Even John added.

While the mansion oplýval path leading from nowhere to nowhere, in turn, Molly has encountered other bečku yellow waste. Die Fledermaus so somehow mourned the bar and waited, along with Petra on any other guests. However, nobody nepřicházel, turned it, as a good friend: "They are not at the funeral hostině as possible?"
"No, I think I know how it goes there, and in addition I already have someone domluveného today at today's evening."
"Aha, no, I am here again I have to do instead of Anthony. Supposedly, there must be, because it needs to mourn. Hard to say how it actually thought, but tvářil is quite seriously," assessed the situation from his perspective, Die Fledermaus.
"Are there really why not? After all, surely someone got hold of here, is not it?"
"Maybe yes, but I will again as well with Charles did not know, in addition to the total magor, therefore, that his funeral feast around the beautiful magořina."
"Aha," přitakala Petra. "Why do you really think that was magor?" neodpustila additional question.
"For a very fetoval. Maybe, as always sjížděl the ecstasy, it is not normal?"
"Maybe not, but he had to everything and somehow justified. Enough is as focused and nepřepaloval, nemyslíš?"
"The fact is to me, therefore, surely seem, for all to the still chlastal. What do you still had to do, that they never accounted for as cvok?" nechápavě se obrátil na Petru Netopýr.
"What I know, and every time has devoured only half éčka, and then talked about a fortnight. We have him to akorát žrali, which on the right enjoyed."
"Why on to Petro's žral?"
Before sufficient dopovědět appeared at the door supervisor Rostislav. "Look, it probíráte dead Karla?"
"No, if the funeral today, perhaps even more so we can not? This is as was actually still among us, you know," informed the voice of the prophets Petra.
"When you think, so why not. And for what?" Rostislav smiled with interest.
"It is about how often they actually ecstasy žral and on whom the said?"
Rostislav the nadechl, then briefly answered: "No, I said that whenever something needs to come, so sjede. Best said it was when the whole day thinking, nasral, then eat anything, still kouřil cigarettes and to It has devoured it. "
"Fákt," tvářil the nechápavě Petra, "to me again claimed as the most fun when ožere, with stops to think, then nakopne that ultimately could plácat, without knowing why to do?"
"I said that it was magor. I turn, claimed that someone must simply SER, and that this could be done, it must be fun with him. Párkrát is apparently due to sesypal too, but I never claimed to you. And then tell me where is the truth? "
"I think that the only truth is that there is such a man, who said Karel, occurred. Nothing more to say about we can not. Nechme it to be. Had us to again somehow kór interested, so we went to the funeral and listened those žvásty what they had read prej all, is not it? "
"Perhaps yes, whether you Karel finally coming to čertu. When they wanted to, but will be there without him chvílemi too boring," Petra for themselves usmála, then looked around and šeptem added: "Although, maybe now we will be better. "

Feast of the chateau still continue under the given scenario. All but has started to be slightly tired from all the drinking and not for alcoholics from the case, when he began valet Eugene, zhulený as mánička, roznášet smoked meat with bread and cucumber.
"Well, finally žrádlo," Anthony made and began to cpát.
Andrea it prohlížela moment, then began to look strange and yet the vzmohla to made: "How do you like cpát, when you had actually mourn?"
"For him? Zbláznila you, for me because it posrala living mood even more than when I did not know him."
"This is indeed possible, but it is not decent. And mainly, I am just a překoplá and me from the blití."
"And what of mýho behaviour, or the fetu?"
"I do not know, but begin to surmise that if knowest read fate in zvratcích, soon to dozvíš."
Anthony still stihl uhnout, but at that moment it was polstrované Red seat for good fifty liters totally poblité.
Eugene soon zděšeně vykulil eyes, but then the understandable enthusiasm in the face spoke: "What a good, but nothing, Madam, I just uklidím. The lord, what the objednával the připlatil foresaw a significant amount of money."
Andrea started a whole in křečích řehtat. "Not so much by me interested in what actually did not."
"I would like you said, but part of the agreement was that you can not say, because then you certainly made," explained the scope of security Charles held receptions valet.
"No, to me, too interested, we have to say you have to say Evžene," turned to the expectations of Jaromir chamberlain, who is the only eunuch introduced.
"You can not, unless you pay me more than the body."
"That's not to me seru, moreover, how precious our service see the prokecne anyway," he added all the hallmark ujasněnosti dýdžej Fik seated next to Gábiny that has visibly přebrala in tekilách and circulated almost rozhalená the chair. Gábina had been such a girl, sometimes much to be spoken, but nebála to any form, whether vztekle, or does the little girl. Just have nothing to nehrála, or maybe it was her game.
Eugene is slowly vytrácel in the context of its existence. It is hard to say what the man has narval. In any other portion of meat already nepřinášel the plate, but even in the hands. They are every five minutes objevoval with the other five slices the meat of a cucumber, while still around reiterated: "You see, all this is life, my žereme him, to be able to spend and then again ruled out. This is blatantly šílené that? Jen you give, the carcass! "
The whole party began to close to its climax, because dýdžejům finally brought their friends apparatus. It was the eight boxes, four mixpulty is AMPLIFIERS and eight players. Each you to stand in one corner, where he began to play his. Every time he therefore a prim, but basically the music is still only zesilovali and zesilovali, until finally slítly fuses and everything is propadlo into darkness. At that time, someone began on Jan sápat. But then again rozsvítilo and nobody was not there. Perhaps it's just appeared. Music and she still hučela, nakoplá the two lajnami, eyes closed, while it remained so, and then opened again. Vzpomněla you what it Karel said, when it sat for the first time in Molly. But it remains to přimíchal the funeral, which no understanding. However, it nezbylo than observe the surroundings and the moment to think so. Really was Saturday and she did not, whether or not to enjoy. She considered the question of whether this has actually just started.
Then they turned to all. "Yeah, and now when we have him buried in, I have for you a good report. Karel returned back to the ground and now lives in me."
All able to see the zarazili and koukali in alkoholickém marastu on Jan, who probably just had ustřelit so that it's all about never nerozchodí.
At that moment stiff participation over the next posraným fate of one představitelky club scene is really in the doorway revealed Karel.
"Hi people go chlastat?"
He even has to nerozchodil none at all. When Charles saw odpálili into space almost in bulk. At the funeral feast simply do not have to go corpses.
Celebration funeral, wedding or any other should not express anything more than a joie de vivre. Death is a ritual, which ends at the cemetery. It is comical as well as birth and for some of the people as well as something radostnější. Nobody ever heard that the man came for the birth vysvobozením, since the body of a young woman must be each individual nenarozenému best. While death may be vysvobozením. There is no reason it neoslavovat.


Has several months devoted to the transfer of chemical and physical space between the cannon výsostným territory Spojenýchstátů and orbitem country. Where it ultimately safely build and target just the area of the laboratory area of the town. For the rest of the world it was a matter of routine in an attempt to draw up the largest possible telescope orbitu world, which was seen mainly from the territory in recent years to spread the country radio waves coded communications. Its contents should be according to scientists from all parties concerned to deal with an important point of space research, whose resolve has stood for the past twenty years, many partnerships within the academic community. It was mainly to the fact that during the examination could be endlessly plácat and every idea he meant to each other scientists much stronger beer indeed almost revolutionary breakthroughs. Of course, this particular state to acquire additional workstations and other grants to solving riddles and to the whole was mainly.
Space cannon was like a small television equipment and Stáťané is placed next to světadílného špionážního radar. It should be noted that it was basically completely each party has a clear advance how little importance is the successful use of a telescope, since each had to orbital stations and even in addition to some of their own tools, which should ensure a totally different objectives involved. Therefore, it is also agreed that the entire location to ensure orbit outsourcingový supplier of the Cayman Islands. The probability of failure of the whole project will increase to fifty percent, but because it was his way of velkohubou game on the field obrovitánském called planet Earth, they were all happy. And most cosmologists, they turn their work.
After starting cannon, there were some strange situations in the area, its rays have been targeted. It arose simply emotional hole to ensure a lasting revelation of one of the saints about ten kilometers above the ground. However, he did not know how it is with the rest of the world as a reason not believe výdobytkům modern technology, coding away to their administrations in the clouds poletujících around. All of his lyrics have been staroaramejštině, so nobody can not understand them. This, however, Holy mind at all, because it was in its infinite satisfaction, at least what to do.
In the vicinity of the laboratory, on the contrary, the emotional tumult caused a great upheaval as the sky jásala all colors from early in the twilight. Usmívala to okolostojící, házela with air ball or a scientist odnesla suddenly from one place to another, although this one nešťastník noticed at all, so still walked him to set goals. When he even throughout the afternoon and failed to control all the totals were based its calculations rightly, přisoudil its deviation empirickému behavior reality. Scientists believe, quite understandably omylně that are so zaujati their work falls to them that everything around is a part and therefore can not separate the objective of his journey from the beginning. They were, therefore, perfectly happy, communicative and childlike and naive to the United Státům was.
One morning when the sky again do what wanted, but nobody knew about, because it simply nevěnoval attention to the town rozjel with Alicí and her friend, agent Stáťanské Counterintelligence. He had the task of nicnetušících scientists to get their secrets and then to tell their employers.
Sjeli old blátivou road to the bottom of the oplocenému town. At the reception met uniformované men armed patrols, how do you pohazují with odjištěným granátem. Chechtali the same time as young children and a friend Alice would almost nevšimli if he suddenly nepřeskočilo, dry out the pistol and did not report: "Now you all here postřílím."
The highest of the soldiers, obrovitý bareheaded Jeňuch, it looked nechápavě. "And what do you think that they are now trying to me?"
"Pohazujete you here from odjištěným granátem, is not it?"
"The error, we give me the garnet selected to be decided, as it deems appropriate, and because it has to us mentally positive relationship, it is most likely that vletí of myself to you and kill you. Indeed, when nevěříš me, feel vystřel , You need to be clearer then. "
Kulka of Carlosovi weapons vyletěla just before the trigger. There has embarked on rozlíceného vykřikovaní and it was up to all of the energy usnula, took to ten minutes.
"Be happy that no shots or greater calibre, it is much worse," he added Jeňuch and still continue with their friends in přehazování garnet from one source to another.
Alice pokynula Carlosovi to prefer to go further and minor anomaly nebrali account. "This is still here from that time, what you have to run. People are really While sdílní but sdílnější and those are the things you are doing what they want," adding even more, while the gates through the laboratory.
Inside pobíhali scientists here and there, just as there has been a reversal in history. When closer examination, however, was to see that honí their working tools, which do not want to cooperate with them and fled before the white myškami. Myšky had decided to complete some of their experiments on humans change in tactics from passive to active participation account. Domnívali the ecosystem of the environment they already know so that such small-scale intervention can undermine its stability.
"Alice, why are those for nothing nehoníš and before anything neutíkáš," Carlos turned to his girlfriend.
"These things had come alone, want to be helpful and useful nesnáší mouse, to monitor the zpovzdálí. In addition to me revealed Professor Tydlýto a few days ago. Akademickou the village still neuvědomil because it does not yet drawn up its scientific treatise advocating its position in Case mice and things. Look, támhle is, we can add to it, "shown on the other hand, Alice Hall, which then also moving.
Professor sat at the table and declared: "And now needed to all the numbers on the paper added statistics and created her younger child, the result."
"He again, I do not want it to multiply, we still want those descendants odkopávat to propadliště history."
"Really," pousmál the professor, "but the way to go in the world and you have the same done to them before you or not?" Zahrál of their weakness. Numbers to understand and malinkým pisklavým hláskem made, therefore, that good, but it is last.
"You know," turned into the void as a professor, "the psychology of numbers is přenádherně see how small, indeed almost any, have memory. The numbers are simply unable to find a culturally and can only be helpful. I am to them strongly positive relationship, and in its own way with them and soucítím, but it is just naturally has to be. Nadřazení and podřazení. Anarchy and chaos is an offence. "
"Hello," made Alice monotonním voice to the vocal cords uspané suddenly neprobudily because the professor had to morbid crush in which case štěbetaly until the neunavily, so that Alice was unable to hear his own words.
"I welcome you at the next work session Alice, looks to you as an extremely important positive energy turned into a very pracovitou and rational beings. What vděčím for the change?" asked her Tydlýto.
Alice did not respond, and the sneakily usmívala. Carlos, however, not incentives. "Profesore, my friend told me what wonderful things the check and allowed me to come here with her. I hope that I am not the problem?"
"If things will not interfere or mice, so nevadíte me at all. Beztak on our scientific work small public interest. Even though in fact its victims has been slow, several tens of thousands of people."
"A victim?"
"Well, so as to elect more, but if I have to conclude osobnostně schizofrenních increasing number of individuals in society. This will enable us to make of them on the one hand, perfect gearing perfectly functioning machines for the money and the other lead they desired and úpadkový life superegoistické within their populations. "
"And think that the whole thing somehow benefit mankind?" nadhodil slightly moralistic tone Carlos to verify the argument about vědcích unscrupulous.
"Mankind has at that time will not be substantial, everything becomes a matter of supereg. Do you think that is important for the house is built from bricks or concrete?"
"Aha, so jednáte in higher interest," odtušil Carlos.
"In any case, the higher interests of fallen along with the appearance of saints on earth. They said there is no higher interest than I am. And while a mečel, second and third hýkal I do not know in what form is not revealed."
"No nechme to be, I would still like to look a bit more in those areas supereg, if possible."
"Well, mladíku, but problems with the fact that there spend months than understand what our autonomous virus can."
"I will not if the problem can begin."
"Cool," lifted its havraní our professor, will begin with the basic chain code. "XBT4 $ SD @ 2" is a character with the name Hitler, taking place in pseudosvětě one of the experimental supereg. Read with me the current process, if you will not understand, ask.

Všesvět II.
World United Hnátů was extremely old, and his historical sources date back to the moment when a big decision T announced: "Let bigger picture named zlobr and its cause called relations." Then a large T seslal to the United Hnátů creatures, who created the beginnings of knowledge about relationships. On the development of the cause zlobrů participated with a range of significant vztahoznalců, who told each time a new pokrokovější vztahovědu. Among others, it would be appropriate to mention Cloths, Čézara, Frójda, Eunucha, Sárda, Husu and Janga. Vztahoznalců The problem was that decided to fundamentally change the relationship zlobrů each other. Big T by bolestivě suffered, nesnesl when it is subjected to elect him equally. After many peripetiích they would be communicated in large pojednáních, neunesl large T brunt of responsibility and establish their faithful toys. Since then be dated beginning Všesvěta in its current form. Toys, however, vzbouřily and began pitvořit knowledge vztahověd. It is time philosophy and natural sciences. Big T disappeared and zlobři is downloaded to only Všesvěta-protected parts of the river where the Strix-world toys člobrdů-controlled.

"I Polepšil, odpustíte me?"
"And why should we actually do?" he left to flummox revolutionary tuned Stalman.
"This is not the answer, nor a question. Either you want to do or not?"
"We do this, although we can, but, given what you have brought for the confusion for several decades, it is not too affordable," noted Rudolf.
Zlobři on the other hand, Strixu still koukali if it is a miracle not exceed the river and then finally to člobrdy somehow agree, since it is their domination over Všesvětem or indeed nebavila. It was just a role that can take place if the need nevyprchá in kolotoči history. And whether you thought about what člobrdové wanted, the time for the well elderly and tired zlobří typically breed in this evolutionary process just expired. Emotions are nothing, it must be followed by instinct, was a new rule of the United Hnátů.
Hitler still nechápavě postával with telephone in hand and waiting, if someone really forgive him, but when he saw that sk that nobody has made only: "So I have to handset nechám for themselves and go somewhere to eat."
"You can do as it seems appropriate," said Vošingtn, "we will continue our plan," zarazil, "or maybe just fun. As thou art in our plan simply nefiguroval, not between us vpuštěn until the nezasloužíš somehow. "
"This is as divided into zasloužilé and nezasloužílé?" rozesmála with Hanka.
"What I know is still on the way here everyone speaks so on must be something," explained biased voice Vošingtn.
High bezprizorný and Květoslav only potutelně usmívali. Všesvět had their zasloužilé, but they certainly have not, nor anything about neusilovali, simply to those born and knows every člobrda. And when someone knows, it is not good for him to explain, because otherwise we are not demozvráceností nowhere.
At that time, when the whole incident occurred just made futrálové championship Všesvěta. Games where a team consisting of eight different člobrdů a great defeat for the task of digging through the skin to futrálu second team, composed of an equal amount of enemies. The game is won in all Všesvětě such a hallmark of uniqueness, and its players become professional stars kasovních trháků in cinemas. Players futrálu to anything like. Znásilnit, kill or posrat even on the street. All you made was divine. Every citizen would be futrálu player.
Hitler, the whole zařící golden novotou delivered a recycling center superega you just hasil after the street when they povšimnul that all going to stadium. Sebral therefore nearest člobrdu and ate it. Hitler had had no cultural habits and vymykal the kultivovanému pojídaní emotions usual for all other zlobrů. He simply wanted to člobrdí raw meat and best young people, because emotions in the body snědených chutnaly then much slastněji. As it is customary, none have noticed that člobrda disappeared. Only one girl commented: "It is whole, there is Pavlíkova head, so it will probably already dead."
Kamarádka it to said, "So you have to have to quickly find someone else."
"Hmm, you're right, anyway to Pavlíkovi in bed too, and I was not on it unnecessarily visela." Then, as Ms. mávla magic proutkem and before her son is still one of the rich people Všesvěta.
"What I am doing here, he asked?"
"Were you sbalen," usmála the little girl, "and now nezdržuj, we have to go to match."
Hitler is still zaobíral lahodnými sousty Pavlíka. Slowly, the šoural to the stadium and to carefully avoid other pedestrians to any other potential wrong diet. Člobrdů It is enough, but pikantních a few and know it until after the first zakousnutí, said the same time.
Stadión whole hlaholil and člobrdové as not know whose they are. So terribly ječeli, when their small ouška zděšením zvětšovala. Players futrálu be prepared in šatně the upcoming matches. Followed last velkohubé: "We are one body, one vote, and Hitler in him." Then enter the playground.
Hitler watched the match. No, he did not interesting and decided that the break up of cloud davového madness in the middle ground and ask them whether they forgive him. And how do you usmyslel, it also made. And the position huronského head and a dry tone introvertním said, "I am Hitler, odpustíte me?"
Člobrdové nechápavě zírali to figure the whole shining gold new paint recycling centers superega. Mlčeli minute. Mlčeli two. Then rozlehl cry: "Christ came, it is time for God's judgement." And all the rozutíkali away. Hitler stood there alone, telebludové cameras zabírali him and disclose news Všesvěta. Nobody doubted that what Hitler did not even conjecture. He was the sole and absolute ruler Všesvěta. Jedl the meat smrděl and grieved the circumambulation. Člobrdové did not want to hear the apology and forget. Would only have to worry about, and in the clear sky.

Všesvět II-Discussions

Rudolf postával against Jana and tried to explain something to her on the šmírujících fellow in the vicinity who need state bezprizorným to be able to live at all. It was apparently the moralistické neighbours, who must protect against any temptation to svodů devil as is mentioned in the daily theological minutce telebludu.
"And one just came and said that they spyranicin, as the need to better vžít feelings of victims pordinu. But when they found that it can then hear and see more. Then šmírovat better. Since then, to žerou still, since they consider as a sign from above. I am curious how they now respond to Hitler. "
John neposlouchala it's not just you still pohrávala driver telebludu and chvílemi did not, if the taste for sex or not. Then it occurred but look at what it said Rudolf and replied: "Well, here are all just such amazingly either executive or believes to sign the top. Mainly, they are happy and does not need to be a crystalline truth."
Rudolf usrkl little red pravdidla: "Hmm, this would not also bear and would be completely zbláznili."
"No, I am no longer the přemýšlím longer need to be done here and nastiest issues such as mass murder, sadomasochistické orgie, futrálové matches, killing at every day and does not nevzrušuje us what to about it?"
"And we're finally cvoci has always been?" zatvářil with Rudolf nejistě.
"No, unless the victim of an organized ujetého experiment, as in all historical books are always writes about someone in the background. Tydýt him there say."
"And what of seš, you live, do children vychováš is žereš and chcípneš. And all this in a beautiful covers with mašličkou," Janin pousmál the companion sarkasticky.
"This is not to say!" napomenula him she.
"Well, what I have, therefore, say."
"Vyplavit and say that those krávoviny the illuminated sluníčku nice and pleasant větříku. Just as it is in telebludu," she smiles enthusiastically and encouraged John.
"All right," admits to Rudolf, jehlánek suited to each other and begin to usmívat as the re-born.
Kvetoslav you at that time povídal on novem phenomenon of Hitler with other members. Přemítali on how to actually handle it.
"Well, if you know what you are zlobři ťulpasové, and this certainly poblázníme. Wants to only contact with him and explain his position."
"Colleagues, a great idea," began with a classic yes-man, whose presence is required for each good meeting.
"I disagree, we have to do something else," defended its member responsible for the opposition.
"And then after the fact we want?" člobrda honest answer is that the ability to act more socially taught.
"Mírněte the counsellor in the term" warn him Květoslav. "We do not want anything after him, but we need to control his charisma, not understanding."
Subsequently, it began theologian. "From the ages is believed that Hitler is mesiáš reigns and where he is, there simply reigns. It is beyond doubt. We bow down before him and to everyone, including nevěřících and mainly perform religious pokladničky to now," dořekl to a went up a small red box with a copy přihlouplou emotions friendly gestures.
Politicians at the same time vzpomněli the beautiful moments of childhood, when his parents were forcibly poučovány of its power and the need to support the church with which they can each have their hands. Almost cukuletu cast in the small coins inside.
"Thank you," spoke theologian and went to buy steak. Since there was pokladničku. Every time when I wanted to buy a bloody steak of Křížova rest, it went out and stood with the miracle. He said the biftekový miracle supplied by the Křížou. Netrápil it even a bit, since it is considered to be God and the lamb are a generally desirable. Better Všesvět one need not until there is at least a church. This is believed he and other theologians brothers.
Institutions such as science, the church or state are replaced by social groupings. Třídí the individual involved and not. According to these institutions, there is no one in order not satisfied, because in that case, they lacked a sense. Institutions, respectively formal site world, is included in each individual to determine standards. Violation of standards is a revolutionary step, which is initially always condemned. Institutions not interested to develop itself, but alter the individuals according to their image. This can not exceed the threshold, neodvrhneme If it. Nestaneme be better people, if we listen to the formal concept of the world.

4th Next month

Carlos spent together with Professor just one month and are still closely watching the pins and working notes. Power was not wise of them, but to base it was able to reproduce well.
One evening at the professor once again turned to the question: "And when you're so much of his research. When it becomes aware of the results and a scientific symposium held example and abroad?"
"Hmm, mladíku, I have yet to nepomyslel. Moreover, long time may seem to me that hlídali or what, so at a symposium this does not. After the truth, I am already on the upovídané chlapíky constantly repeating the same things I do not even mood. basically me just how the whole thing develops. And whereas now it alone or not overview, therefore I am slightly sphere as the facts actually do, I will have more time than přemítat make any conclusions. "
Carlos is zamyslel. He přestával be clear whether even if it is part of the task that was entrusted to him in his country or a long time exceeded the threshold badatelskou commitment and lacks any reason to return with a message. The matter as it simply had to solve someone else.
This day in the laboratory appeared again, Alice. On its face, however, they began slowly rýsovat sklíčený expression. Saddles the next Carlos and began: "Are you for me, not interested or what?"
"Even one month you have not left the laboratory. In all that time you have only spoken to me," Coffee, please "or" Food, please. "To be me is a little bit."
"I shall be sorry, you have to say before I can even neuvědomil. I am here to really pohltilo, you know?"
"I do not know, not from something that I knew," zatvářila the uraženě.
"Well, I am the professor nechám and vypravíme is somewhere very far away, do you want?"
"And you?"
"No, I have to report for his employer in Spojenýchstátech, jela you?"
"But I am here pracuju and entertains me here to do."
"And what if you could come to somewhere more money, would you take?"
"But how, for everything there is in recession. Nowhere nobody nevydělává no money, you fail to notice?"
"No, it nechápu, according to economic makroměřítek vyděláváte more than twice there with us. What really talking about?"
"Money on paper, this is propaganda. All information, which go from Světadílů, manipulujeme. But you should know. It's part of basic education Světadílana. Moreover, you do the same but in a different sphere. There nechápu as possible, you has long occurred to you. "
Carlos is zarazil.
"Want to say regarding the fact that the entire economy is fiction?"
Alice is zasmála zvonivým child hláskem. "Not only the economy, the whole life. Moreover, it is also the aim of the experiment which does Tydlýto. Vymyšlený Bring life to the community related supereg. And being the real cause to continue to lead this vymyšlený world."
"Světadílná provesmírná Church. The first page manual. Bludů lot, but this will still pamatuju."
Carlos doubted it. Either him or nakazili is outside Spojenéstáty. B was correct, it is time to return. "No, it is possible, so if you want to try, as it looks really, pojeď with me. There with us is absolutely no chance výmyslu, perfect hnusné and zkažené. But the work receive more money."
"It could be," přitakala Alice.
"Profesore, we could go for some time and continue until the return?"
"Certainly, even if I do not know where to actually return," pousmál the Tydlýto and more devoted to the story of their supereg.

At the plate III.

Dýdžej Hutník already played its fourth hour in Lunaparku a very chlastal. She looks like him at all nezáleželo so why there really is. Slowly he began to stir all ciferníky amplifiers and mixing panels. Nechápavě is observed and if it can surely seem, simply with them differently posouval up to him to appear again. It simply playing in the blood. Nothing else could not and knew that as soon as they come those stupid machines, which all take place for him, will be lost.
This evening again completely neodhodlaně pohazoval kudrnatými hair, which he odstávaly about thirty-eight centimeters from the body if the narovnaly and okukoval its natural dancer view representative of the male population. At a time when they could not concentrate on those dancers, zamžoural to dáli and saw walking confidently direct sale maids. This time, however, not in female clothing, but men's dress. Finally, the smallish figure coming
probably from a dance party (everything on it was pomerančově orange and upnuté) came to Hutníkovi.
"Hi Ronhile, today not for women?"
Ronhilovi eyes shining, knowledgeable feťák would otipoval and the lajnu pervitinu two ecstasy and some hulení, "No man, ceased to bear in Prague. Now I normally maid for men. Good what?"
"Hmm," nevěřícně zírá Hutník in what is known for its turn away, "nedáme panáka?"
"Yeah, it would like to. Today I have already vyděláno the week ahead, so we can drink, we forgot that I was actually at the bottom of the social ladder. Hele think it is worse to be feťák or maid?" checks Ronhil a bit zvídavě to Hutníka.
"No, if anything a man from what you say, so it would not be one at all anyway, so it should not be assessed. Fór is that neither of those nejseš, akorát you to play."
"I know, but it is the mrzkou sebelítostí that I was born milionářským parents," zakabonil the Ronhil. "And chlast," přiťuknul Hutníkovi and kopl bífítra to himself.
His companion made a similar move with its vodka. The moment of his famous looking, and then still continued. "And not let therefore prefer to go back to your milionářského soil?"
Ronhil nahodil zamyšlený sight. "No, not for the time being, I have to gain more experience, I know how the property as I have a family link, excellent promrhat. Hele, anyway you can for yourself. Partners that, I got to the fourteenth birthday of the father of the Christmas maid the whole night. And this happened since then is still. He has my parent such a relatively pragmatic view of the world. But with tímhle about the fact přepískl, because those girls were quite střelené and so I dotáhly to drugs and chlastu, which is no longer the father nedomyslel at all, so it's simply a mistake. "
"Neobviňuj of svýho life care of their parents," chechtá the Hutník and potahuje further prda.
Girls are natřásají with povolnou grácii intoxicated creature. Almost all the time to give odiv what they wish to have in the coming hours doteky abuse and kisses in dwellings of potential lovers. When any better at the same time nachytá, examine its solvency, one, two or ten panáky. And now they are all one. Just forget who and what in fact the order. Sometimes from his confusion and rozbrečí and others are funny. All Hutník observed and is thus in a position cannabis smoker literally fascinated. Nesleduje only those differences, but also rituals. Maybe you how many times this hnědovláska with shapes Věstonické Venus twenty-first century pročísne hair and how often crosses over the flanks and after the body. Finally, if you can not choose, therefore, that Venus, but Hutník, so přitulí at least to its ugly friend. Obviously it sees a horizon mužnosti. Men have also not kdoví as hezcí and when it is about sufficient quantities of different odours and tastes, pheromones are pomíchány and naturalness is opileckém rozpoložení able to discern who is who.
"Radko, I so someone sbalila, also not a taste," the fair to speak of the ugly.
"No, or not. After all, this is the same cretin," opposes the ošklivá who never or no kreténa collapse failed. Jo actually once, to him, but opila to němoty and then znásilnila. "I would like you all chlapy mučila so something after. Partners that, it would be pošlapala and plivala him on the cheek, was not it beautiful?" Oživuje Radka its dominant choutky.
"But I do not want to. Can I kiss you, I have a whole zmámená from you."
In the second girl to wake her nevyhraněné interest position. "You can Táňo, you always."
Other ploužák odtančí the two together. Each would probably something a bit different, but do not have to choose how, under steam.

"You have it right, do it, or removing us," Deadly has roared to svýho friends Imortala.
"In the well-being, but they were on us guys who nemaj Vietnamese as well."
In the two headphones will sound terrible morning.
"Doprdele, to me, we have passed. Neumíte a guard or wrong tříčlenej team and we were five. Magoři," zařve Topper.
"And as you probably do," he Deadly. After all, I have only one eye and he debilní dealer is still here.
"So fine, we'll break," approved to Topper.
Everyone sits in the flat 1 +1, who received from his parents April. It's a very šílená girl who has just contacts everywhere. But most played games because it does not always listen to those bad kecy about how something is important and something not. Yes, yes, go with four ballers come out at the same time, although it is strange, but because they are more players than ballers come out and form a team, it's as well. They are due to her and trying to earn progamingových tournaments just dust all over the world. Otherwise, are unemployed and poor, which is quite funny for each of them. To them, to simplify the whole, so everyone had to live in one apartment and rehashes it to hernu, spárnu, wash and kdovíco still together. Originally there and wanted to cook pervitin, but to them it zatrhla April, so it must be for the dust to buy, when it should taste.
"April, where he týpek?"
"I do not know, I need to call him and see, now I also sere." Vyťuká number and on the other hand, will sound terrible řev. "Kryšpíne, you there?"
"But yeah, who's calling me?"
"No yet April, slíbils the building."
"Aha, I completely forgot to, nevydržíte until tomorrow?"
"No," to resolutely refuses throughout April.
"So to pozítřka?" smiles to the phone Kryšpín.
"That's not at all, neštvi and now you have it here."
"If you come here, I am here I have pleasant company and now does not want me to deal with."
"And where we come?"
"By Molly."
"Cool," dořekne April and speak to a group of his admirers: "So, gentlemen, are nicely ohákněte, go for interactive entertainment to the club on behalf of Molly."
"But we are unwilling, we have to play and defeat those Vietnamce."
"Yeah, but without the logistical support nezvládnete and deliver to us the only man in Molly."
Deadly, Topper, Imortal and Skeleton understand that there will have to go out into the hnusně interactive real-world environment. The vzteku. Procházejí streets and the way you live procvičují coverage in the area and that nothing leads to non-existent weapons of adversaries to nejpravděpodobnějších corners, where the always schovávají enemies in their favorite game Hidden and Kinky. Suddenly, the sound a real shot and the sound of sirens. Immediately thereafter can be in the running and peláší whole vystrašení to Molly. April is all stop and speak: "And not to me there doing some vylomeniny. All you have just as the two panáky and even more ťuk, clear?" Rozkáže velitelským voice.

"No, that's closed, now I finally just too napitě zírat and packaged there any týpky. Although not much fun, but what is when it is Friday," John přemítá, while Karel unaveně observed hemžení in Molly.
"Please sit here with me, I do not have any evening on today's society. Moreover, the time will come here enough vehicle travels people, who would you be able to entertain and týpci between them will also" try to maintain Janinu attention Kryšpín.
"So maybe for a while now to prolezu here, and I knew what and how," she responds with a vláčným step rozejde from table to table.
Kryšpín only zaraženě observe how John hrne meet new adventure and přemítá if his orders a drink or not. At that moment, in addition to the seat April. "Hi, so?"
"A what? Still only ecstasy, or already tripy."
"For me, ecstasy, but for the team tripy, there are now unable. Prohráli to the Vietnamese, we never happened."
"Hmm, this is enough blbý. Hele with něma still more with all four?"
"Well, yeah," she smiles at the same time very happy April.
"And together, as indeed?"
"No, according to a personal assessment. Similarly, they all podvádějí me anyway."
"But you have team that."
"Yeah, and most importantly. Flexible working hours, to be personality and to manage the team," giggles to change April.
Deadly had some money in addition, immediately with all kinds of beheaded under the picture. While tušila to April, but could not do anything. This is just sadly prohlížela as válejí each other at the table and try to convince the many mermomocí modest girls to go dancing with them. Finally, but understand that nobody except April fails, what is to the team and not in their world basically space. So it was always. They were one body, one soul, and what belonged to one, and belonged to everyone. Navrch was only April, but only to where they live and what to live. Ona to them all every time vymyslela. They were just players, on the other nestarali and another not understand. But even this is much more than simply be a television viewer employed in trade with dárkovým goods. One is consumed, while the other is INTERAKTIVNĚ our company realizes. It is one with whom and where.

"Let us now, April, sleep, today has to those Korejcům well nenandáme and will almost morning, then hnusně," confuses the Skeleton one asiaty with others.
"No good, but today you spíte here on earth. Imortalem I want you to talk about the quality of his play."
"This should be" extracted their spacáky intended for the other members of the team.
April has shifted to Imortalem to secondary bedrooms, which was basically one big bed.
"This is already a long time, what we nespali that?"
"Quite right, but I no longer simply not a better player, so please forgive me."
"No, but again you have a different quality," pousměje the svádivě April.
"I know, but to no one except you neocení."
"But they appreciate it, you will see. That's why there with you today I am. I would like a child."
Imortal it behind their oříškově brown eyes nechápavě koukl. "And you want to educate him in this?"
"I still do not know, but just when we have a child and vychováme him as a player, will be the best for him we can do in life. You know what that will dust for fifteen years?"
"And you want him with me?"
"Well, yeah, so the test, see," she smiles vžívající young woman in the role of its predetermination. Vychovat good player.
"I do not know," corresponds to Imortal.
"Nemusíš know," inclined to him April and will start him after the calendar before. "All I know," delivers prophesy.
"It is therefore somewhat special," he delivers yet, but then it ceases to deal with.
Svedou each other.

John comes home, Kryšpína left his fate. The hinge for her as Karel. "So you still šlape or not?"
"That you would know what? But for a need to know, when you talked to god, no no?"
"The god did not tell me anything. Regards me just to me, even if you sleep taste or not, you know?"
"No, to be right now," usměje with John and to introduce him to his bed. Then suddenly resolution.
Karel a cigarette burn and chápavě přemítá about what would actually have to do now. Until the morning will not do, because after a while the resolution.

Both young body pleasantly unaveně polehávají in bed. Each, however, just alone, although it would appear that objetí should be the biggest sign of belonging two beings. Evidence details without embracing God's love, however, is fair ideas of each of them, which is to start the interview usually takes place in two diametrically different directions.
"I am with you is so pleasant," špitne April.
"No, I am with you too," admits the samolibým satisfaction within Imortal.
"I no longer with the team, or indeed not sleep. Only with you."
"This is your decision, but this could disrupt our balance and as a team we were nepoužitelní."
"Hmm, vzteku, you're right. We have to get them some girls."
"No girls, but hráčky. Otherwise, to disturb the team again," explains her present lover.
"So be hráčky. But in the meantime?"
"This, therefore, I do not know. Just around with them you have to sleep until not find them."
"For the team?" smiles innocent April.
"Or, for your emotional balance, the fact I do not know."
"No, it is now one now anyway when we have this child."
Imortal the moment quietly browsing slowly probouzející life for the windows. Nějací neviditelní vrabčáci again vykřikují so that they justify their stay on the planet, or at least all around the imagined, that they are visible and controlled the situation in the vicinity of its ten branches.
April continues. "But when we have this child, so I will no longer able to sleep with someone for money and thus lose some additional revenue.
Imortal still quietly observe developments in the situation. Then but still sound. "To you, therefore, the truth about what is this?"
"No, you have to take for me."
"Wait, how to take for you?" I'm not a woman. "
"That's apparently do not mind at all today. Sex has become quite good goods irrespective of gender. But you have to have contacts and not be too old, you know?"
"And what if instead he began to work normally?"
"This is very usílí and time. This allows you to the team was inapplicable. And by its odcizil me. Nepřipustím."
"You like to think seriously?" nevěřícně it listens terrified Imortal.
"Absolutely, I have no other solution. And I could do I, so why not you? To me, not quite like, to me not a victim?"
"But I I love you, but this is not yet. In addition, I collect people for a blbost will pay?"
"That's something zařídím, remember that I have a lot of contacts."
"Oh yeah."
April to him again přitulila closely. "Ber from the better side. Thou shalt have my child, and it is still a player," políbí him with a satisfied smile small girls April. And he closes his eyes, happy oddychuje a minute after the resolution. Imortal embraced it, still slightly in shock and in a few minutes to deliver krkolomnou trail komixových heroes Hádovi empire. Unlike the future mother of his breath, however, not reveal the internal peace.

At the plate III.-Monday

John passes around the gatehouse, where they still night porter drinking their favorite vodku, observes morning report on the great television and waiting for vystřídání. Chodby offices around the postarší cleaning woman who has had only two life choices, either to serve the public toilettes, or to clean the country of the full value of capitalist mire. Volila correctly, the záchodcích people are still a little netrpělivější than in the achievement of property and mainly, it offered five hundred crowns less. On the other hand, the záchodcích apparently to establish a free pricing. With this but the fair dělnici of Zlin shoes do not. It is a security rather than the mire business plan private public záchodků.
The lift postává Jana only one oplzlým čtyřicátníkem with pleší and dýchavičným expression in the face. When it stands beside his breath is like accelerating. Girl on the zadívá view murderer to be concerned with překvapeným expression in his odulé face zarazí. "Only that this should not attack, a pig," John pronese even when leaving in the eighth floor chtíčem overcrowded close air space.
"Where are you, Jano? You enter about an hour later," looks at it somewhat příkřeji her boss when goes to the door.
"No, but on Friday I was there about an hour longer, so what's the problem?"
"I turn to me vymlouváte. We have a private conversation, they have not been."
"Aha, so this is not the time to work?"
"If there be not want you."
"Cool," odtuší and she begins to look to the never-ending heaps of paper, which must be every day again and again addressed to the following day nakupily once more in the way neztenčené extent.

Kryšpínova head třeští while its owner pospává in blaženém Unconscious established alkoholika. Okamžiky rest of his note, however, it will not last for long. Reflections morning sun is nemilostivě begin attacking the closed eyelids poklimbávajícího body. Palčivá pain prodchne air sumptuously equipped with rooms full of nejúžasnějších news from the world of entertainment and industry. A small robot přikráčí to carefully ustlané bed and starts pronášet. "Kryšpíne, vstávej, you need to sell more goods," nenechavou the needle ťuká blinking into the creature pohublé arm nepoznamenané vpichy. Kryšpín had the most ulítl on cocaine and he simply does not have píchat. So maybe this would also go, but difficult to say what it actually was. Drugs are simply to enjoy the traditional way. So, as people have zažité after thousands of years. Some problem is the artificiality of the cocaine, but still has a tradition almost hundred years old, so it's really beautiful. "Get up, Kryšpo and neser, it is time to pack girls," piští already small robotek. Kryšpín to stir up. "Zmlkni, Natalie," oboří the owner to voice their former girls, because it has such a strojek the awakening and other domestic work.
Kryšpín with bolestivě disabled in mind absorbs the first lajnu on to a bit awake. Then the TV wilderness. Nevšímavě through programs and almost nepochopením observed with other anti-drug haul headquarters. The speaker is ozývá: "Professional intervention enabled the secret police infiltrate the network producers pervitinu the factory was in the cellar of one of the trade union of prefabricated buildings. Production capacity is around ten one thousand doses a month, which is the equivalent of a million crowns turnover on the black market. Neštěstím distribution network However, in order that its headquarters was sold in very small quantities of drugs, because the whole group composed of hundreds of stakeholders and users at the same time, and therefore to the end customer got more than one hundredth of production capacity. The place had not been found nothing but meeting of tubes and heading. Factory under inspection expert not more than two months. The discovery took place thanks to its usual upovídanosti one of the neuspokojených users. flats producers had not been found nothing, all the potential assets probably invest in the use of addictive substances. For this reason, no one could be arrested. "
Kryšpín with a smile observe other real fiasco drug fallen combatants saving children from the dangers of its own bankruptcy. Tens of millions spent on restriction again pay. Does thanks to a new and worse drugs. With them, however, no kšeft, so neuchytnou State and then pay a further success with a group of prisoners digestive odvykací its bark for money citizens. Kryšpín to know chechtá and pašuje of less restrictive setting up traditional goods on which interest will be patrolled by the quality of millions of dollars of turnover and hundreds of millions of enthusiastic users. Natalie speak again. This líbezným voice. "I want you to do me, you are so attractive."
Kryšpín reply: "Go vysávat."
Robotek hlesne: "All right," then depart for the vacuum cleaner and šmejdí after apartment.

Karel vysedává still at home and Jana pohrává with a telephone. Everything starts with him having a somewhat special. First, the fun with god, then again on earth and in fact to anyone at all nezaráží. No newspapers, no senzace.
It does too on the facts and act according to which we are judged, but only to those who really uskutečníme. A offence will Karla need to not come to an end as well as in the latter case. Interview with god is terrible and krkolomná boredom.
The interview may have its importance as something to participujeme. However, in this case, only the importance of related only to our story. Matters beyond our story provide permanent values such as history or art. Unfortunately, these things reveal their scarcity, since mediate a formal approach to the world secured institutions. And therefore it is best to drink and nechtít to know. This short-term překročíme his shadow and return to the jungle feelings and emotions, which ohraničuje only our biological bias. When going beyond these boundaries may disappear. Zmizí if all the borders, then we zmizíme.

5th Spojenéstáty

Carlos just out of the aircraft, obestoupí him and Alici whole kordón soldiers and police. Světadílané to them suspected entity, and when one arrives Stáťan and one Světadílan together, even in pairs. It is the entire State machinery paranoid completely obsessed. It would probably need to be noted that travel is not prohibited in any way. However, thanks to the establishment of social media in the states of světadílné television and the same on the other hand, only in reverse order, people decided not to have any such ubohost reason for the visit. When to have only some symposia occurs largely will be used nejluxusnějších and nejnepravdivějších places that every visitor had to return after the silence. Since any description would act as if telling the pomátl sense. And in the house for choromyslné it every time and place sedativ enough for everyone needed. The basic rule is, therefore, what you know about Světadílu of television, this is only what you know about Světadílu. And so began the economic decline of Spojenýchstátů.
"Občanko Světadílu, Alice Pravověrný, odejeďte in the customs area reserved for your nationality," the official invite zahalený hood and třímající light machine gun in his hand.
Carlos is subjected to the same on the other side.
After an explanation of the situation both at headquarters odvezeni spy organization Stáťanů. It was a monumental building with lots of cingrlátek and similar Baroque serepetiček inside. Stáťané is unable to bear internally that they have no history as Světadílané, and a similar case built according to how the builders who just liked a certain period. Nejveselejší the whole building spy organization was, however, password and their emblem. He zpodobňoval výheň havířské furnace before the two stands ramenatí men třímající hammer in one hand and the second pětačtyřicítku. The password was: "We serve you."
Carlos walked around the password daily and neither the nezarazilo. Alice might zarazilo, but was not aware of local conditions, so that nepodivovala. The only thing the Spojenýchstátech in the country known to have the documentary on strašlivém bankruptcy and then the goods. Infinite series of series of films, sticks, computer games and even musical groups. All were from the incredibly poor areas, as Světadílanům appeared on television.
In reality Spojenéstáty look a little different. A lot of dirty streets and many výstavných palaces. But whether it was the street or a palace, anywhere nechyběla omnipresent camera and the policeman on the corner with odjištěnou zorání heading for pedestrians according to how he is nezdál dealer or fines, when it was notified that it is necessary to supplement the state budget. Countries were very liberal, nepožadovali taxes or mandatory health insurance. What's more, the state apartments were not even rent. But there appeared from time to time policeman and a fine required for residence in the state apartments. Then he left a fine was added to the list of fines, which has grown until the end of life. When someone has exceeded a certain amount of fines was relokován according to the formula reduced the importance of social and fines are vynulovali. According capabilities, which are then reflected. Nezáleželo that, if they were criminal, business, media, arts or any other, could be moved back into important positions.
The profile popularity, however, every time vyhřívali very similar people. Not that they are directly on the family klany. This in any case. Only it was the same type of people. Their measure of success was the ability to create from nothing even greater nothing, but which could be well paid, or, with most cenilo, exported to the European Union Světadílů. These uchvatitelé system, however, then stood dezorientovaní his own understanding of reality and is often given to osidel chain fines. Then, just mattered, if a man for such a system has some significance because of their age, nahrabanému property and perspective. If not, has been sent to category Pokutových Mrtvol. There přežíval few people for more than a few weeks. But there also were no police and no fine. In its heart it was the only place free states. But it was also nice wild place where decisions particular weapons and konexe. From there also could distribute any protistátní negotiations, so that the area was guarded day and night, at least from the outside, but what is happening inside, nobody knew. Area Pokutové category was declared nehlídanou dvěstědvanáctým constitutional amendment. The reason was simple, states have liberal constitution and this was fuse freedom, nezřízená anarchy.
Carlos walked along with Alicí točitými corridors, the walls were photographs of people dying in action. However, because of confidentiality because there was only one photograph of these men and women. All images of the death. Sometimes, therefore, people should not one eye, sometimes ohořelou face or face rozstřílený beyond. In principle, it was actually a deterrent on the recruitment issue. Everyone who walked these corridors could be clear what is waiting for him and on the other hand, every criminal, which passed by lead, had to surmise that nobody with him does not delay.
Sebejisté steps Alicina guide led directly to the room with the inscription: "The Supreme Servant."
They went inside a small, inconspicuous mužík with orlím nose and remnants Greys hair on the sides spoke only: "So start."
"Experiment, which takes place in Světadíle has probably nothing to do with our economic efforts to control their markets. This is an internal matter, when some professor Tydlýto trying to enforce the direction of the people developing a virus autonomnosti superega."
"Well, let's look," pousmál the stařík, "that it would also přestávalo the whole work. Hmm, always to be fools. Supposedly satisfaction and people. Nesmysly, no fines nevyřešíš world," was accompanied to a popular liberal gesture Jacob Darwin .
"The explanation of the situation there but I have this lady, therefore, not that it was professional, but helped to have declassified all the riddle of our Espionage nevšímala for decades. It is indeed a basis for the concept of světadílného perception of reality."
"Hmm," zakabonil the stařík and pokrčil nose, "to shorten and then develop a report for the moment I have to go hear accused of fraudulent fines," rejoiced in the face of the Supreme Sloužící, which was in its essence, sadist and reached as high-level positions in Spojenýchstátů espionage structures. He was a sadist, the self, extraordinary example, said by psychologists. Otherwise, a small child and evil beasts in one.
"In short," Carlos has decided to deliver a single word, "podvádějí."
"Hmm," zatvářil the zaraženě Jacob, who is already seen by its prisoners. "This will have, therefore, Mr. President joy, this is such a big cheater, it is certainly will like it. Neemigroval only to us," zamumlal more for themselves and the guy disappeared rear doors, went to pay kýženému torture criminals.
Carlos with Alicí osaměli. She spoke: "And this will be like everything?"
"In the meantime, yes, I will explain it more, now let us go before we begin to hear blaring, to me, there really does not match at all. Nenávidím these methods, but half the things that works for the inquisition in which supporters can dogmatic Church of Jesus which is the devil it knows why so much. And then, we have psychologists, who are constantly tested methods of how people get returns. No, and I, because I know what everyone here who would be brought, in fact ultimately waiting. So it zastřelím rather, I simply lidumil. "
Alice zděšením extend the pupil.

Všesvět III.

Hitler just walking around a house in the window and saw a lot of characters in white coats, as around them stříkají rivers of blood. Okamžiky when it looked as if it wanted to prevent the pieces when the whole similar to the facilitation of bleeding. Hitler immediately contested, it must have a feast related soul, neváhal therefore, took obtloustlého člobrdu kráčejícího street, ukousl his hand and the rest uječeného into the body through a glazed window inside. Then, impatiently waiting, what happens.
"We are here further," vykřikla nurse with the figure of the film stars lechtivé provenance.
"It is not possible, because we did not want anybody to income, what with him?" began the Chief Surgeon.
"If you allow ladies and gentlemen, I just ending hours of work, go," began with one of the doctors, the vice trade committee to maintain the working hours within the carrying capacity.
"And you can not counsellor than waiting a few minutes to the dořešíme?"
"But certainly, but I have to sign it considered responsible. As some know, it is not possible to pay a comparable quality of work in overtime hours, counsellor."
Chief surgeon sign zkrvavenou rukavicí assumption of responsibility.
"So now you are contaminated, made the top sister Margaret, you have to be washed again."
Oslovený člobrda only nakrčil eyebrows and povzdychl. "It has nesejde, anyway that someone pitched schools, though here gave the patient, do not feel that průvan?"
"Well Lumíre, so it dodělejte, protentokrát," Margaret agreed to the authoritative expression of blahosklonnosti.
Přesčasový surgeon just ohlížel člobrdu free hand. "Perfectly amputation, as břitvou," has made. "Give us that they gave the citizen nekvičí how to slaughter a pig."
"Chichi" to you doctor succeeded Sir, "replied sister žákyňka přinášejícím operujícímu personnel at room afternoon coffee and biscuits.
"A evening Madam, you go somewhere?" turned it on.
"But certainly," usmála with fresh eighteen, which doktorech spatřovala the only real man. After the miners and players futrálu course. But nobody like them, simply was not at hand.
Over time, both raněné stabilizovali. The blood started to diminish and to Hitler rozlítilo, ukousl of vzteku head doctor, who worked overtime and vyplivnul it into the hall.
"Křížo what is still happening?" vzkřiknou some of the flocks uncomprehending circumstances. All are free elections of the Union Světadílu completely přezaměstnáni and prevents them from the look on the right and left, top and bottom rather not.
"Quickly, with the head into the ice than closes his eyes, we lost it," vzkřikne resolutely Chief surgeon.
Margaret pulls from the freezer boxes huge hollow piece of ice and put him in the head. Then let into the operating přišívání potrhaných fibres. In fact, not too complicated task, since člobrdové have the whole body with the so-called Universal living matter and was reprocessed in any way his owner usmyslel. The same surgeon and was able, in the case that was outside the victim himself, as if the body responded automatically uzdravovacím. Only about was the whole training doctors Všesvěta, arrogant power of live material over the matter among themselves.
Once the operation is almost finished, operovaný the probral of the unconscious and made fateful sentence: "I would be terribly sleep," then closed his eyes.
Žákyňka began hysterčit. "We lose him, and I want to go with him to dinner, it is not, they do not look at the fifth repetition of my favorite series" Podvádějící and ukojení. "
Chief surgeon zklamaně be relied on the dead body, burned a cigarette and then said: "No this is the end, I take responsibility for themselves."
Now there is, zasmušile pohroužený to himself. All around, however, whole zírají surprise, as it the whole time koukají one's eyes. The oparu přepracovanosti returned to reality. The voice only ask: "Nobody else has to come to dinner?"
Osazenstvo zděšením or nedutá.
Hitler is taking the word. Sežere all. Then the happy seat and dials the phone number.

City III.

Honza next weeks were a bit light in the atmosphere. He had a new girlfriend, he constantly told incredible events of the real world, which authenticity corresponds within Rapačises only on television. In addition, he has decided to completely change the lifestyle, so every morning had to ride the bicycle. Koupili a dog, which he said Fido and in addition provide Honza walks three times a day.
Once, when outdoors nice svítilo Sluníčko and he just walked the streets with Fidem in which válely many enthusiastic people polomrtvých (Čendova revolution should their stinnou page polomrtvé who is not removed. Dead surprisingly disappeared themselves, as the rozplynuly or what. Most people believed It is caused by some robots, which in its genialitě mayor had to invent, since the work odklízečů corpses all appeared to be too podřadná than to be in rauši were willing to pay. No polomrtvé and nobody neodklízel, because it is not where to pay. Hospital completely lost its importance. People simply nebývali sick. Nestávali with no injuries, because at a time when everyone realized that he must rely on themselves, people become much more cautious. Or at least that before each jump out of the house when it began to be considered birds simply believe that once were, nothing happened to them. Golden era due to projections of superega really did not know borders imperfections) and the ozvalo him in your pocket, the phone ringing. Several šátral his coat pockets to find the right place, where were hidden or psaníčka or cigarettes or travelled properly přihlouplá book about self-knowledge through žvásty with someone else. Jack had it for luck, every time when it vytasil, nalepila to him a girl. With a credit card to nezkoušel, then of course not, not believe in the modern advances in excess of the area speaking. Assets for him did not exist, it simply was.
Went up from the black pocket and answer the phone: "Hello?"
"Hello you, I just devour several člobrdů and would ask if you do not mind that I am Hitler, and would you forgive me."
Honza not believe his eyes. But because he was in good lajnovém whim, he began to disassemble: "No, it would go, but if I do not know what you really have to forgive."
Hitler is zarazil. In his new creation has been nezapomnělo the feeling of guilt, but memories of what it made, you forget: "Hmm, somehow I do not know."
Jack přemítal time. "Well I will, therefore, to odpouštím, whether it was anything, but it would not be at a loss to determine."
"Well, as I do, and thanks for forgiveness, my father."
"What my father?"
"No, I have the phone numbers of four points. Father, Santa, sister, mother."
"Hmm, to be the son," pousmál the Jack and the inability to put.
Fido stopped for one interpretation and began to bark like rozverně wanted inside. Stood before the uzenářským goods. Jack on it so koukal and contested, as it is possible that dogs can not actually fetovat and how he would actually look like their fet. But to be dependent on meat, it must be a nudist. Also it přestávalo be clear why Fidovi really does not understand. Nějak is a must prove agree. Called Čendovi therefore, that means a whole. "Hi, could you please me with something to help?"
"But yeah, just be a bit more concise, I have here the girl striptease performed by a whole is with her and s funny, now has an interest in economic issues of the city, and I do not have to do it to say, although about everything I know.
"This whole why a nefetují dogs and why they nerozumíme?"
"Hmm, I just recently rozebíral. A vály already vymýšlíme, cannabis and quite occupy. Nechávám But at the moment to agree with them. I agree dokážu but between chlastem and the others I have neudělal time to me there was a dog. "
"Aha, so I bring Fida. Dojdu is a new holkou and see what that can do, right? John Hele and there still is?"
"But yeah, but with Jim roztáčí completely šíleně. Cast the dominant pair and led some people have, then mlátí. I had to do and walls. Sometimes I have a feeling that perhaps an even odpraví, but it is not at all certain. "
"All right, and the entire holce say that this city just works, more is to say not."
Jack put.
Čenda turned to the naked girl, who had only podvazkový belt and rozšafně pokuřovala cigarette. Of course, it was nakoplá cocaine, which, although not legally, but simply could Čenda anything. Indeed, will they even laws, so that each could anything, but zvyková standard still does not allow it. Only those of the most liberal so aware. Others still live in fear of the work of the stay, respectively on their health which also can not come.
"Magdo, so I learned that the city simply works and to the whole."
"I tušila to, this is the case then," usmívala dlouhonohá blondýna with brain Vědkyně with Tydlýtova Institute. "And until it will work, we will be together. I had decided that you sbalím."
"Well, if you will not interfere in the presence driven parties with Jim and Jana and feel."
"This is not, I will be glad bavím hloupostmi and those to be here enough," then again embarked on a svádivého dance to alcohol zamyšleného Čendu tired and a bit encouraged.
Jack returned home. Sabina surprisingly, this time to prepare dinner, but not ledajakou. Everything looked like in a romantic film. Candles svítili, zaplňovalo příšeří room and the smell of erotically charged voňavky. Pustili to jezení, Fido went to sleep, because the two together, therefore, strongly neprožíval.
"So I have now learned that I am the father," the ideas.
"But I know yet," usmívala with Sabina.
"How can it know?"
"No, I have those phones nastrčila me."
"Aha," pokýval Jack chápavě. "And why should I be a father?"
"No, because we wait for a child," she smiles Sabina still the same.
Jack zarazí at the moment. "This is not fear that potratíš or so?"
"Always forget that I know that everything here works."
"But you will bolet, they nebojíš pain?"
"You also something hurts, and just the fact nevyhýbáš, so this is a matter which I do not want to avoid me."
"Hmm, how do you want, so therefore I am the father."
"And you even twice. Hitlerův One and one Eriky."
"Look, what is actually what he Hitler?"
"Hmm, in the normal world, it was úchylnej masovej killer."
"And I forgave him, oh yes," zatvářil with Jack zklamaně and překvapeně at the same time.
Sabina naklonila to him. "But because of the matter yet, the whole world that you znásilnil without your knowledge in this pseudorealitu and it really can forgive you anything."
Jack still only zíral. And yet just said, "We go for Čendou, wants you to speak with Fidem, apparently already knows how to do it."
"To know the progress," mrkne eye Sabina, "Just hope that does not chat with mouchami, this would only hear the matter."
"A what?"
"I say to you, but nobody is to not learn. Mouchy simply monitor, but neither knows what the authors of the programmes. Mouchám they do not understand none at all. Last thing, when it was made clear" test run "
"And this is simply not clear from the superega?"
"We tried to to, but the program is made there again."
Then at rest dojedli dinner and began to devote themselves to each other. It would Fida nezajímalo even a bit, and so sadly only koukal the month and wait until you do it again time to master it venčit. This simply nesnášel imprisonment.

Všesvět IV.

Hitler called the number grandfather. There is Karel began.
"No, what is again?"
"I would need to know what was done, if I want you to forgive me."
"After the truth or how it is on television?"
"After the truth."
"Absolutely you have zblbl crowds of people who listened, and then you kill, you take a look."
"So it was not just my fault?"
"No, this was the fault of human needs is still something to raise a little change. When you have them is not enough, you also pobijí, to obtain. But otherwise, all considered to be civilized beings. But everything is just about how big the fraud those others do. And when it is good enough, you have the power to become a civilised beings pontificating about morality and neválčení. But when that pokračuješ, I think the fraud, and also one of you to come and skončíš wrong. No tvý and fraud are lost enough quickly, but not again so quickly that it was neglected. Really it is therefore not just your fault, but you were most and worst, you? "
"Aha, so I just made člobrdům, in the case of some parallels. However, due to dědo."
"Jakej Dad?"
"I have you under number grandfather."
"Aha, so should vnuku," Charles put a nechápavě began zírat.

At the plate IV.

John just came into the apartment and observed Charles. "So what?" turned to him with zvědavě.
"I do not know you, but I have someone under the phone number as dědu and plácal any nonsense. Will not come to prefer somewhere totally cancel?"
"To be right, but you need to find a job. Have you started?" You do it mortally serious tone of voice John fun.
"On Monday I go for an interview to nuclear power," lišácky with smiles his idea Karel, "And with you?"
"Today I stood per litre in some voňavek hypermarket in full pensioners. As seriously think that you want to power, for there to vybouchne, if you will be there."
"No, the operation of nuclear power, I clearly understand the Simpsonových and when there I have to worry just a computer, so hopefully it will not be so terrible, no?"
"Is it really to me one, only then will send a message to the at least quite sjet, right?" rozzáří the Janě eyes of happiness. "
"This is not a problem, anyway I'm not there yet. And how will the future with you, nehledáš prefer a permanent job?" turn to it with interest.
"There are too does not want me, he is such a boring."
"I know, but without rituals nepřežiješ."
Jana as chápavě kývla, the vytratila room, where Charles posedával and went to prepare the eighth round to be back in the štamgasty Molly, where at the time of the summer nevypadalo usually too valně. People in the summer of incomprehensible reasons, each time left to discover discovered abroad and talk about their new knowledge with other poučenými takéturisty.
Like many previous evenings everything was initially under an established scenario. Dýdžej Motyka soon pass through the whole area here and there to check whether the acoustics everywhere sits in his in for the moment nejčistšího conscience (It is good to note that on the net too often is not). Subsequently, the postěžoval yesterday pitku by one company so nezvládl that had to call sanitku to him vypumpovali stomach. Of course, nothing of it at all nevyvedlo of the concept. Just is the evening, drink and therefore must account immediately after the arrival of half a liter of beer in two minutes.
Approximately around the tenth hour began trousit relatively profláklé character Molly headed by Dýdžejem Tetřevem, which already at the door pokřikoval so that it ramenatý Loket, the local kick-off in error vyhodil right out the window. Tetřev but he left odbít and came once more, but it already had in hand to pass eternity, then the card free entry for all sezvané.
Loket to defend the dry spoke: "Aha, so this sorry, I thought that you are dangerous."
Tetřev to you: "If I had kicked more, so it no longer would, but apparently not enough about and, moreover, I could not notice that I have inside."
"It will not nedělej, next to definitely come out!" smiles pobaveně Loket bezbranným completely over the next guest.
Atmosphere evening as lacking any charge. A nezbylo than frontload other drugs. This time to come from Australia, then at least to Kryšpín claimed when he gave the plén. Still with the usmíval potutelně on Jan. The views opětovala, as was the evening strašlivě fast. Stihla this view with těkavým pobavením repeat of about ten pages. This will of course in addition to a really good friends noticed nobody else, and so around the pomatení chlapíci constantly zjevovali and turn mizeli. It is hard to say why, but maybe to the whole lacked hub, and so nezbylo than progress elsewhere. He began with a Karel:
"Do you know that Hutník, already has a child?"
"Really? I do not know. How can it know you?"
"No, I have with him povídal time up there," usmíval happy with Charles.
"Hmm, so we followed him to be able to dock, is not it?" nedivila is already nothing of his companions.
"Skvělej idea, but zvládáš?"
"No, right now, but I'll need to add a bit more about," dořekla and immediately disappeared somewhere to return even připravenější.
Charles is just as koukl nothing, moreover, could not say that it would depend on something too. Indeed, I when he returned from heaven, stopped to think anything. However, this finding is not already do nothing. Actually there are only two options. Reverse is to povídalovi, which it embarked again on the ground. For its stvořitele substance as totally ignore and just passively wait for a new, higher subject. Finally, you just have to:
"I hope, thou art to nepřehnala."
Jana little vztekle nadhodila: "Neměj fear starouši, give you too?"
"Clearly, right, what do I do here when jedinej who listens to me, here you are."
"And what Kryšpín?"
"Yeah, that too, but where it really?" rozhlédl about Charles himself.
"I do not know, probably somewhere near, I am for him, he vysokoktanovej powder has not even dust, perhaps by neodešel."
"We would like to ohlídnout after him and take him with them, or else we will collect after the last pieces to the bar."
"Perhaps you're right," John pronese and odkráčí to look after him. At the moment it zaplete minute to the next adventure. A young man steps to address it:
"Jani Hi, how are you?"
"This is it," she inspected it. In life, met a lot of people, but remember them for much less. This confidently looking face belonged unfortunately in the first category, simply did not know him.
"Nemáš nějakej fet?" began to vigorously.
John koukala still nechápavěji. "No, not really."
"So nothing," dořekl again and continued on its journey after the next. John pomyslela you: 'I am perhaps nějakej drug dealer or what? "The answer came in tisícině seconds, fast enough to be, but thanks to her immediately and forget. The initial task to find Kryšpína the zdařil. Postával at the table, which okupovaly four girls, and is enjoyed:
"Aha, so you walk to work?"
"No, my studying," made one of them.
"Hmm, I thought that work, but it's not so important. And what you actually do?" did not want the attention of both send and stupidly all actually tvářili. Kryšpín had never nestudoval, as it was ingenious. Everything he was based until it ceased to entertain, so it gave the much riskier působivější and fair. Especially hate horizons restricting the whole universe. Creator because of the religion based on the latest discoveries in physics which added a few of their ideas driven from kokainového rauše.
"We are looking for an adventure," odvětila surprisingly, most of them.
"And you will not be enough if you by chance there will be talk among themselves the whole night and sometimes you go down completely bezpředmětně down and sober since nepijete, zaskáčete on the dance floor?"
"Indeed, yes," admitted one as soon as possible to seek adventure.
"And therefore, really do not want to experience some adventure?"
"And what would it be like?"
"So to you nepovím, since you nespatřuju anything interesting," took place at the same time Kryšpínovi that there is now full of teeth. In fact he did not know why, but if the man přiopilý, just to become.
Slečny his průpovídku surprisingly neunesli and began to příkře form. "No but you also nothing, debile."
John is the moment přitočila to Kryšpínovi. "We will not walk for Hutníkem?"
"Hmm, would like to have, after all, these girls will have to incorporate themselves to be a bit more interesting. So bye for now and think about it for a week to return and I want to hear any suggestions," did not their constructive approach to reality. Then they turned together and go out.
"What they said there?" neodpustila a question John.
"No how did you saw were not interesting enough to take me, so I said to them."
"And those you think that you are interesting, or what?" koulela to Kryšpína pobaveně eyes.
"This is not, or right?" čertil the naoko on.
Karel pokuřuje cigarette, a little winter klepe and zaujatě listens as the two are talking about. Finally, just pobízivě pronese: "When you have them, said that a week zeptáš, and also to make. Although difficult to say whether they will have a week to remember that elapsed week," will start at the same time provocatively speculate.
Kryšpín you like to leave. "So you know what, a week is all there in the table just for sjedu see who was right."
"Cool, and only for accuracy, kterej day and how much."
"So today is Wednesday, so next Wednesday about the same time," responds completely bound supplier vysokoktanové žrádla.
"If this is a week at the same time so yeah, but otherwise today is Friday," leave to flummox Charles.
"I do not know you, kterej is actually a day, but according to me it is Thursday," John pronáší reflectively.
And nevyjasněných regarding the circumstances of all three is basically no conflict agreed that if they know that this will be a week, no matter the date. Should the dvacetiminutovou but a very pleasant social event without drinking other panáků. It had lasted so long path means. The station now but Kryšpín nevydržel and had to buy a half litre of vodka for sure if the Lunaparku not fast enough. Of course, you immediately lokl and he and other stakeholders.

At the plate IV.-Hutníkovo child

Just when they were all the irregularities the past, through decisive action klátícího the feťáka gate Lunaparku. Zevnitř the ozýval already vague as usual traditional mix of all poslouchatelného. Hutník in recent months not waste time collecting music was so creative, to chvílemi forget how much is in all really good. Then he enjoyed with people without scruples. Even though in fact it was mainly the enormous expectations of his new family member. Today, there postával, zřízenější than usual, but with love is rozplýval over small tvorečkem, which in addition to the happy oddychoval in postýlce in zakouřeném the one hundred and twenty decibelové music.
Karel is prosmýkl dance groups rozpálených carcasses and přitočil up to him while potutelně vykřikoval: "Here you have something for the child to him, you better play children's games."
Hutník with upřimně fair view looked at Charles: "Do you think that you gave?"
"And your dog you ever asked?"
"But this is a man."
"No need to be true, but how to know? He speaks perhaps? Or, as it has two hands, two legs and head. And I have to be God and give you a good advice to ensure your family eternal happiness," invents You báchorku Charles.
"I simply believe that this is a man and decides to himself," can not be swayed by this time surprisingly Hutník to a šílenosti.
"Why is it you're actually here," neodpustí you finally question Karel when usměje his cynickému žertíku.
"I do not even know me at once accounted for it here simply want to have. Or that there would have on me?"
"With nebojíš that they ohluchne?" popíchne Karel issue zavánějící culture of health.
"Hmm, maybe not, the špunty in the ears."
"And he smrad?"
"I believe that this is a man, and that is to simply" does not deny the ability for the time being perfect creature Hutník.
"So this is the reason," forget all the doubts and Karel, "is someone being and is recognized svéprávnou, must be able to decide. Weaker protection is possible only to a certain extent otherwise may occur as a sterilization evolution of mankind." This risk is it purely from an evolutionary point of view seemed acceptable. "You can not only safeguard, it must be zraňovat," dotvořil his argument, however, except nobody heard him. Hutník just saw it and the pensiveness in Karlovy eyes took him so that nevnímal nothing else, said the content was just for the moment secondary.
Popůlnoční events are shifted to its inevitable rozplizlé foolishly ohyzdné rozpustilosti. Karel posedával raised the point and pokuřoval cigarettes. Then it ceased to entertain and stood next to some, for him nevýrazných, girls. Přehlíživě continue the observation of the dancers, up from the minutes became an hour. "Koukání to anyone, and nowhere seems to be occupation for life", they thought.
Jana you after a few tanks went see a small tvorečka, which actually was not yet a man when they said that with Hutníkem on the need odnést him home. On its moralising chlácholení finally came smířlivě. Very does not like to tvorečkem loučil. Do not it probably will not transferred zažitých pořádků eternal opatrovatelek pups. Unfortunately, certain rules simply can not be avoided. Together with his wife eventually both disappeared in the night a little earlier and the evening for the benefit of the general confusion nedohrál nobody. It would be appropriate to mention that their child was never not be a citizen, because it never officially known. Actual freedom, in fact, started to where disappear descriptions and information. The current přesycenost knowledge was for Hutníka only otrockou substitute volnomyšlenkářského view of the endless amount of options. And therefore no okolků decided otherwise than to be.
At a time when Lunaparku already two hours nobody nediktoval musical production of cédéček introduced, and Charles began to occur is something that takes place inside the company otherwise than usual. With a view nechápavým turned to Jan, who has just told somebody event of a small child Hutníka:
"On it went like?"
"I do not know, but probably yes," replied the somewhat zmateně.
"Hmm," pokýval Charles, and then long přemítal, which actually was the moment when no longer perceive time.

How hours ukrajovali domination of the last remnants of the night, suddenly everything pomíjívé vyprchalo and remained only need to pass the houses. The fact that accompanied stupefying insensibility caused by all available during the evening. John Charles, along with slow steps doklopýtali to home, then falling unconscious and vacuously asleep while their restless nature waited for another opportunity to the next evening.

Mezihra # 1 # #

Karmínově red eyes half a metre high creature with čtyřma skororukama and two skoronohama area zírají through transparency into space in which is reflected Darkened outline planet earth. Chvílemi the nepokojně poťukává one of the ruk at the rear of the head. From the view of the earth would be a přerostlého Ant, which is not at all their limbs three drápky. One feature, however, meets inches. Pahýlky move like human fingers, but the flesh is still one pair of hands in addition. They are useless other than the possession of a firearm.
Space for the window still looks the same, but from being an unknown reason, some felt. This is a pisklavý sound like škrčení on television.
At rear is spacious for průhledem cab without any equipment. Space ark as plul without propulsion and without management centre, just so.
In tvorem for průhledu will sound škrčení slightly higher. After a moment přiběhne similar creature, but has only two skororuce and not weapons, around pobíhá a few small, which is still běhají after six, also without weapons.
The ship is complete silence and complete darkness. Tvorům to visibly do not mind, always, especially those small, běhají here and there. However Chvílemi make his pisklavý tone, the smallest it have mysteriously subdued.
In the hall of the ship with every one hundred hours creates a dark red cube, which škrčí. Ozbrojenec then škrčí response to a cube. After a few minutes this thing again turned off. Then, as they záhadní ants sleeping and remain at a similar state of about three hours. After three hours to begin to move again and not stop the entire 97 hours. One day they no longer appear cube, is being slowly cease to move. The ship then change the whole structure and it becomes space dust.

6th Dangerous Street
Alice is leaving Carlos světadilné headquarters Counterintelligence and issued to the streets, where he spent Stáťan native of středoseveru throughout childhood until recent days when he was sent on a mission.
After the streets through a variety of wagons, which, however, already at a glance average Světadílana looked considerably obstarožně and nemoderně. Alice was zhnusena. Girls with a vozí in other kárách, pomyslela you. Despite the considerable znechucení Alice aware that one of those nakřáplin they two points.
Carlos had the intention to move its společnicí as soon as possible the suburbs, where he still breathed better (not there to urge ohlížet every second, but only the fifth step).
Before they succeed, however, occur to the vehicle, finds that they add two people, who with the help of agentských plazících and skákacích techniques professionally špehují. Carlosovu bdělému eye alert dobrodruha can not escape. Nenápadně pronese to Alici: "Someone pursues us, we will have to change the plan." Then zamíří daily to the nearest bar.
Inside sat with the first free table. Moreover, according to the rules of morning traffic náleven in přesyceném competitive economic environment, were all free. Bar itself is nevyznačoval nothing zvláštnějším than a few chairs and several tables, which already according to myriad rýh and škrábanců on each part of the furniture probably had a quantity without number of visits without meaning and terminating in the general turmoil and violence.
On the table for some time šouravým step doklopýtal osmdesátiletý stařík and šišlavým voice said to the guests: "Do you want to?"
Carlos incentive to respond: "I would like Scotch Whiskey."
Alice had ordered a mixed drink and expectations monitor its partnership. Then, however, not to her, and asked: "What is happening?"
I do not know about us they chose someone as appropriate targets for okradení and since you have those with me, I can not risk anything. That's all.
"Wait, how to think that you can not take risks?"
"It is that, otherwise I shot or something. I do not know myself, to really depends on the situation. Usually there However, under the principle of first střílej and then ask."
"To me want to imply that this is the proper functioning of the normal Spojenýchstátů?"
"No, you're not, but when you have someone select and chose us, because look as tourists from Světadílu, largely similar to expire."
"I do not understand you at all. Why should you have to choose and how it will end as?"
Carlos is ztrápeně pousmál. "You know this is the long narrative. In principle, we should also be able to just okrást, but I would certainly okrást he left, and if I already have the weapon, so I would use it. Unfortunately, you have that you and I would like you saved it. Or is it Světadíle in the normal shoot people on the street? "
Alice zděšením vyjekla. "This, therefore, certainly not."
Carlos chápavě nodded. "And here you have given to the constitutional guarantee. For us it's just a small difference in the law, nothing more. Ohromně addition appreciate it," he added serious tone.
Stařík the přiklopýtal the objednanými beverages and again šišlavým voice, he is one of the faces mysteriously nehybnou, spoke: "Your drinks, makes it one hundred."
Carlos him time measurement přezíravým view and then still asked. "It's not a bit much, old?"
Stařík still with a smile observed both in hand, however, already třímal main weapon is reduced. "Young man, nepochybuj that it is not."
"So nice, because with so much say" understand the current host bar "for quick payment of" how things are.
Alice only vystrašeně zírala the whole life. Nechápala even a bit, how can a slight change in the law to create a completely different cultural environment in the treatment of a purely commercial relationship host-operation. Zvědavost but it does not, and so after a slightly přiopilý owner of the bar odpotácel in turn, asked: "And after you as a fire?"
"Tipuju that right," Carlos made dry, as the world was nothing všednějšího.
Chlapíci outdoors aware that they fail to odlákat foreigners from pubs and the vain podupávání hour before the bar still decided to leave. This, however, Carlos neuklidnilo too. The whole accounted strange to him, turned to Alici. "You know, it is normal that there gangsteři had just odlákat when the victim hides them in the bar, much more is that one went into the bar and try to negotiate, while the other heads one of the victims on the head. It seems to me That there will be something else.
Alice only nevěřícně heard in rain odpoledni words of his partner and started regret that in this country zpropadené at all jela. Chtělo is it really ječet, but it would probably come immediately life, so they prefer to rozmyslela (Carlos it has previously reported that the victims oslabeným the other slétnou as vultures, and if it is not close to the policeman, analyse his intestines and everything else, and then to zpeněží or even the whole man otherwise apply. it also reduces unemployment, and to understand each step as good).
"And therefore, if not the gangstery, it must be a direct interest, only me for the time being it is unclear whom," domýšlí Carlos the whole story out loud while still looking through a window bar in ušmudlané corners perhaps even postříkané from an acid, since the iron window frames are specifically rozleptané. Just when they slowly raised, vběhne inside the young man with a knife and krvelačným movement observed male part of our pairs. Then as disputed pronese: "I am someone deployed there and a description of me quite sit on you, so now you kill."
Carlos nechápavě it and look at the same time, propelled, kulka fly hnědovlasému násilníkovi without a single mark of humanity in the face directly the right thigh. Agent to him after the intervention still kopne and zařve: "Who sent you?"
Chlapík However, at that moment a long time dead, probably had only one attempt. Carlos to understand and then swept Alici to the ground. At the same time, the stařík standing at the rear starts hlučně laugh. "Hooray, such as the first revolution," then out into the street a few dýmovnic and popožene vulnerable pair: "Come zadem, pay later."
Outside the nasednou to all light vehicles opancéřovaného explosions and smoke and smoke dampers disappear in the streets of the capital city Spojenýchstátů. Stařík the zvesela prozpěvuje a postarší hardrockový vál and prudently observed helicopter, which is closer to them. After a few tens of seconds of the helicopter ejects provazový ladder. Zachránce of the bar represents: "I am Arthur Yarou, poručík Eastern Division Free choice of autonomy. Now you have a choice, either the helicopter or vylezete to you on the spot zastřelím," třímá again in the hands of the shortened brokovnici.
Alice nor Carlos neprotestují only přemítají what is actually happening. Letící object is close to transport prohibited zone Spojenýchstátů, where all machines and army units without a single track every time a nevyjasněných natural phenomena to lose. This, however, Alice did not and so only podivovala why it just mysteriously Carlos still looking.

At the plate V.
Karel vysedává before a discreet offices electricity facilities, together with twenty men waiting for their next opportunity to change for a normal work. The whole actually started his new birth, he said, that could start as something again and znormalizovat at least a few moments prapodivný his life. He you for the opportunity to create some false documents, otherwise they are not obtain work today. In particular, it was the title of atomic energy physics, several internships in foreign power plants and especially in a Pub fully established across the lines, including HR manažérky the entire complex. This, he seemed sufficient to be accepted.
When rozhlížel around himself saw almost elite youth výkvětu university educated a new generation of people, all posedávali in saku and mortally serious look into their laptops, which continues to turn their personal electronic diaries and mobile phones constantly had something extremely important. Whenever it has to a great number of their table with a smile through probably for the entire complex with electricity, and there spoře clothed hostess (it was her job, because at that time it simply, there is no substantial action, which could make people even more, they began a great wealth of corporations invent new jobs that do not have enough to pay the State, which otherwise threatened by increasing taxes because of increasing unemployment), went in one of them under constant chattering phone and still within their own personal electronic diářem inside. After twenty minutes each of them left again and called the taxíka, which would be necessary to further převezl interview. Young people simply had přetížeností whether it worked or not. Either the work sháněli or someone is about to aspirate and away.
Suddenly you Karel, cheered on the case pervitinem, also decided to make a phone call, because it has a long waiting nebavilo. And since not call whom, used to found the phone. Moreover, the second you forgot at home anyway. "Hey, hallo," he cried to the other noticed how it fits into the team and is simply in. Nobody can unfortunately noticed nothing.
"Here is Professor Tydlýto, wish to?" ozvalo from the other party.
"No, there is Charles, how are you profesore?"
"It řeším question of how somebody can call this a private line with the strict utajením?"
"I do not know, I will again try to obtain a place in nuclear power, and I survived, you understand?"
"Absolutely, hmm, it must be osudový call if you succeed in gaining a place, you have a unique opportunity to make something of his life."
Charles began usmívat. "This is great, every time when I am outside, I have fateful opportunity, what is it, you do not know?"
"On this you can easily answer, it is a matter that you are at all nenacházíte in reality, but only in pseudorealitě of something, what we call super. And I now through its research found that the super-establish a back door for each participating , Just about no one except me still does not know anything. But since you have somehow accidentally got a communication channel on which I actually did not know anything, I can tell you now. "
"And what I like to do?"
"No, at least you may be able to obtain a position in power and if not, it's up to you how this matter naložíte."
"I do not understand you at all," admits Karel its dulness.
"Look, I am on the other hand, and I can have a direct impact on individual interested superega, but they show a certain autonomy within and without intermediary to simply can not, as the locus of anything in superegu It is possible, but direct intervention could cause irreversible break situation for something totally fatálnímu. I can only partial and very little interference, but individuals must still decide for yourself, "Tydlýto you still can not equip the things actually can be done, but since the explorer, not just to him and decides to take advantage of the opportunity, according to Yet all would not be so difficult not something fatal, but it is only a presumption.
"Hmm, so fine, it would go, I just wanted a little change the mood of people inside to have a taste vyvádět a week ago, when I met in a Pub, was it?"
"No, to try to do something, for the time being is not localized, so try after. It is important that you have adopted, clear?"
"Aha," dořekl Charles and saw how passes around the hostess with the number. Zvedl and zapadl as every good candidate for work inside. His face vyzařovala by confidently pokorným expression indicating the maximum flexibility and enthusiasm for the case. Telephone had nezavěšený and gave it in your pocket.
"Hello," made slightly increased voice to five meters remote table.
"Hello you, Sir Juchaj," replied HR manažérka Edita the friendly smile in the face.
"So, what would you like to know in order to get work in nuclear power."
"First of all, it is necessary that we once went through your practice, health and other formalities, but given what you added, does not seem to me that it would be necessary."
"And why not?"
"Qualified apparently have, but we do not know quite well if just for this work."
"And what do you mean?" přestával Karel form just sympathetic.
"This is not to say a single word, there is a lot of factors to which it is necessary to proceed."
"No way to get started, you slowly, and after one," let it be Charles vykecat.
Edita is rozhovořila on a wide range of nesmyslů the necessary loyalty of employees through perfectly returned and resumed the exercise despite a regulation on the right kind of clothes, dochvilnosti to long-term plan corporations whole plant regroup in a group of low-cost workers living only for the possibility of bádat and eat. None of this, in its Karel satisfied.
"Have you understand, but until I nepřivedete someone superior, will be the more fun."
"How do you," replied Edita and gone for a moment from the room.
"You have heard it, profesore?" Charles spoke to the phone.
"The other side is ozýval laughter, but yes, it's like with us. There nechápu why this super-mutated form identical to that of our. What can I do for you, finally had to be."
"Just be needed to get into the mood to fourteen days before, let me at least for a while in favour, it will suffice."
"Cool," said professor and waiting to be revealed again Edita the man.
"This is on," popotáhl eyebrows Šróťa, as he said to his popularity in the cleaning of nuclear waste in nearby quarries using specially kamuflovaných bagrů commemoration šrotovací machines collection of raw materials.
"What do you want for us?" fell upon the příkře.
"Need to get work."
"And what of the guy as it gives us take každýmu hundred thousand as zápisný and then also thirty percent of salary."
Karel just waiting impatiently whether something has already made a professor, then really ozvalo now.
"I will turn can deliver a lot of fetu, if you want."
"Hmm, and you carry something now?" Šróťovi eyes began to shine.
"With knowledge," went for special occasions prepared cocaine, Karel.
"So here by then popovídáme."
All the potáhli and, in particular, the two were mood at the same time otherwise. Šróťa the úděsně rozpovídal.
"Uff, look man, I would also like to take you, but the terms of that, in addition to the money there are also other pressures, we do not accept anyone who is schválenej boss, and all these selection procedure actually hold only due to HR department should be what to do. Like the ads do to be advertising department what to do and the public communicate to the public what to do. bezpečáky again we have only to what they should do chápeš? "
"No, not quite."
"Simply, it tvý those papers, you will think like that here means that someone like you? This thing just works by itself, no nothing here nedotknul. But I odvážím the waste, but pochybuju it is not nějakej waste simply to gather the reactor vypadlo, but why it from the vypadává, I do not know. It looks almost like hovna, so every time zaliju to do something a little kovovýho to natřu to do something like. "
"Aha, so to understand it a bit," begins with usmívat Charles.
"And there is a whole days doing?"
"No, if something is, the same as in the Pub, otherwise there simply poflakujeme and waiting, whom away when that will start rejpat too."
"But I really do not have any qualifications, everything is set up just so."
"Hmm, well you can not help, he šéfův friend has certain contacts at the company, which he has built barák and too few politicians trying to increase the salaries of electricity."
"Well, so call the boss, I have to tell him something important."
"Well, if you give me a bit, so hopefully come," admitted Šróťa.
Edita and disappeared with his superiors and Charles returned to sluchátku. "What it will be like, profesore?"
"That's quite totally do not know, I superega While the run, but some anomaly me still a bit candidate. It has created a super-parasitic, which lives in the functioning of the normal, which would also explain prapodivnou similarity with our world. Everyone on someone parazituje. "
"Hmm, this is ultimately fuk, you can not, should be released even a bit more?"
"But yes, but until I locate the power together with you."
"The rest," dořekl Charles and director of the plant was in the doorway with krkavčím view, because it very rozčilovalo that had those two for him in the office is still divided.
"Nemáš yet?" made as soon as he saw Charles.
"No, it is not, although it completely, but lajna as lajna that?"
Around ten minutes to himself implied zírali and přemítali as now. Professor is probably said in a nezvyklého state, said the Charles.
"Look, Šróťo, nevyhodíme to the whole into the air?"
"It would not be entirely to the matter, Sir Topolánek," she smiles at him suddenly a man devoid of povyražení.
"Chápeš, all this is the príma, but this is not freedom, simply there is still need for something like this and play the proparazitujem whole life, and finally as it does not lead to anything. This is not yet, nemyslíš?"
Edita began klimbat from side to side to the moment completely satisfied zablekotala: "So we would like to go to the reactor and to the whole vypli and wait until there is roztaví or both?"
"No, there Šróťa already has produced one small atomovku from the kind of cvoka that there did ten years ago. Until we have him vyhodili, vyhrožoval that when připne to the reactor at his chosen place vyletí to a radius of hundred kilometres and peace from all nevědeckého and scientific. "
Karel them zíral, suddenly realized how to really feeling to do so. Zvedl phone and began: "Profesore, it was a bit much?"
"Only a calm boy, because I really nothing neudělal. What would like to become?"
"They want to blow the whole into the air and think about it seriously, have to trust my instincts."
"Hmm, it is possible that this super-parazitující wants to take over reins, so it would be your end, it finally after a long odmlce Tydlýto."
"So thanks."
"Look people, you have báječnej idea, but do not want to go before it someplace else?"
"And where else?"
"No, just completely different, completely takovej great trip, I am here to wire chlapíka what it can arrange. Then you will be completely free, if you away from here."
"This also would like to," admits Mr Topolánek, "eventually blow into the air to that we can always."
"Come with me," rozejde Karel one of the five doors. "Where now, profesore?"
"So far straight."
Projdou several rooms to get the inscription "Atomic oven and under the" Risk of radioactive contamination. "
"A welcome," Professor Karl encouraging.
Gradually pass to the door of atomic reactor, it has not Editě and begins to speak: "So I nechápu, for now we have to be long dead, as it is possible that nothing happens?"
"To those holčičko nepovím," it Šróťa responds, "We've never even been here," as an expression of a smile provázeným quiet satisfaction in the face of a cigarette burn.
Finally, standing before the reactor itself.
"And where profesore with them?"
"No, I do not have the power to yet tested, but try to be just somewhere to pass, then to zmonitoruju, perhaps to impede too superega stability," pronese Tydlýto taken a completely new nepředpokladatelným experiment, behaves like adventurer, the responsibility for their actions leaves for assessment another.
"So you go, it navigates. And someone give me the keys leave, to reach out, right?"
"With peace," pronese Mr. Topolánek and leaves the identification of all the entire power in the hands of Charles.
Then pass the core of the reactor itself and disappears.
Charles leaves happy power nepovšimnut anyone from employees, since each department had its work a long time given for a long time in advance. Work is simply a must, what, it is already substantial, is the flexibility and neudržitelnost the status quo, entropy is inevitable. When Charles comes home, he is sure that from today, he became director of nuclear power, now just that he managed well zfalšovat all the credentials.
Are the doors and gates. They are also places and workplaces. They are employed and employees. Never can not say where it is not really where just as. To this, however, we must all, we are dobrali end. Without it makes no sense to the whole.

City IV.
Čenda sits at the phone and has infinite amount of days you do not know what should actually do in the city. All work and no one does anything here, but how to seize more? Around the prolétávali some flies, and as it was Čenda in one of its all crossing the states of mind, it seemed to him like bzučeli: "Economy, money, economics, marketing."
Nepřikládal it no importance, but in principle they began having strange. After it is not possible to maintain the state of the world perfect, it has been a lot of theories and all clearly show that only a change in reach of something less perfect, but for people přijatelnějšího. People? Vytanulo Čendovi in mind. And then he began to přeříkávat mysterious monologue: "We are the people? If so, what with them. To be truly happy? They know what they want? And why the economy?"
Around noon, when he has the whole issue seemed more or less boring, started in his apartment, renamed the town hall, trousit people. His associates takéradní after the wound as usual prozkoušeli everything was beneficial slastem brain and body and did not know what more they could do. Usually the visit took place so that they are settled and left the Čendou ukecat to the whole circle to once more reiterated. But this time Čenda simply silent.
"There is nothing you? Turned to him now quite vyděšená Blanka.
"But no," answered the mayor, just me that something is missing. Something that we have lost the coup in the city. As we change the reference and not to have it, without change human society do not! Chápete?
"And what changes would have to be" back to the Čendu Peter.
"I do not know, I had a feeling that flies me here bzučeli something like" Economy, money market and thus still around. "
"Hmm, what is this? Already, we have nothing, and it does not, nemyslíš?"
"Now it's another, without the hub. Maybe ads do not correspond at all goods and uklízečku nobody can šikanovat for fresh Spittle on the window. Just strange."
"And therefore, think the economy?"
"Then, when established six major drug and no other, the market does not need more. Were there a lot of new music, new types of sex, chlastu, psychological problems and I know what yet. But now there is a newer and zběsilejšího nothing, is not it?"
"That I do not know," began the Snejk Držka Sludge, "but that is me on my motorcycle they lack enough innovative senseless supplements, which would have helped me to revive riding here and there."
"No, look Čendo, start would be to re certainly give, but we need to someone who would give us about something he said and were left there somebody that?"
Nastalo embarrassing silence, the revolutionary event is often forgotten at the time when the revolution is over and things should return to normal unless the new track. Mayor šamanskou its policy process throughout the whole city, although work on the basis of incredible social excesses, but the supply seems important, from food to new offspring included citizens somehow spontaneously. Superego is precisely balanced in their expectations of an simply in order to operate for the autonomous elements of what nejpřirozeněji. The only one who knew that it can work completely differently, Sabina was, but it did not lautr nothing except their čísílek in sociologickém Research Institute under the project Professor Tydlýta.
At that time, they sat in the mayor and Jack. Fida took him, but completely to him in the tense debate on the city similar to forget. At that time, however, Fido answer: "I knew I would."
"No to speak, nepovšimli the participants nor that they are not flies, but to change Fido, who are involved in státoprávní the city."
"Rozprodat city and force people to care about their property. No it was not fun?"
Čenda the uninterestedly grinned. "And what would the fun consisted?"
"No, each would have to take care of themselves alone and still on his property. Chápete not only to that devour, but also to be able to accumulate. Would be to such competition, who has more. Moreover, people provokovat differently to each other and enjoy much more than now. Dokonala game, I think. "
"Hmm, and what those what do not?" began with Peter, because once you soutěživě assets acquired and not to him to nechtělo return.
"They will live, as now, not yet on the whole it had not worked well without, but rather the problem is that nothing happens. So should you have heard over the last year of a new kind of interesting drugs?" zaútočil Fido to nejprimitivnější city of Councillors. He even said, "Ha, heard, and the like would be immediately discovered, you understand?"
"No, after all we can to try, as we otherwise ukousali nudou," reflectively zhodnocovala prospect of a new drug Sarah, who just came out of the room, where Jim ožralý after několikáté unaware of the tkaničkou for shoes. "It could be a thing should be that people are smarter, because it goes with Jim from ten to five."
"So you have to consult the dog?" ozvala is nothing like Sabina.
"Yes, yes, the fact Fido talking about?"
"Only when the terms of the economy," pousmál with Fido lišácky. "This is one I have studied very carefully and I like to receive from the new owner and jinačejší meals than the usual. Because no economy there has not been up to now, not talk sense."
"So you divide the assets, is not it?" ozvala with Sabina, which they saw as an executive office strength, which dotáhne Honzovu company to enormous profits.
"But to say so quickly, people are still some power and they would be to servali and the devil knows how it out. We need to start gradually. As the company. First simply create a competitive environment and a system of bribes and corruption and the police. "
"Stop, police, and we are uplacená from me," began the Čenda.
Before the debate, and Peter added. "I turn korumpuju environment and the power that I did not electricity on my megashow."
"Zatraceně, so that we do not have what?"
"Innovation," procedil already vztekle through the teeth Fido.
"I see a man of us that still does not work?"
This evening fell on a number of Zuzanu, Honzu and Sabinu. Jim should be a search engine of all emerging. Sabina research, media and Sarah Jack consulted with economic issues Fidem.
Since the twenty-eighth of a month, things slowly rozjely and polobohové superega they began to play with the people after. Not so vynachválit.

Všesvět V.
Hitler postává just one square and around it is one thousand člobrdů pending on how to be expressed. He just finished an interview with the help of special equipment and realises that nothing is his fault. Although it would seem self-evident, not subject to any sense of the ruler and tells you the interest of nearly every one who asks him for anything. In the endless zástupech before him zjevují as religious fanatics, so small člobrďata. They asked questions style "Dáváš gifts such as Baby Jesus?" or "When we saved?". Eventually, however, to cease and Hitler about fun and again someone eat or at least go away. In those moments, however, zjevují three others zlobři and rázují it directly to him. He hlouček before him as a člobrdové in the immediate vicinity of the chvilkovém dismay rozutíkají a few dozen meters left and right. Not for long, because the crowd is a body without a sense of sebezachování.
"What you do vyvádíš manure?" neodpustí the increased voice question Stalman.
"I am nothing, just stand and I told you, but now I nebaví."
"While I understand, but you have to do something, they have you here for a hnojovskou figure, which holds the reins firmly in hand, so now you have responsibility for them."
"Hmm, and they added me, then all their hatred to debit and maybe even my fault that they are born, what?"
"No, you can also go and leave it at that, It's up to you," highlighted the situation even less Kýna.
"Look, you are with me nebavili before, so what is me after you. I simply abide the state and see what happens," refused their attempts to remedy the situation Hitler. Then, still stood and koukal, nothing special is does. Grex neopouštěl square člobrdové only hromadili going home, or vice versa, depending on how a man dies.
Hitler himself was several times a day hungry, and so every time you choose one of the crowd. Člobrdové But after a few days longer totally dismayed and began the death of Hitlerových hands to say a direct path to heaven.
To understand the situation is the same as it nezúčastnit. At least the whole of the current events in Všesvětě interpreted Rudolf. Moreover, whether he knew what would be able to go drink down each time. And since the discovery of Hitler in the square to eventually do without ceasing. The Beverly Hills club will eventually no one even nevšímal that an earlier hrůzovládce stands on the square. They are of those people who considered it the hrůzovládce all those who want something to justify and address. After eskapádě with demovrypy passed, and Rudolf mood of the up to participate in the new situation created by guesswork among political leaders and former leaders of groups. And when you add to the whole, now, after the arrival of Hitler, to be finally resolved and they were. Nikoho nezajímali.
Approximately one month after the about Hitler, although still chvílemi srocovaly crowds, which has repeatedly tried to take advantage of the members of different political movements to syn with manure obcující crowd turned in either red, blue, yellow, blue or pink meat voters of one of them, especially in the night hours become the square vyprázdnilo. At that time, and Hitler for a moment schrupnul, as a quiet. Unfortunately, those moments vyráželi hunting for investigative journalists from bulvárních slices and tried to count the hair in his nose, the number of algae in the eye víčkách etc. Some stood to life, others, however, guaranteed supply to the newspapers and most important reports on Hitler as člobrdovi.
Pravdivých information, although not much, but since zlobr take responsibility for themselves, as recommended Stalman, turned to the media target number one.
One evening, the připletl some of the local pisálků boulevard surprisingly well in BH the club where he began přitrouble naparovat: "The last I came on the photographer and his assistant, devour them both. But I'm perfectly able to see what is inside the doll's eyes with such small flames Křížovým light, you koukali. It's really a prophet Hnoje. "
Člobrdové seated around him just seen a lack of attention to him. Pisálek have in fact dočista spletl place where wanted to go, because when he came on theology, forgot to where he and friends and others. What is more, and forgot where he lives and what is. Assistant him to always have all the say, when asked to be able to continue in propracovaném drafting banálních stories. In this theft is the existence of themselves and I only through his assistant, but only aware of his working life, was the best paid investigative journalist newspaper Concrete. Nepotřeboval know nor respect. Without the care he was always clear what will and will not be trhák. Ruprt was one word simply brilliant, he had to leave.
"Look, man," turned the whole of the semi-přivozeného two litres pravdidla, Rudolf, "so we will go there together and find why there actually is, is not it?"
Ruprt the hurónsky rozřehtal. "And thou art man, perhaps a professional? Nevykládej that you adventurer, to simply not figure. I even know how to look adventurer and those certainly are not."
Then you have the time dobíral since Rudolf meantime usínal and accounted for him fifteen phrase that pochytil as smooth conversation. The only thing he honilo at that time head was: 'He člobrda something tells me there, and quite nechápu why. Also forgot that, it said. Finally, it would Ruprt potopit completely. Of course, that in addition to the their conversation none of the dancers and popíjejících prožívajících its more important stories, or by chance nevšímal. So to actually do the whole Ruprt, as it so for investigative journalists is only for their money to him in the economy market economy in order to get the goods. Unfortunately Ruprt did not know, nor on where the money actually, as well as they knew only his assistant. So, to the entire monologue and the dispute has created Ruprt himself and just for himself. However, in order to dotáhl, nadhodil: "you to go there and risking your life, you had to go there with me and to no credit or even moral courage. What's more, you are only ožrale pig at the bar and by then, and also nehneš be here until you nevyhodí. "
Rudolf nevěřícně zamžoural eyes and wanted to bash him, but then attacked him something better. "So vsadíme, right?"
"Surely," neodporoval Ruprt rozohněný all forgot what.
"Sežer this and go."
Ruprt it koukl: "You pordinér?"
"And what you thought."
"Hmm," considered Ruprt, "you are disruptive, you already have, I wrote an investigative report. Skoda that there is not the assistant, statistics supplied by me and I just knew how to behave.
"So yes or no?" he left the vyrušit Rudolf of its decision.
"No, and I go from here."
"And you know where seš?" uchechtl with Rudolf.
"In a company, why not?" zírá visibly tupě.
"Well, here are simply nedostaneš, if it nedovolím."
Investigative journalist again began hurónsky chechtat. "Zavolám bezprizorné and see."
Rudolf him nechápavě weeds. "And how, out of the window?"
Pisálek realized that the phone was an assistant, in fact, Hitler sent to the survey, and she, poslušná his superiors, and went. Nechala the sežrat a scribbler to commenting only. "Aha, so it is the direct path to heaven." Strašně when it řvala. Ruprt but he left flummox: "This simply through a gate."
No, come, gave him immediately after Rudolf. Then they looked at hlídače at the gate and just made: "Partners imagine that this man eating any Cheviot, chápeš?"
"Ejector saw everything in a kind of mysterious blurred kontuře, Cheviot already had one evening. And since the adventurer looked like a hero in one, chytl investigativního journalists and spoke:" A žer! "
Then you can even according to opinion polls Rudolph finally go up to new adventures.
Ocitli before B.H. Street osvětlovala here where a lamp and the whole surroundings looked somehow hostile. "And where now?" Rudolf asked the question.
Ruprt only for the time being drunk spoke: "No, we will go straight, there certainly will."
Rudolf did not have time to come to you go, because once slept, but when he Ruprt rabbit intentions, every time the probral and Ruprta ugly hours. This is enough to continue. The problem was that one without the assistant did not know it and the other did not know at all. Finally, it is saved indicators at the same time, leading to the main icon Všesvěta.
When they stood on the corner and zlobrovi missing only fifty step. He began to Ruprt only cukat: "So there go when you want to never come forward and not go there."
"And as you can then write to those articles," nechápavě it browsing Rudolf.
"Facts provides press department sesumíruje to assistant and I do dodám šmrnc," laughs Ruprt satisfaction with the child who stops him because ševiotu know more. "If it is so good to have Cheviot, why not return?"
At Rudolf laconically him to respond, "Who says that sometimes return."
This Ruprta starts strašlivě funky. "Do not leave me here, I have absolute fool, and I do not know anything, nor where I live, or for whom pracuju."
"Cool, so you now I do theology." Then but stopped. "No, you will be well placed to me as spoluautora, clear?"
Ruprt a moment to rozmýšlel. Has been the soul of evil and the word hold. "All right, but you can not sežrat."
Opilecko-pordinovým step Rudolf passed to Hitler. Alongside him was the head assistant. "Hello, Mr. Hitler!" address him as anything.
"Hi, člobrdo what do here?"
Rudolf zaraženě silent and awaiting what the zlobra still fall.
"You Křížovskou or infantilně fanatickou question?" zatváří current idol zvídavě.
"Neither one of them," refuses to Rudolf.
"So ask," admitted Hitler, after long reflection if it does not eat, and other theme Hitler.
"Why is there still stand?"
"No, vyhlížím dinner every day and I do not want anything pokazit."
And why you should kazit something?
Did it here in the box.
"Yes, yes, maybe they were right. And what is this box."
Rudolf him while nevěřícně koukal. "Interesting," he added, "And you lent me it?"
"But you," gives him the phone about the size of organized great backpack.
The surrounding area was total quiet, bezprizorní here rather nemotali much to do with the injury or not guilty of nestrážení public spaces citizens.
Rudolf took the phone, had about fifty centimeters in length and width, but weighed quite a few. "And it is true that the stand, because you do not want anything pokazit?" asked for more security.
So far, yeah, to be built Stalman, and it is to try to even ask. Admittedly, for the first time Hitler, or indeed has the power willingly. Needed to simply eat, but other things in his life somehow make sense of reference. It was to have him in a recycling center in principle nepřidělili addition to means of communication to head anything.
As Rudolf heard, and took the phone and went with him for Ruprtem.
"He simply there is only so as not know what to do," pronese laconically to ševiotem vyplaveného pisálka. "
"So to you immediately zapíšu, but missing pointa me," begins with vyjeveně form Ruprt. Then again rozesměje as a small child: "But because he does not have a point. Why do not return when there are so good ševiotové úlety," and hihňá to go.
"Look come before it occurs to him that I have gathered," Rudolf paying its spoluautora one evening away.
"I will děkuju power, you saved me," pronáší as spinning-wheel Ruprt. But going home to Rudolph. You and all the cargo nasedne to lift.
Hitler is still mžourá and přemítá why he actually took the phone. Round fate says that should probably take to achieve a change, but he is simply lesknoucí a large icon Hnoje and can not rozmyslet and not move. Standing by there to eternity, not a continuation smyšleného story.

7th Continuation of the experiment in Tydlýta - Všesvět VI.
After speaking pobíhají laboratory mice, flies the flies abuzz "over the mission and scientists still struggling solves anything. Tydlýto you play with your speculative statistics. The most recent scientific meetings to discuss presented a perfect opportunity to recast the whole world in alternative superega and thus ensure prosperity, the course would ensure his office. To start it all in the draft environment with tupými or otherwise afektovanými Světadílany. Propočítal to 92% of the population. Power is pleased to him, the planned world would perhaps finally pushed science forward. Of course, as with all key issues were primarily a matter of belief and faith. But even some of the symposium ends. Nedokládá the scientific usefulness, other than providing endless quantities of a solution resulting not only from the judgement of the scientists. However, they are crazy maybe more than politicians Světadílu.
Approximately two in the afternoon is on its transegonálním phone number grandson.
"Hey, is there someone," raising handset and speak.
From the other side is ozývá. "I really, Sabino, sorry, he is to join me. Neví where he lives, it is only tuší investigative journalist. So it nechme on the night, right?"
"No, nadšena of not, you at least a Cheviot?"
"But yeah, vytahuje him from the pockets Rudolf."
Tydlýto speak once more and span its hlasitěji: "There is someone there?"
"No, there Rudolf what you need?"
"I have přetransportovat some people,"
"People? What is it?"
"This is one, simply koukejte."
For the moment before their eyes zjevili three wholly podivní člobrdové. Lišili just smiles and the kind that have pohyblivější feet. Člobrdové the reference knee. "So this is the bomb," made Šróťa, "also have seen those orgie?"
"No, I was the great dance party," defended the Edita.
"And no orgie?"
"Hmm, it is a pity. Topolánek what you sir?"
Mr. Topolánek was unable to speak. Zatřásli with him. "So what?" třese Šróťa even stronger.
"Well, it nechme and šňupněme you have," not be moved and somehow šňupne virtual you and turn to awaken and maintain a free conversation with someone who was not there.
"So autore and we can write." Ruprt still does not want to get rid of their needs vyvádět and the right of all potřásá hands and does not want to return to Nowhere. Some pohlavků but it brought good as any citizen of grasping the constitution guaranteed citizens' sense of obligation.
"And this is like everything? Objevili there is some weird."
"And they are full?"
"No, talk nonsense, just look strange, but all are," Rudolf odvětí almost nespokojeně. Now wanted to experience something still more adventurous than what he can bring to a zjevování beings from the phone. Unfortunately for utrejcháře and pordinéry are some doors closed forever. Rudolf simply had to accept that even today no new pretty girl does not. Though, attacked him, not to have those podivnosti on foot hnátcích, it would have been quite to the world. Similarly, Rudolf vrtalo head of what it actually is. Vypadalo as kloubohnátek arm.
"Hmm, no, at least as whole."
"This will nepovím, there simply is somehow do," the professor rejects the burden off it.
The whole afternoon monitors, despite the disapproval of the project generated more slowly and other centers. For sure you nevybral only 92%, but equal to all. A Stáťanským bacilonosičem are the two without the know. Mutations are powerful, admires the Tydlýto itself. Finally, all the world will be friendly science, just enough to think those results and they are pleased to expand his pupil. The operation in favour of states already have been determined earlier. The question is rather when, in his scientific view of the world appeared as a special idea in a definitive form. He thought about it and they could not recall a single rational argument. Just faith. Fanatická faith in a better world.
So the only immune and I am here now and I all pousmál is rather for themselves, but clearly not just in Tydlýto respects.
Whole this madness lasted approximately one month. Thereafter, the professor from his mental illness began to awaken and regret. And since the monitoring of States had and has quite possible that there is neodehrálo completely as here, nasedl therefore, to the nearest connection to the states and faith in the perfection of its solution. But immediately after the arrival vystřízlivěl. Already on the aircraft it almost sat down and had to have sednout the side seat. Nobody even nekontroloval him, could not buy anything, since it in no Treasury neobsloužili. All you had to simply be himself. This whole, as it accounted for more bearable. Považoval as invisible, because it is so ordinary, but when he saw that in the Spojenýchstátech shoots everywhere in the streets, occurred to him that probably made shoes. Calls, therefore, just to naslepo, if not somewhere in the range předvoj. For them the delay between the activation of the last hundred days, according to Tydlýta should suffice.
"Hey, you there, Alice?"
"Yes sir profesore, whats up?"
"No, I would like to meet with you, was it?"
"We are at a rebel base, completely in the wilderness."
"So you say that it is a question of life and death, and let me give coordinates, přiletím aerovrtulníkem."
"We can give him the coordinates?"
"To not say that it pick it up at the airport. Since no one knows about you, not knowing where you are. The basic rule of confidentiality špionské manual no.99," pronese master, the smallest man rebels, rakishly and personally as Tydlýta picked up. In fact, had a taste for hamburgera from one of the brother Macs, but it is revolutionary in the negotiations may not mention. Zavádělo would lack entusiasmu and as a result of which may even cause death. In fact, consider just about on, others still enjoy the attack, while they rode to the nearest koloniálu food and eating food to which the attack. We in the clear sky, as soon as the situation changes and autonomnost převládne, everything will change and koloniál begin to function better than ever.
In preparing for a meeting with Tydlýtem a master počínal very prudently. He had on him Santa Claus costume. While it was parné summer, but since when has it not nobody, no gifts, began propadat idei that Santu everybody likes to see whether any weather.
Posilněn hamburgerem, went kolt and přimáčkl him professor who just usmíval and třímal in the hands of the legend "I want Christmas and not lie", directly to the kidney. "Come with me," pronese captain quietly and again returning, without any complications, in the prohibited zone.
There must be vyklopit the whole truth. Kupodivu this odbojná group as Santa Claus and the autonomy it has also antibody. Whole Tydlytův experiment closely observed, and now they remain single, clear the territory of states. But for whom? And thus the whole was lost. Since superega not people, not to change or undergo, it was rather the time to reflect on how things return to the old track.
At the moment there is a disruption to the narrowest lines are issued to clean the city. Nejužší leadership practically fulfilled its objective, anarchy may fight out each for itself.
"Alice," turned around three days after his arrival at the former assistant Tydlýto, "if we want to do something, hence we must quickly zdrhnout and again to correct them. But I can not do it alone, because someone must tell me, what's going."
Carlos detain him, "Počkejme, with up here and they go for their kumpány."
"But because there are a thousand possible tens of thousands of people pozabíjených these hrdlořezy."
"Neznepokojujte, or hundreds of millions, once it's finished and then zblázní. Have I saw a few similar groups. If he is nejotrlejší killed in a certain amount, sesype. It's as natural zákonitost."
One evening fled to the camp already nezbyl nobody, as well as management believed that Santa Claus will take time to them when it has decreased the number of potential recipients of gifts.

Mezihra # 2 # #

Professor continue to sit in a laboratory, staff and other researchers, however, went to their homes. Moreover, he is no longer regarded as such does not, as well as infected is a mutation of virus superega. Displays monitor and control analytical equipment are silent. Of all prefer the Tydlýto absolute silence, which he receives only the second to ninth morning. Research Institute longer delays in the rest simply does not need. Terms of scientific institutions Světadílanů are neúprosná, pracuj for the government to pracuj State pracuj long as you live! However, such superelita in research such as Professor, has its own time fall into dřímoty and nepokojně cuká koutky mouth and limbs as suffered lighter form of attack. This is, however, due to strain the whole, which must undergo scientist day after day, minute by minute until their own recycling. In one such moment when sleeping, even mice, because they came to a conversation about issues people are suddenly lighting up all poletující flies in the room. Thereafter, the sound bzukotem pronesená sentence: "The challenge is met." In the next moment, all the flies like red zábleskem evaporated and laboratories ever disappear.

At the plate VI.
It would seem quite likely that when it became the director Karel power, so you pay for the 65000 plus gross salary from the Board of Directors and a pension for life, will start its work and will weigh it also conscientiously do. Power, however, operated without its přičinění. He, therefore, in office only Ms. lifting on the phone, which gave a clean approximately 10600 and the other remained in the old. The Governing Board had the power much more than speculative activities kdejaká brokers company, so the smooth flow of financií too nestarala. Rather spent most of the time in the courts relating to various úplatkářských affairs, fraudulent procurement, erroneous transfers of property, restitution claims and, eventually, their wives and children. Karel you just had to send money and began to enjoy the number of employees is no longer able to go during working hours. One of the nejmorálnějších, soul and body Catholic Christian Ing. Jan Svatozář he still did the problems. It was probably the sixth sense, and in any attempt on his moral zneuctění he managed to somehow vyklouznout. Charles then invited him one day into his office and try it again a bit differently.
"I welcome you Jene."
"I am you, óóó highest," said Ing.Svatozář according to an established bontónu from earlier periods.
"I know that to me you have some antipathy, but there is a need to have clarification a few things."
"Poníženě is sorry for his remark. I you do not have any antipathy, the vážím militarised your intelligence and friendly approach to us, your submitted." It should be noted that Ing.Svatozář studied and teologickou faculty, where he learned great ecclesiastical patolízalství morality and demagogues.
"Indeed, you have already many times I have with you like a nice time in theological debates (Ing.Svatozáře folder containing almost biblical Communication Charles went to that day) and those still odmítáš enrich my earthly city on the right a little faith."
"So it is not, my lord. I want only to comply with the requirements of its commandments, which are all over me holy."
"Zatratil you, therefore, for God's laws and its nearest?"
"And yes," replied Ing.Svatozář by his záhadným archaickým. Moreover, nobody knew how long the power really lies. The initial component of the date of onset was lost and under the present simply to know not, as contained only a fragmented message: "Ing.Svatozář."
"No way you will be able to, today I'm going out with your daughter and nepochybuj that greatly pobavíme, but if you want, you can add to us."
Ing. Svatozář was surprised přemítal if everything is better now to show the police, or waiting until will have the right opportunity. Typically, a diplomat with the Catholic morality to the grave.
"And now you go. Only one thing would you like to say I met God and nothing too special, I nedozvěděl. Sent me here once more, since it could not decide if I have to go to hell or to heaven."
Ing. Jan Svatozář the vypoklonkoval of office and immediately called home. Dceři Mary Svatozářové banned anywhere to go. This is just rozkřičela odbojně to the phone to then be valid reason to go home. Net Catholic heart Ing.Svatozáře so pošramotilo that he decided to pursue Karla until then, when his daughter had the highest current power face.

Hutník slowly stárnul. After a night spent in Liáně each other as they burned the first day brko grass and přemítal what will Kenym business today. His wife, Adela, disappeared somewhere in the faith of his career and friends. She was in fact incredibly emancipovaná, constantly vrtala in the relations of all others, should read endless quantities of books and bavila mainly lovením men, if one was home. This whole it's a great divorced girlfriend with all my heart like, as considered in the same way. Were such a rapid rota of sexual and other hrátek for one night.
Lessons in a quiet and peaceful place Hutník flows and the second brko burned grass. Meanwhile, a small nakrmil přebalil and around him and kojil. Fortunately, this period has been away since relied on Adély was extremely difficult in any time of day.
Small Keny just mžourá on its oddychujícího parents malinkýma zelenýma eyes and zpod dudlíku with smiles. It is to say, if it is satisfied smile or dissatisfied. It's simply a smile creature that does not have any mother tongue, in other words say. However, now quite evident čile and waving happy ručičkama. His proud father constantly around him learn only one word: "Cabbage." This day, just when he wants to Kenyho stroke after nosánku a kiss on čílko, dudlík a small fall on pronese nevýrazným hláskem vocal first fruits: "Cabbage." Rodová tradition is maintained, oddychne the Hutník. Then, satisfied his vychovatelským success, it ignites the third brko the same day.

In Liáně one sychravého evening met strange company. In addition to playing dýdžejů staff and there was one Orthodox Jew, fanatical smoker crack, as well as several Syřanů popíjejících alcohol since I do not see to see a svádějících one innocent girl from a Catholic family in the second. In addition, they still appeared a few Egyptians and Algerians pokuřujících hašiš. No one inside Liány or even superega never knew what means Syria, Algiers, Egypt. For each of the zněly only descriptive names as they identify these people. Some, however, is that people with similar descriptive definition have quite hot blood. Since the beginning danced as pominutí to someone as quickly as possible sbalili somewhere, and it did.
Karel whole life with satisfaction monitor, but once inside ocitnul a zlostného drugs rozpoložení not anything nice to anyone. And probably because it was clearly interested in how the situation develops between Svatozářovou Mary and its partners.
Parents mentioned nehodné daughters, Ing.Svatozáře, would not get inside, because with them not to spend or crown, had, despite its ethereal appearance to return home for the money. Furthermore, care of your own money is never to lose. After re return home because of his zabetonovaného went exactly safe to enter and disappeared for nechápavého view of his wife Elizabeth again in the dark night.
The second time they got to Liány. Vyhazovači him, although viewed podezřívavě when the whole odsypával after coins, but when it appeared Karel and greeted him, and took to simply as a diversifying evening.
"Hi, Jene, you have just come in the best," she smiles rather zlostně Charles.
Ing.Svatozář looked at the floor, where his daughter danced in tongues completely from the group mladíku around it.
"Zavolám immediately to the police, immediately began zhurta Ing.Svatozář."
"A what?"
"Because you have caused moral fraud."
"A what?" zíral him Karel nechápavě.
"My daughter in such an undertaking, and such a situation does not what to do."
"Hmm, if I know it is thirty, with some to say the demagogu. In addition, if the neprohřešíš against his ten commandments anyway go to heaven," vychutnával it Karel.
"What can I do, therefore, allow the přitlačit to the wall and finally Ing.Jan Svatozář."
"Dear, Jene, you have nothing to do, I am only interested in why you have what you have. And this is finally your thing. In addition, I will state your daughters do not have anything in common, I just called her, she came here and what does netuším. Nechceš to drink? " to report to him, Karel glass.
Ing.Svatozář the whole shaky internal unrest several hlty moved into the half. Then postával and zděšeně observed Mary, as lascivně pohupuje sides. It took the minutes during which the non-slow nastavovalo moral mirror himself. As your child actually taught? Subsequently, looked around himself. Who brought these children? It him as a whole instead of decadence and Perversions. But suddenly realized that he, at least for this time does not want to return for prayer knížkou their wives. It is also vymluvit the state of their daughters. For once longingly to become dekadentním, succumbed chtíči ďábelských svodů that prosycovaly air. Moral views asketických zvrhlíků uzavírajících for the walls of Christian homes but they must be subjected to similar, to then be able to cleanse the confessional grille. And because it had become.
Charles is still observed with satisfaction Jena, as dopíjí zelenkavou sodovku, which he filed before the friendly good půlhodinou.
"Now, nedáme a little mešního wine?"
"And it košér?" began almost zvesela potácet the bar Ing.Svatozář.
"I do not know, would you should ask the ortodoxa?" pousmál the nesmyslnosti Karel issues.
This does not say, Just odpotácel to representatives judaismu and asked. The answer was an incomprehensible phrases. The question, therefore, reiterated again and nothing nedozvěděl.
"I him or he does not understand me," made when he came for Charles and zhltl two deci wine in three seconds.
"I do not understand at all to anyone here, so to nepokládej as nothing special. And no, I am here I must still undergo a lot of places, so there bav," dořekl Charles and disappeared rather in the crowd.
Ing.Svatozář probably within half an hour began regarded as a messenger božího. Since then quoted the Bible as everyone looked around, and quite innocent and demagogic disputace he went, became immediately applicable visitor evening, which for once did not have to pay for drinks. Each offered his wishes of his, as in the Bible.

Karel a refreshed, it is the whole of the neck. Nemyslel to inherently evil, just like not believe in the holiness of saints and loyalty of employees. And if neither one nor the other, must be the entire occupants of the convincing performance at work, at least to establish that he was sufficiently cooperative. Unfortunately, there was no reason not to, since the power Karel coughed. It was only his hobby, but it has not nobody know. Ing.Svatozář was at work, to guard dogs, and the Board, any last.
Marie will after some time spent in hemžení Africans noticed that her partner is somehow přiopile somewhere in the bar and at the same time as if he pohasla all the energy in the eyes. Then come to him: "Now you something?"
"Neither not only here to pozoruju as everyone and I enjoy it somehow nebavím."
"And I can somehow help you?" procítěně speak blondýnka with almost naivním look in the face.
"This is probably no, but maybe you would interested that there tatínka you."
"What? This pokryteckého despotu?" speak navztekaně young woman.
"Neber so just yet nenadešel the time to understand the regulations and policy are the best ideology of the world."
"No, the fact is that the only one where I was threshing mother anyway."
"A drink?"
"A sjíždí?"
"I do not know about it."
"So call it, whether you come for men to be regarded as the saint and let him take home, then somehow it zpracuju," pousmál Karel and again, he began blýskat eyes's hardly madness discreet handling visionaries.

John just postává for Hutníka, which was next to each other again Kenyho is mounted barn doors to the ears. This time, however, neležel, but plazil for the next four mixážního desk, and while the crowd watched pobaveně to poskakující as his Dad píská and chvílemi turn on him. Sometimes a mistake ťukl in a rod or páčky and sound to zastavoval and ztišoval and bláznil at all. Keny was rozený dýdžej. Hutník it was joy for a few years will no longer have to take place late evenings behind the tables. Zavolá Kenymu and that to resolve.

Mrs. MD Svatozářová (c) was on the spot, and zvedala her husband from the country. Physically demanding performance provázela loud supěním and vzteklým expression in the face. She, vystudovaná, the qualification of certified and also a good Catholic Christian in the place of vice. Samoa shame of face could be forfeited. In addition, her husband did not, it would go somewhere. Each time when he returned the balance again, as became the second breath, and then smoothly away to other citování and other chapters of the Bible.
Karel to them přitočil and přiblble looked at Mrs. doktorku: "Something to drink madam?"
"Yes, wine," suddenly cast all of its value in the charts propadliště history.
Wine vypila and ten minutes it was one where it is and that there is. At that time, suddenly met his holčičku: "What you have here lovely?"
Marie of their meetings had joy, but rather a balanced voice replied: "Only I have with you and tátou wanted to speak here, and Mr. Director plant told me that to arrange," vymýšlela the obstojnou báchorku Marie. Their family relationships were obviously based on mutual lžích and pokryteckých choutkách.
"I see and what?"
"Just about everything, why did you need me in childhood was?" immersed due to their alkoholicko-extatické Perversions nejpalčivějšího to the problem of its existence, Marie.
"No, we will help to pass through a difficult period of your youth," pronáší delusion number one her mother.
Bludů was five, Charles will say that this is therefore organized zvrácená family and narval them everything he had left. And he was a bit sad, but at least believed that they will help. The result, however, it remained secret because the whole family left his fate. The reason for all? The opportunity would simply be to get each. The opportunity to improve, change and neuvažovat about what I was and where I am. World is a great opportunity. Karel that its just promrhával or lived, clear, therefore, that certainly did not.
Vytočil way home at least one of those Karel senseless numbers on the phone. "Hey, is there someone?"
On the other hand, ozvalo: "Yeah, there Rudolf. And who are you?"
"I am a man, where Hitler?"
"I do not know about standing in the square. Why do I call?"
"Jedu home and I want to talk to the man."
"And not enough by člobrda?"
"Surely," dořekl Charles and the entire journey by bus, which transited potemnělými homeless from the streets occupied beliefs and oživenými accidents závodících car until you povídali Janina flat on a Všesvětě and the World. Also stačili promise that the place to see if they exist. No doubt you not one of them, especially in the oblíbenějšího nepřipouštěl. Zákonitě everyone believed that what the second would not.
After the wound Jan laughter woke her lover. "Are you a good mood, what?"
"No, I have a feeling that both the death and our whole world is just as a comedy addition."
John nechápavě but it is still a lot of friendly koukla: "And you have found up to now?"
"Yeah, actually until now," spoke objevným tone Karel přemítal and how to arrange a whole. Tusil that this will need again professor.

Všesvět VII.
Zlobři for Strixem came to a completely new idea, do not přeplavávat Strix. Neither the lead through a lávku, Všesvět according to the oldest of them, Edemse, not the beginning nor the end. This is, however, learned only after they managed to wake him for using the two megatonnes trinitrotoluenu the outermost place the United Hnátů. Everyone is aware that there is Edems and appear, if Zlobři in close, but the quantity of explosives is somewhat děsilo, so odhodlali to krkolomnému similar offence at a time when learned that idol on the other hand, Strixu again becomes Hitler. For him, they all upřimný fear, because you vzpomínali to the latest shocking vomiting many decades. Then, the last also appeared Edems and decided that Hitler should be close to it nevyváděl. Unfortunately, nobody knows how, it failed. Thus Nezbylo than sáhnout after a last resort, to make explosion and wait until the Edems from somewhere přišourá somewhere close to government buildings. After less than a year to do so. Edems, the šlapající after their mechem porostlých vousech, finally came to water and the fortnight přemítal on the question of how to exceed Strix. And he spoke: "Všesvět is neither the beginning nor the end, publish if there is direction, shown to the left, reach report, publish If there appeared kamsi to dáli, come from there, showed the other side. It is the only defect, it takes a long time. "
Zlobři pokývali and rozběhli several directions, then came to the edge, where stood a wall and the wall was a range of točitých staircases leading kamsi below ground, in some depth spiral staircase končilo and oklikou led to a further schodům. The path took a long time, and if not for themselves zlobr some light enough to knocked, since there was dark. Eventually, however, each of them appeared somewhere on the other side. Some will mistake the way and finished before Strixem again, but a good half of the desetitisíc and on the other hand, and appeared at the other end Všesvěta. However, to the place where Hitler had to travel was still good fortnight. Then you rázovali streets, and because they were tired and potlučení, quite a naříkali.
This morning, when the army discovered a whole zlobrů, occurred in the towns of panic. Nobody netušil how the super-constructed, moreover, nobody even knew that this is a super, to Rudolph, who chvílemi communicate with the professor and a little more about dozvídal, he began to grow, however, over the head and broke it apart into terrible quantity ševiotu, to somehow absorbed. Negotiated a team of government in addition increasingly inklinoval to Hitler and his soukmenovce on the other hand, pomíjel, because it deemed their agent. Especially after all the time zlobři disappeared, it was his personal success in the negotiations. The merits of the government also assigned a team of several decorations for bravery and appreciation in the form of several residential houses. The crisis in the negotiations in imminent danger of zlobrů was identified as a temporary failure and led only to promise metálů and other objects. The current status of the negotiating team will only strengthen nepřekvapivě. Člobrdové simply need experts, even if their importance was in fact zero. The government can go in and knows.
Podsaditý zlobr Napoleon walked the streets and carefully avoid any utíkající header člobrdy because any immediate death, it odporně píchala in spáncích. In addition to all the emotions around extremely mátly, so you could not cope with. Napoleon was director of operations the United Hnátů but it was also sensitive senzibila. Motal the streets and still pokřikoval the other: "Nešlapejte at the tiny creature, or from the zblázním." His soukmenovci surprisingly listened to him, because the basic rule is the United Hnátů cohesion, patriotism and obedience director of operations.
Somewhat accidentally found himself with Napoleon in the square where Hitler met standing. Udiveně looked at him and the resistance he hath made crooked already ugly face to zhnuseného šklebu. And still very skřípavým his voice said:
"What you doing here?"
"I stand here," said Hitler.
"And not be accidentally closed in blázinci in the United Hnátech?"
"I do not know anything about that."
"So to dozvíš soon," her eyes with the resistance of Napoleon at the pacholka ničemného. Then it svážou and vyšlou three zlobry, it returned to where it belongs.
At the same time passes around the square and Rudolf, who has returned from his weekly trip to ševiotu. The whole look scenerii and osudově pronese: "End one idols."
Senzibil Napoleon, he realizes that it is being completely different, and not him to the head. Zavolá to him: "Hey you, the citizens člobrdo, could you come here?"
Rudolf they concern the whole thing come popukání. Kráčí step to free them, still laughs and žoviálně asks: "Where you have a coffin?"
Napoleon positive emotions člobrdy doing well, so he is able to exceed its shadow and tries to be entertaining also: "My neumíráme, so what coffin?"
"Každej mourning procession simply must have a coffin, so this is a will. And you vypadáte as a mourning procession velkej enough or not?"
"We are just trying to come to what is happening here, nothing more."
"No, but there is nothing happens, so you go with a cross after funuse, you understand?" rozpřádá their imagination Rudolf.
"It perhaps needs to consider someone other than those nemyslíš?"
"And how do I choose?"
"Samo člobrdstvo their elected representative," trying to impress on Napoleon demozvrácenou notu.
"But it also approved eteb, you do not know?"
Napoleon read the latest reports, he knew.
"But this thing is simply more complicated than you ever able to present me and we'll deal with it now."
Rudolf nakrčil derisively head and grinned.
"Nothing you do not want to deal with, just need everything again after."
Napoleon člobrdu the evil measured, but then there still remains a sufficient dose of rationality. "You have another proposal?"
"One should I, on etebu and you have to decide Všesvětě customers. So who among you mocipánů decide a case in the now and here?"
Napoleon called the advice of a long debate with their species. Napoleon listen to their advice and issued the decision, which he said, and Rudolf. "You only a last resort to explain. Is not to say that I believe you, but in our books Hnojů is mention of one who has to have one. Zlobři in the affirmative, that tradition should be respected."
Rudolf began quite potit hands and was concerned, he said, "And what if selžu?" Zaznívalo in his voice note responsibility for everything.
Napoleon is odměřeně even to státnicky looked directly into his eyes. "Suddenly this is not your issue and not the one and for a long time, and no one else will be."

Davy člobrdů constantly pomateně pobíhali city. Once the goal caused panic citizen and was not able to stay at home or chviličku itself. It is the uncertainty of their shared with others, to be teleblud stunning evening news.
Kýna, Ňjůtn, Vošingtn and Stalman realized its bezvýchozí situation. In a similar misuse of powers must zlobr pykat and the United Hnáty are, in some cases, merciless. The only exception is the dwelling of each zlobra, there are on its territory and nobody him not otravovat. Sečká if there a thousand years, the penalty is barred. In desperation, therefore, all delivered to Strixu and decided it přeplavat.
In the last few months have all mastered many skills of Všesvěta properly and they also přeonačil emotional charge, which they can člobrdové uštědřit. We could say that against him were his way immune, but they did not know, the more the hrdinskou confidence in his abilities rubikonu decided to step into each zlobra.
"So gentlemen, now each for himself, and if it goes in the well-being, for a thousand years to a large dýchánku," made Ňjůtn. Others just pokývali and shock skočili each of the other arrow points to one touch to get closest to another bank.
The first began to heat Kýna. "I can not swim, pomóóóc," then disappeared below the surface.
Followed him and others. It took about a minute, two, and still nobody neobjevoval.
Zlobři the potopili and remained below the level, even there omdleli.
Kupodivu was now proud weak and it is nezaneslo to Nikam. It is therefore to demonstrate their nesmrtelná nature in all its beauty. The first opened the eyes of Stalman, everything around him was blurred, but the feeling is not bad. Neobratně is built on his feet and found that the water level reached just after his shoulders. Rozešel therefore letmými steps nadnášený perhaps Všesvěta emotions, or just ordinary bacteria oživenou nepitnou water.
On the other side sat down for a few minutes to vynořili and other heads of other zlobrů.
"So this is really strange," admitted Ňjůtn.
Vošingtn his words commented:
"One thing is simply Hnoje and other books is the fact."
"Nechme to swim," zažertoval the Kýna all surprised his nesmrtelností.
"So for a thousand years at sight," rozloučili the zlobři sborově and each zamířil to his home.

Rudolf went all the remaining Cheviot. Ten pieces of the left and three gave Napoleon. Refined pordinér are divided on their stocks very careful, even if it were a matter of life and death.
"Now to eat, then I vysaď on the shoulder and will go to pass," finally showed its determination Rudolf when those ševiotů ate five. Other zlobři the meantime, each zapálili after giant pintadele the recommendations zlobra Šamánka, which was responsible for the health status of U.S. military Hnátů. Already under zažité tradition apparently is the only way to the Všesvětě reassuring, at least as to dočetl in the book of the highest Hnoje.
Napoleon lifted Rudolf and delivered to the unoccupied part of Všesvěta. Ušli about five kilometres and the greater asks: "Where now, the only?"
"Támhle on the hill," will decide on the next point vztyčném trip less of them.
"Uff," oddychuje ztěžka zlobr, "I do not like hills, in the United Hnátech not and never go wrong with me, every time I have a feeling that I might fall." Zlobr is in fact very difficult to demonstrate while walking uphill prohýbat in kotnících, terrible to vrzalo. One time under the old books zlobři walked uphill to the hands.
"Only vydrž, big brother," she smiles again, it is less of them, as is becoming apparent completely washed-up.
"I'm not Stalin, nelichoť me."
"I just that you are still my closer and closer, therefore," explains everything Rudolf.
Finally, find themselves on a hill, Napoleon severely oddychuje. "And what we do now?"
"Sedět and will be interpreted."
"And by me as přesvědčíš?"
"We'll see, you can also watch it down to bláznění."
Zlobr looked and under him the whole Všesvět. Zasněně looked into dáli where tušil his home. He would prefer there once was. Nesnášel be director of operations the United Hnátů.
"So now imagine skočím somewhere in heaven," demonstrated at the same time incomprehensible enthusiasm for hopsání Napoleon. A moment to vydržel and then sat down. It was not too clear to him what it actually occurred. Turned again to the minor:
"I'm sorry for my strange behavior, prefer to go over back to serious matters," made it again státnickou rhetoric.
"It is important to realize that there beneath it all works perfectly well how to, whether in the zasáhnete or not."
Napoleon is zamyslel. "This want to say that the old law of our Hnoje it cease its force?"
"No, I want to say that Manure gives freedom and for the price of losses."
"But for me, we člobrdstvo responsible," opposes Napoleon.
"Really? And how you want to implement?"
"Implementation Rules, which was intended Hnojem."
"But one of those rules is freedom."
"Yes, but the exact interpretation of it. Svoboda, unless otherwise specified in the law."
"But our law has not indicated otherwise."
"But the conditions Hnojího law are eternal."
The debate rod hours. Napoleon finally disputoval thanks to the new capabilities are packed his third, fourth and fifth me. Rudolf him constantly explaining the inability to maintain the tradition without Hnojího intervention. About superegu neither nezmiňoval, already poor by Napoleon difficult rozchodil. Finally it anyway from ševiotu completely skip and agreed that eteb is simply the freedom of things and not the law.
Late at night, the two returned to their original position. Napoleon is still pomateně usmíval: "Friends, said the remaining zlobry, so I assess that everything here is entirely in order. We need only ensure that laws and respect the freedom of citizens to be allowed. Simple. That our expedition ends."
No, no to zlobr knew, připadali you as well stupid and too long a walk. Case is simply the ground shifted again, as usual, to the offices of the power bezprizorných and officials. Consistency United Hnátů proved its strength when zlobři again from Všesvěta disappeared. More to člobrdstvo Rudolf could not be done.
Negotiated government team won metály and other objects. The Všesvětem and the United Hnáty continue to exist endless phone calls and praemitto. Legislative and executive power was grateful that had its zlobry, providing justification for the everlasting existence itself. Without them, in fact very much lacking sense.

City V.
At the beginning of a decade, fell to a number of Zuzanu, Honzu and Sabinu. Jim should be a search engine of all emerging. Sabina obstarávala market research and statistics, Zuzana media page Affairs and Jack consulted with economic issues Fidem. Povolanější four in the city would find difficult.
Since the twenty-eighth of a decade of the same things slowly rozjely and polobohové superega they began to play with people after; šoupali with them after the board horeček purchasing and advertising campaigns which only they pleased. Not so wholly beatification words vynachválit innovation.
"So now we have the whole works well, see what a great drug now offer in shops," commented Jack situation, see if the entire display cabinet posetou powders and capsules with anything available.
"A nekoupíš you something?" looks to him to Sabina vyzývavě provocatively.
"Surely, he is everything good market, so why not," usměje her partner and go into krámku. Prodavač to him willingly hrne and offers almost complete. Just the sight podbízivý indicates how its products provide all possible bonus space.
"It will be the master wish?" smiles and sympathetic krčí patolízalsky. The market is balm, said the economist, if he saw him.
"I'd like something really new and povznášejícího," Jack domýšlí the best trip in my life.
Merchant carefully searches for shelves. Then focus on one place, zkoumavě observed Honzu and even asks: "It has to be injections or tablets?"
"And what would you recommend?"
"No, perhaps the best solution right on the spot for slight surcharge?"
"Rather not, of those with me doing evil," decided to prefer Jack finally decides otherwise.
"As you please," neusmívá is no longer so much a salesman gives one package from the shelf. "I recommend, therefore, Grogarýn from Dr.Horypnola itself."
"And how much it cost?"
"With or without insurance?"
"What insurance," zarazí with Jack.
"The possible complications, then include first aid treatment in hospital, etc."
"Aha, so be with insurance."
"The first mutual insurance company, or perhaps Bratrská Mrtvolní?"
"Maybe the first mutual," tápe Jack in the dates.
"A cemetery ambulance service, Máselná or Podmazaná?"
"How do you want to," let alone to decide details Honza. "And this is the Grogarýn so risky?"
"This is perhaps not, but when you work the economy, we have all market mechanisms as much as possible until the result of sophisticated," she smiles again líbezně trader.
"So it is six hundred and fifty."
"First-class goods, first-class quality and still vizitečku, if still some complications arose."
Jack has gone out of business and looking out at Sabinu. "So you do not know if we are to the economic model of innovation full drop nepřehnali."
"And why not?" Sabina krčí shoulders.
"We'll see," dořekne her companion, and the issue home.

Merchant dials a number on the other hand, will sound serious, but noticeably domýšlivý voice:
"So I have another, sir doctor."
"Well boy, must earn, the economy goes," responds called, while the očku looks at the patient zpovzdálí. Then they just rozloučí with its supplier of patients and end the interview. The patient is still postává good five meters away. Doctor Horypnol constantly zádumčivě observed pacientovo clothes, and then with satisfaction pronese: "You'll definitely sick, viďte?"
"I have great pain," admits the patient.
"And what would you like to?"
"An injection would not?"
Doctor should now work full efforts teeth, so the whole situation will decide according to the best medical conscience. "Same as last, I anticipate? So you go for the sister and chtějte one dose Horarýma. And because it is not insured treatment, the two hundred for the diagnosis and five hundred for the cure-all.
"Děkuju many times," povyskočí the penuriosus welfare and svižným step odkráčí room.
Doctor Horypnol shrábne notes and smiles at the idea next sletu doctors, where they mostly talk about its economic achievements.

City V. -- Intangible trip
Jack watched with interest the new box full of temptation in his life. Nevěřil that just after his girlfriend wanted to take it. But this time of incomprehensible reasons přepočítal. Without ceasing to him throughout the hour dotírala: "So what, when?"
When the old bell, installed under Čendových innovative economic practices, together with the giant clock above the most populated parts of the airship to the daunting, odbíjel seven evening, Jack laceration to the drought polkl. Then he took a glass of water, and devoured tablet zapil it.
Airship over town just notified nine and Sabina rozprávěla constantly on the need to move to výstavnější quarter, when they are those specialists through marketing and economics. Then, before Honzu built five different mortgage contracts, which signed. Subsequently, it presented novodobému financial advisers, such a job just had to calm banking institutions arise. He was, however, and kicked ritalinem, which is kind of like the seventeen times the euphoria caused by coffee, it is still flat after pobíhal and address. He did not know or that it Sabina forced to start repayments of debts and interest translated to a hundred years. Practically, therefore, to never. Jack, however, already knew none of this, since letěl directly through space, taking in každičké part zanechával more and more particles of his ego. His eyes outwardly as the roztekly and míchalo in them a comprehensive range of colors reality. Jack stopped suddenly to be quite the surroundings and no longer, perhaps only for the security of their freedom, did not respond at all.
Sabina vyprovodila adviser and emotivně completely fulfilled embarked on the television to nastudovala how to manage to promote its new commercial practices in the advertising broadcast.
On the screen naskočil first animated story about Jablíčku, which must find a way back to its undertaking to defend him before the snow. Doprostřed this clip suddenly vyskočí young man, waving and calling to přirozením: "Want to be like me, call Dr. Education." Then the story continues Jablíčka proložený still short vsuvkou to Čendův bordel. Then start reporting the news at night for nespavce. Komentátorka without ceasing as if pronášela repeated mantra: "Markets, economy, šlape to run to, competition, profit margins, bankruptcy and corruption." After three minutes of mindless babbling is happy usměje and fire jointa. Zničehonic still zařve: "Doprdele, you are not there yet the ad." Potáhne and implied the more she smiles. After a moment naskočí advertising plays in it but again the komentátorka. Čenda it forced open the sadistický salon. It said it ksicht dominant enough to be local katem.
Around one in the night Sabinu still think kouknout to Honzu. This is the whole vyjevený rozhlíží around himself. And only with amazement in the face and voice pronese: "This is now ride."
Sabina is usměje and wants to hug him just quietly, because everything you planned for the evening, has already been said. Přitulí a surprise vykřikne: "For those completely hoříš, you're OK?"
Jack communicate it laconically: "The fact netuším."
"You know what, call rather sanitku, whether you take a look you a doctor," překvapená girlfriend still propose solutions.
"I have already made, apparently do not have time now. It is uneconomic to run about here late at night, so to apply and no insurance, and moreover it to them, apparently does not want to work today. Supposedly you have to dock to the hospital in person. Zavěsili to clearly pobaveným tone with the words "economy šlape and valí".
"What naplat, head of trams," Sabina leave to swim and the two are quickly issued travel.
This evening it is not Jack home. Remained at the medical observation. Every day they came more and more money from insurance companies, so it really examine thoroughly.

City V. -- Medical discovery
Jack vysedává few times already in the hospital. Whole pobledl, zeslábl and doctors do it constantly something bodají. On more or less do not whats up. Almost every day for him to walk Sabina and carefully observe it.
"So they know what is this?" turn to it every time again, when they meet.
"Nevypadá to not only me assigned to asbestos bed, because I have a pillow propálil yesterday and was due to even fire the entire department. Wait, now here as Doctor, we can ask him," Jack interrupted Sabiny tint to the next question.
"Now get saline solution and then to odoperujeme, understand?" Doctor Horypnol looking quite convincingly.
"When you think, doctor? Odoperujete what?"
"Odoperujeme horkost, to make sense. It's important for your health, otherwise you may not survive."
"Aha," cover the head of Johnny uncomprehending of what sophisticated břídil speak. "And how much will it cost?"
"Nothing, to pay insurance company," chechtá the Doctor, "all the expensive treatments borne by insurance companies, in order to save the solidarity of every human being, whether it is anything. I have most dying, to the dust just hrnou."
"So good," Jack odkývá procedure. After saline will rozplývat beauty of the Sabiny and waiting. Then you think of what is actually wanted to learn today. "It brought you the leaflet to Grogarýnu?"
"Yeah, I have him here," gives him Sabina list.
From the hall has come rozesmátí surgeons constantly pronášející unanimously šepotem a single phrase: "The economy goes, the insurance company pays."
On the last line of the package leaflet is written in small letters. "In the case of elevated temperatures at the end of the trip ťuknete fist right hand on the forehead."
Johnny to try and his temperature is normal cukuletu.
Surgeons standing over him and begin it after the očku view. Then most of them still odhodlá: "And not let operate something else, to be here to znamínko hand? Or something in what could be říznout. Co. to replace the heart? Once you have all the testing, please, please."
"Nothing," hlesne Jack shirt and night to deliver the home.
For the reception, it stops ushers.
"No release the report can not leave."
Surgeons happy meeting of the stairs and close to him. That's quite Honzu dials. Zavolá Čendovi.
"No, what is souložím," the sound on the other hand, slightly breathless voice.
"Čendo, doktoři with the economy to understand something wrong, probably, we should be compulsory all vyfetovat to neotravovali. What you think?"
"Skvělej law," responds only Čenda, "I also minulej week trhali tooth and somehow, however, seemed to me the price."
Jack suspended, suddenly, as in the theatre pimprlovém completely turned the whole scene. Why do so, it has no other logical lighting than that, in a fairy tale everything is possible. Therefore, the earlier the patient suddenly confidently usměje the not so far sebejisté surgeons and pronese: "Do you know what awaits you now?"
Nejodvážnější of them are still osmělí: "That in turn will only return?"
"Exactly, the economy is more than fet and you must be, otherwise you become polobozi and from there we have other citizens of the city."
Doctor Law said the city council in considerable confusion. Doctors were at the same time somewhat nepoužitelní and erroneous diagnosis caused a wide range of health complications completely to all. On the other hand, they became people again. And so it was obviously Honzově superegu above. Economy, however, continues his way forward, nadstandard has become a necessity.

8th Saving the right time
Carlos with Alicí and Tydlýtem osaměli in the territory of the Free obývaném autonomy. They were, however, still slightly vylekaní of a special course of events. Pojídali for the time being the last remnants of food, and trying to get to come on how to leave the prison, which had no windows without grilles or other defects in the beauty. A solution to the problem of spent Carlos perných twelve hours, it looked chvílemi that perhaps even thinking. The únavného waiting for the first idea for the five hours it vytrhla memory of fire extinguisher in the corner of the room. Přemítal whether by him unable to perform something. He did not know.
Alice dotírala the two increasingly frequent questions, how to get here. Tydlýto finally made memorable sentence: "Just to the away into the air."
"What?" nechápavě it looks Carlos.
"For the last hour urazila sebevražedná rocket heading to my laptop about three quarters path."
"You have sebevražednou racket for you?" Carlos looked very surprised.
"My computer is a biological machine, if not hit one component in náloži, which is not at all provážet nowhere, as reported somewhat dangerous specifications for the layman not specified substances, although rozerve to pieces, but is there something substantial , It is possible to his memory in the growth solution, again in terms renewed. In the event of threats to it, therefore, can send this racket. "
"Hmm, and where we have a hide to us does not?" asks you a bit vylekaná Alice.
"I recommend the other hand, the house, decides professor.
"And where is actually the computer?" hloubá Carlos o cíli zasažení.

"It is in that small problem," admits Professor. You have to cut him from my bicepsu. It should not be too big a problem, I have scalpel, but I would recommend any anaesthesia.
"No problem," uchechtne with Carlos. "Which hand, please?"
"Right here in the shoulder such a box under the skin, you see?"
"Certainly," the head cover chápavě Carlos and one professor vrazí. It is fall, Carlos hesitation or a minute and cut the thing. And it fits into the corner of the house. Krvácejícího odnese professor at the other end, where is Alicí moves.
Ten minutes napjatě waiting. Then the sound pekelná morning, switch back to the place where it was originally the first room. Half the house is gone, obviously this is a specific type of controlled explosions. Nearby kráteru pobíhá small robot similar kovářskému mistrovi, waving with the hammer in what vyřízli of profesorova body. Then in the one třískne and then this thing will disappear from the world. Subsequently, the robot will start krvežíznivě see the professor. He has simply said: "Kopněte to him or erase me from the world!"
Carlos hesitation and carry out its best odkop what he knows. Postavička flight thirty metres and it explodes.
"What does it actually mean it?"
"To be sure, somewhat to my surprise, probably play a Ministry of espionage."
"And as we found that it kopnout I have?"
"Fate," zatváří is mysteriously Tydlýto. In fact, it did not know he had. Probably still nenadešel his time, other explanation for it was only more irrational. I must believe scientist. Unfortunately, some of them believe too.
After the oklepali a bit of surprise rozuzlení, nasedli to the bus pomalovaného inscriptions "Peace, war, here, now" Kupodivu was despite considerable zchátralý state still itinerant. Dojeli in his belly until the first city without major problems. There are in the streets váleli dozens dead and no one was not even see a live being.
Carlos just dry You commented: "This is good enough!"
Alice is completely impartial pozvracela.
Tydlýto only nasedl into the bus and drove away.
Chvílemi heard in the distance shooting. One soldier even met directly Free autonomy, but it was totally killing of infatuation, dezorientovaný and lost in the wilderness. Nechali him there chcípnout.
The fifth day journey finally arrived to the city, where it looked even without a visible spot of the svobodomyslných soldiers. Speakers from the bus to the suburbs already. Immediately given attention. Around the car, the men discovered uniformovaní just when the car left. Neither Tydlýto or no additional crew of the slave superega nevšímali and continue to find either the airport or a connection that could be imported to him.
After the hour peripetii which had the earliest okrást and subsequently the second time with his wife obese obese kyklopem regarded as perhaps her child, succeeded successfully obtain germ from a car belonging to two mamelukům, close relatives Catholic bishop Kazisvěta Otesánka, but surprisingly in the whole matter does nezasáhl Because it just kind oddával prayers in the south piglet.
In jekotu pronásledujících police sirén, obese female character was in fact a woman the local Sheriff, arrived at the international airport terminal and many soldiers and personnel.
The car left effective manner, opened the door directly to the police, who monitor nechápavě empty inside. They are now embarking into the shooting. Sheriff is rozeřval:
"Stop the fire, I bought it." This was his last hlesnutí in life, with prostřeleným heart long mammal do not.
Tydlýto the problems nevšímal and simply be together with other prodíral the crowds. Without ceasing to them, someone narážel. Carlos began vztekat: "I am the people I crashing."
"While you can, but they do not know about you, are in their captivity superega."
"Aha," understood to bound after his agent. Without rozmýšlení one of the pedestrians shodil and second nakopl to rozkroku. Subsequently přiškrtil earlier chlápka what he nezdál at all sympatický. Then, just added:
"Perhaps you're right."
"Notice how everything works perfectly here, it is not great," expressed satisfaction over its creation professor.
"I passed on it rather strange," kontruje agent. And the proof of their disenchantment zlomí one hand men. "The good old."
"Nechme to be, now we have to propašovat on a line and forcing the pilot to us to zaletěl A continent. This is the only way to get out of this."
The group led by professor selected first a bit more aircraft chystající to start. Neither the neobtěžovali reading goals flight. Just wait until the aircraft odstartuje and then embarking upon the action. They went into the pilot cabin and the paper put before the pilot inscription "The aircraft is kidnapped."
The captain turned the other pilot:
"Let the ones blbý fórky, right?"
His colleague nechápavě zakroutil head.
Both continue to devote management.
"But it certainly will not," he began to understand the difficulty of their task Carlos. "As one of them choke?"
"And next?" zíral it Tydlýto.
"Just to odřídíme themselves," Carlos explained.
"And you know how to drive the aircraft?"
"Agent states can do everything," spoke confidently proud Stáťanský citizen.
"Come on, please, if you like," let him deal with Tydlýto to špionážním way alá Agent states.
"Jau, and, hec, bum, Aáá," ozývalo the next three minutes cab. Then they lay pilots and navigator on the meeting and unconsciousness.
Carlos sat on the proceedings. Alici sat for navigation. A moment to zíral, the management of transport aircraft knew enough. But this was světadílné and therefore nothing except ručiček not understand. The aircraft increased, decreased, naklánělo, třáslo and hučelo. First came letušky bring coffee and as soon as pilots saw the trigger with vřískotem fled from the cab away. Plane started to spread panic.
"This is like saying the management of the aircraft?" nechápavě kroutil head Tydlýto.
"I can not consider that the use levotočivý coordinate system. Why do you have to have everything just a bit differently?" vztekal with Carlos for the entire A continent.
"Look, you are a former Světadílané and hold hub."
Alice is interrupted:
"Maybe it would be something good to say into a microphone to people."
"And there, as I hear?" nejistě the zatvářil agent.
"This will přisvědčil Tydlýto."
"You know what profesore, so you odříkejte alone, you have zvučnější votes. Jo and the Alice hlídej the crew and if vstávali and wanted to move, so do not turn kopni."
"Its Carlosi pomát?"
"This zvládnu I," began to be unexpectedly strongly professor, to avoid further hádkám.
"Dear passengers, keep calm, the aircraft have been kidnapped extremistickou group Blue Arrow in chocolate."
"Well, me, we extremistická group," neznepokojuje with Carlos.
In those moments are awake, one of pilotu and preparing to move to the proceedings. Surovým kopancem again reverse nazad and remained unconscious. "And it would not be better, and those pilots navigátora bind?"
"Why, this is about much more action," explains one reason for the existence of the agent states and Carlos pochechtává. "Boule, modráky, abrasions, blood is life."
"This is where you," Alice vrčí him.
"From the television, each správnej Agent states learn on television, this is a clear," Carlos vítězně pronáší its demagogic view of reality.
"To actually letíme?" enquires the time professor.
"No, and there doletíme, so we'll see, yet I like it straight through the sea and mountains, looking through the glass Carlos, although only mlhu sees everywhere. There do not know where it is, navigation is Světadílů totally different from the Stáťanské.
After some time, when they are pilots and navigator several times uspáni kopancem to face begin to understand the rules of this particular game. At that time, again opened the eyes of one and nehýbe. Then do the same, second and pronese: "Man, this is a suspect, every time when I shake something bací and turn usnu."
The first reply: "I have also noticed, there is therefore dějou matter."
and continued:
"The main is that letíme what?"
"Perhaps yes, I would just interested why those ciferníky still somehow vychylují of course, when everything is set to autopilota. As someone still in the hrabal."
"Kakaibang it is, but the land without us can not anyway, so it will průser."
From the floor of the two pilots looking navigator and sound, "Furt to go to the Capital Světadílu, so it's fine."
Tydlýto will enjoy: "So me, Carlosi, say what control, if the whole flying alone?"
"What you are after, you want after držce, profesore?" vzteká the agent over his inability.
Alici also happens that světadílné aircraft flying anyway you need and, moreover itself. "Would not it be better to those pilots rather start again?"
"In any case, are recharging, pokazili the landing."
Carlos insisted on his, he is a pilot this plane simply kidnapped.
Lessons result, the aircraft approached the přistávacímu manoeuvre. Pilots will begin to talk again. "Nothing would like to do something?"
"No you, but how do you see, the navigator from time to try and see where it is?"
"Maybe a miracle happens," nadhodí Finally, the second pilot.
The aircraft landing at zaryje enough to the country. The burning machines leap passenger emergency exits. Together with them and fled away Tydlýto, Alice and Carlos. Outside the agent wide trigger browsing and satisfaction pronese: "And then it can not land."
Tydlýto only kroutí head and hasteth to his laboratory.

Meanwhile, in Spojenýchstátech steadily progressing chlapíci of the Free autonomy and systematic murder of non-citizen, one after another. Nechápavě the plahočí from the north to the south and in the way of them remains more and more fairly pominutých. After a few weeks after the nekonečném states remains alive only fifty of them. Areas that they choose to have an adequate clean-up chosen, but slowly they cease to flourish perceive themselves as being, so that almost half of them zkratuje in the name of freedom and dies. Smůla. After a month survives only the last twenty-seven, who are still systematic murder, where they may. Komunikují between vysílačkami and dohadují is, where is Santa Claus. Průpovídky, but do not in the ether for each of them very similar. After most of the time, although not understand them, but obviously they do not have anything in common with Svobodnou autonomy. Still, for themselves or just vykřikují speaks šeptem a sentence which can only with a maximum effort to understand about the following: "Santo, nobody except me and you are not already on the ground. All the gifts, therefore, belongs to me, right?" Subsequently, the moment rozbrečí and kill a couple of other people. "Sometimes you have me those gifts certainly schoval viď, because I was good all year round, not like those other, so where are they?" tries to turn with prosíkem. Then again kill a few people and the whole cycle repeated again and again and again. Their pointlessness show incredible faith in his own importance.

At the plate VII - City VI

April plays with a small bar to display her poskakují small netvorové in the third dimension, and she kills one after another. By the microphone kaučuje his team how to proceed to those klukům in Bangladesh finally got to kobylku. It is now quite big bet between one regional distribution companies and their suppliers dvorními, who is based in the city said. By the chvílemi April chvílemi when the time has just heard:
"Tlačte, dýchejte, push."
And breathe and push the whole klepe, but still played, the money could ensure its potomkovi due to start progamingové scene.
"You have him on the right, Deadly," screams into the microphone now vztekle April and can not vynachválit the two papers as they gave two hours. The whole world is now, although it rozplývá, but as totally knew exactly how these guys think in Bangladesh.
Topper with Deadlym now consists of a rapid Troops, who directs the left side to back nestvůrným šikmookým what protects their zone with the flag as just may. Forgot pověstnou but the figure Jumpover. When the player who is back at the enemy (as they got to be secret April, she is performing the role tactical navigátora, Deadly with Topperem are just pawns) can skip through his spolubojovníka ostnatou barrier, which protects the opponents flag and without the use of scissors it one time vyškrábne hook to navijáku. Bangladéšané the trick did not know. And also know that Topper is a great catch in the hook. The last point was their lot.
In Bangladesh, the traders vzteky rvou hair, 100 computers in their branches for free. Then odběhnou into an adjacent room and twelve years profackují children who have already grew from childhood to progamingová tournament.
Deadly with Topperem the oddechnou and each sežere just one ecstasy. Money is at home.
April press and sound to cry. She surprise vyjekne and look forward. It's a small netvor or future progamingová star, think of it. Mother wins cit. Přitiskne small Glada to him and before očička him vrazí blinking tactical display.
"It's a boy," zařve yet to mikrofónu, and then it deals with only his small tvorečkovi.

Karel that day, when born April future player nedělal nothing special. Simply sat at home and did not have anything to work. He was simply too lazy than that he was interested in world affairs, even if the entire work otherwise than by him when attacked. Jevilo it unnecessary for spěchat events, when it eventually anyway dostihnou themselves. Nenacházel importance or new or old. Simply just waiting, if things somehow make. And they really do. Just re-answer the phone cursed.
"No?" has lifted somewhat impartial handset.
"Here Tydlýto, you have to do something for mankind!"
Charles will chechtat. "As for humanity, for mankind is not any?"
"Hmm, špatnej attempt," admits Professor. "So I do not know, I'm just takovej feel that it is simply good to do something and I just remembered to you."
"So nějakej other šílenej attempt, right?"
"I do not know, needed just that you be relocated to another centre and checked something there."
"And why just me?"
"You have good karma."
"What kind of karma proboha?"
"I do not know simply that your chain of events shows signs of abnormal sort of power, so you have as indestructible."
"Cosi as the Terminator?"
"So to netuším what is mean," nechápavě responsible Tydlýto.
"This is fuk, and where we go and what there?"
"You must do the same centre as director of power there and try to close to the centre and three, then I know that it works."
"And what has actually work?"
"Moral network, how can go anywhere. Ie. From the reality here and turn back without having to distort man."
"We would then be able to be normal again?"
"In theory."
An evening with Charles turned to Jan.
"Nechtěla you to go?"
"Now? After all, I am pregnant?"
"Yeah, but just as everything here is just like, you do not know?"
"This, therefore, I do not know much, I believe it does not want to have to understand."
"I you can convince about."
Janě is really nowhere nechtělo, but refused, it would be that Charles had itself, so the journey has released. Prošli thus successfully to another superega and now stood in the square where the darkness and even living soul around.
"Hey, is there someone?" ozvalo into silence. John looked under my feet and there was toddler. But it was really strange, pokuřovalo, tvářilo as Karel, but it was little girl, very beautiful, and usmívala.
"God's" vyjekne Charles. "My body as nějakej kulturista." Then párkrát praští into the air and completely to zasviští. "I Rychlej as Superman," she smiles still more.
For Jana became a goddess ATHENA. But she just passed and made laconically. "I do not why I have such great breasts." Nechtěla to admit that actually always wanted to have the greatest breasts.
Zazvoní phone and Karel to raise:
"So how?" sound again professor.
"Everything at rest, but here we have a child and we are up a bit too perfect."
"Hmm, I probably still have to fine-tune something, now comes the third faced the gate."
"And as we have done, because we do not know where we really?"
"So to you neporadím, now testuju slightly different things," dopoví Tydlýto and simply suspended. As a scientist doing the right thing hundred at the same time, the results are simply must appear alone.

Large room illuminated by hundreds of fluorescent lamps desítkou equipped with fire extinguishers and chairs fitted with dozens of metro around twenty meters long table. Each piece of furniture and the floor is napuštěna non-flammable mixture. People opájející with its own perfection simply must be protected from themselves and each other to nevzplanuli coincidence, since in such rozpoložení the fire and may become only a matter of entertainment. A uhoří if the man is usually already too late to remedy. If survive, is for the rest of his life and the bad in the city simply does not wear. Excellence in bankruptcy is above-standard rule. For this reason, as time went on dračku plastic surgery for surgeons, who, after the time of its inability to zvrávorali and can start to become the economic field.
Čenda sits at the head table before him posedává small klučina in dupačkách and doutníkem mouth. Jack and the great things Sabinou looking at your child how, despite its útlý age poučuje the world všehotvůrce superega. Jim at that time still walks with Jana and both are extremely fun, who can drink more. It is not with them, although no word, but they can no longer simply the nevšímají. Anthony, on the other hand still oddává his way to nowhere and back. Senior's house he had in his journey to heaven began to be too small. Suddenly, the word known oslavenec.
"Friends, I think we should reflect on the essence of the matter. So I think the economy."
At the moment all zpozornějí. However, it takes just that moment, then added his voice to them again, just as šeptavé šamanské prozpěvování. Maličká strategist simply tells only to himself.
"After reviewing all the numbers I propočítal that this whole thing, namely economy, zatraceně rot and makes slaves of us like what we were before the revolution. Where this is not something substantial, it will take only a few months time and again, when the finds a new revolutionary leadership reins and take the current city council. Maybe I should recall that I feel owe their parents, it was just that I am. I am therefore sorry if this someone you zamrzí, but progress does not stop just because I feel that each of you more than emotional crush. What is more, not just me older brothers and sisters. You are the only family me. And for your good, you feel spláchnu to hajzlu you aware that the man man does not function nor the private ownership papeženská pseudomorálka soudného citizen. "
No one is not, nadstandard all zahltil so it is almost impossible to return.
When you vzteky small Pope Boniface almost supí, opened the door and therefrom to reveal a small postavička, pronese: "My words." Inward vpochoduje small steps accompanied Aténou with Herkulem (the proměněného Karla with Jana).
Party to celebrate the birth took place just Bonifác specifically, people destroyed the economy, and the longer perceive themselves. On the other hand, has brought a new wave of enthusiasm for change in the form of these two small creatures.
The parents of two small creatures at the initiative of their children's first encounter with a move to a table in the rear of the hall. Potichu self koukají until the ATHENA odhodlá.
"This is special, how our children understand that?"
"I think it is a thought pattern, simply by having something in common."
"According to me, are simply young and enthusiasm, this is the whole," odtuší Hercules.
Pope Boniface contacting the adults: "I would so naively, as you saw. We no longer simply lacks the ability to change, is not it?"
All adults silent.
"Do not be so critical to them," sound the little girl. "My parents are here to the task, can not consider what they are."
"Everyone is responsible for itself," can not be revolutionary tuned Pope Boniface. "But when you think," zatváří is sensitive, "so what?"
"Seeking a gateway to a Tydlýto could get inside and they were free again," revealed little girl knowledge that the transition from one superega the second vryli into her head.
"Tydlýto?" zarazí with Jack.
"Tydlýto?" zděsí with Sabina.
"For this we can not, it's on. I just want to be free again," announces as Karel without interest. "And not just someone inside of something."
"I am from this but distancuju," zamítavě the face of John. "I particularly like here," viewing it as a beautiful.
Pope Boniface sees as a great revolutionary idea. So far, unaware that he'd be just something inside of something. Now it is his sociologicko-economic studies quite clarify. You feel like a god.
"So we find the gate and see what next," to finally conclude. "And now I am hungry, so for today fell." Dodá yet.

9th Neveselý return
Laboratory zeje prázdnotou, all the dust settled, and nothing nenapovídá earlier tourism, which had the effect of the whole planet zavirovaní viruses supereg. Computers are still running Fortunately, the generator is able to maintain their currently for a period of almost thirty years. Despite the seemingly infinite amount of time ťuká Tydlýto into their equations and keyboard codes. Several days and nights probdí on coffee as cigaretou for pusy. It is as long as hlubokomyslně nebádal. Sometimes it set for itself mumlá, needed another gate. Pokusně into Všesvěta and turn back. Nedokáže but move forward than to just three areas, and each time it is still in a desert, where neither compass or any other benchmarks do not. It combines the phone with Honzou.
"I can not find any way to get inside."
Jack it corresponds with a smile: "It does not get inside until someone is not out. It came to my son," expresses the word with pride feťáka in voice.
"And how can therefore get out?"
"Reverse mutation of the virus based on what it does not understand something."
"So give me your son, anyway, I gave him to vínku all their knowledge." Tydlýto speak a second copy of a biological computer, which is in all cases left in the head Bonifác.
"Well," Jack is responsible, while šňupe a bit of cocaine to uklidnil of ukrutného finding on the merits of his child.
Next week working on dolazení all formalities, eventually to work. Now standing next to his small Tydlýta copies, but has yet sebejistější expression than his father virus.
While Alice Carlos faced with his love románek full, so Tydlýto and Pope Boniface opojeně enter into further and further supereg and požitkářsky you play with these facts pseudorealit. One evening, however, Pope Boniface disappear and will remain a professor in the laboratory alone. Alice with Carlos will not be refunded and Tydlýto will again begin to think that made this world best as can be done. Saved him in front of him alone. Spokojeně the lebedí and now refuses to deal with anything. Oddá the rounds and leaves the fate of all research.

Mezihra 3 # # #

Queen zamává tykadélky top-down, right, left, turn up and turn down. Its poddaní flight with a rocket from the parent planet and Nowhere to appear close to the earth. With the help of generally unknown scientific method creates a kind of mysterious field around the globe and at the same time it is the world except Tydlýta, Alice, Carlos and twenty-seven representatives of liberal autonomy on one thousand billion beings with the knowledge more.
No. 113235 stops and rozhlédne around them, then it zarazí that it is there, and not the other side. Zatraceně why is not actually the case and, if he knows how to make a car? Why should we neletí? These and other questions at the same time challenging all Ant in the world. They awareness of all and no benefits. They can choose either philosophically monitor its closed and the use of birth or achievements planet, which is so great. Any being with the knowledge is sobecká and zištná so with the knowledge and ants are such. Constructive and disruptive. Of course, to people in cities will zavazet.

10th Closure of all primary

Kára, one of the zabijáků looking Santa Claus, just lies in his hide when you všimne small vrtulníčku, which is close to him. Foukne him and the matter shall fall to the ground and vybouchne. But after a while the zjevují further and further vrtulníčky what is more, vystřelují a tiny objects. The skin in addition příšerně completely burned. Kára begin to flee towards, it pushed the letající objects. The whole day is still progressing away from them, until one night gets into the valley, where they will meet the twenty-six other soukmenovci. Zděšeně to himself all looking and no one is not to the whole situation expressed. The natural authority of past conduct themselves in the wake of last záchvěv courage. The head of the autonomy of free contacting all present:
"I do not know what it meant, but tuším it to the end. So, before we destroy those small zrůdky, přiznejte. He stole the gifts and killed Santu Claus?"
"No I will not have to be Srdcovej King," the sound zavalitý vousáč.
"Nesmysl, odvolej, cos he said, or you zastřelím," can not be Srdcovej king.
Finally, no one is not nothing, a small věcičky is within a few minutes povraždí all to Šéfa.
He zkormouceně stands on the spot and bezmyšlenkovitě sight to the country. It takes about half an hour. Once a vehicle the size autíčka the flywheel. On it is a small TANNOY and it will sound: "Your last words for the offspring?"
"Santa is an ox," pronese the only representative of the Free autonomy and the death of the childlike rozbrečí.
No. 232335 reports headquarters: "Nesystematičtí thing destruction votes recorded for historians, other task?"
"Systematic thing 1
Mravencům is slowly but surely succeeding decimovat everything Spojenýchstátů population.

At that time, it also completely apatický Tydlýto begins surmise that the ants are a problem. Increasingly, he found in the laboratory and even though they destroyed hundreds, in turn, will come next. It is a few months once more to take anything in the world supereg change. Tuší that even if their child ochraňoval by the end of life and after his death no one has to do not. Create a great past for science. Zanese at least until supereg defensive response, so even without procitnutí individuals are able to slowly build the army deratizátorů. Štěstím is that the ants did not have the courage to use non-conventional weapons. Litý fighting began and the end is in sight.
One professor even make a final report on the experiment is a happy superegy the oddychne. Then it occurs to find that when the ants will have a firearm, as superegové mankind defeat. Zapálí rather the entire laboratory and vyběhne out. There has prepared him expect the unit to ampliónem. "The last words?" the sound of it.
Tydlýto nechápavě looking than hlesne prophesy: "Drugs to you."
No. 23523385 reports headquarters: "Dlouhovlasá head destroyed, the votes recorded for historians, other task?"
"Systematic thing 2 and 3"
Mravencům However, due to Tydlýtovi into the chain of information záškodnická new idea. It also means the end of their expansion. Philosophical note begins prevail over constructive. No reasonable creature will never be satisfied with just one glance at the world.

Alice just lying in a sort of an abandoned hotel far away from civilization. Carlos zálibně viewing it as vysedává poodhalená to pohovce. Přiblíží to her and wants her letmo kiss on his face. In that from the sound ampliónu: "Your last words?"
The two zarytě silent. Mlčí as lovers with a sweet mystery, but because it is nesdělitelné, it can not be mediated through someone else.
No. 72523485 reports headquarters: "Anomální pair destroyed, without a voice, the body provide the pitvě. Another task?"

# Mezihra 4 #

The queen would prefer very pleased mnula hands. But it is not a man, so just rozverně zamává tykadélky. It is so like its small mravenečky, but also entertainment must cease once, particularly if the conservation of museums and lunaparku one. After the truth or she did not anything about the real reason why just this planet should be left. It was simply written in T-law of the kind biorovnováze and ekoekonomii. An poťapaná religious formula, they thought for themselves. Dogmatici over the terms hloubají for several generations. Unfortunately, nothing else big T-mrav left. Maybe velkej cvok, but forever more than the queen. To be devoured most. Externally to it but nobody can know. It did not option, nor is přetvařovat. Panovnice do not always have the face.
Suddenly, around a planet hundreds mezihvězdných korábů. Gradually landing at sea level. Then, like speedboats, come to the bank. Ven up one thousand great mysterious Ant. Those odderatizují whole planet earth from intelligent Ant and ensure a stable living conditions of all the planet's population. Tydlýtův plan is due to force majeure protect you for ever. With ants, and never otherwise. Since the day ONI arrive in small groups of regular klatících the creature to the ground and the interest observe human life, as something so complicated nesmyslně and without the benefit of it long again see. Reality show The Earth receives several months to the highest degree of audience in commercial television mravenčího empire.

11st Pope Boniface arranged to

At a time when Pope Boniface disappeared from Tydlýtova life nezahálel. Felt to be still rather just výplodem virus superega than the ordinary man. After the truth is not never seen, as in the real world looks like when it is in superegu. Indeed, in all I am quite a big confusion, the whole of him apparently does not make sense at all. After only was still a toddler. Fortunately, with nedokonalostmi their knowledge of the facts will head nelámal. He had the means and capabilities right now and quite inside. It is the real world completely omitted. Quite vyděsilo him when he using simulation methods managed to find that small ants, and instead of them disappeared after the planet prohánějí some huge arriving addition of insoluble equation. Bonifácovi nezbylo than to have to be calm and to create a so-called soul super-neutral. There has decided to hold veselici to celebrate the new opportunities in travel interegovém bringing further economic and market innovative development supereg. Pope Boniface was a great, miraculous, and according to historians božštější than the Pope.
As regards the veselici, zabíhat prefer not to detail. The truth remains that the wine teklo stream as well as vodka. Not every visitor will the next few weeks ever remember. However, entertainment was great and everything was the result, in addition to the huge commercial success throughout the event, the delegation of one expedition into the depths of Ant neutral superega.
Chain reaction to themselves nenechala long wait. Every young formica longed to reach at least once famous for Bonifácův mejdan. Viral evolution could well continue.
Last but not least, we should not forget some kulturnější achievements Big Bonifác. Firstly, there was a memorial to the Great Bonifác vymodelovaným model itself. Apart from the other major works of similar nature, we must not forget many cultural goals channeled directly nepozorovaně of superega out and there oplácet mravencům their kindness. Lidsky, friendly, warmly and to němoty. Great and small deeds have been enough time. That's the other stories but that does not belong to the fourth book.

Dovětek $ $ $ $ $ $

Tydlýto, if it is on, hanging in the emptiness. However, this is not no dark emptiness. Rather such rozbředla, vyblitá emptiness without end. And then the emptiness that guy přiopile plácá:
"Until, škyt, you will not know that we as a result of nothing, flus, do not you nepustím heaven and nechám you poletovat space accompanied by the poťouchlých mimozemšťanů. Currently, you simply too great boredom than I wanted you here," then loudly říhne.
In addition Tydlýta, if he is such a liliput all in black and groggily tries to maintain balance in the sound.
"Nedáme else there any film, this does not grády."
"This could be done, but I no longer simply not žádnej idea."
"No, would like to čendžnout stvořitele, néé?" zařve liliput.
Tydlýto, where he suddenly zvážní.
"Perhaps you're right, then turn to change list and neúčastněme, brachu," pronese Tydlýto, yes, it's on, with a reduction in voice toward the master of darkness, as we in smířlivém rozpoložení liliputa. Then, podpírajíc one another, odšourají to mimoprostoru to the rozplynuli both the Nebula mimočasu.
"Who save us now?" disclose the life-and-death question across the whole universe.
"Anyone," pronese Nowhere Tydlýto disappeared, "blběji has to go anyway."


And now to those you!