Thursday, June 08, 2006

Black Money rule the market

The finance minister of Moravia declared that there will be no more
chance of whitening black money. Only 50,000,000 crowns was whitened in
last year.

Sources in the Moravist Board of Market (MBM) pointed out that the
amount of black money whitened is a very small part of the total amount
of black money.

The black money holders who will not take the money whitening
opportunity available, will have to face specialist from penezni
bezpecnost. 5000 thousand foreign companies with activities on global
markets are suspected.

The black money holders (even every foreign businesses in Brno) have
been given the opportunity to whiten black money on low tax, compared to
general taxpayers who pay 35 to 50 % tax, so that people (as well as
foreign corporations) are encouraged to legalise their illegal money.

penezni bezpecnost is your friend

Only a few black money holders took the opportunity given by the
martial law government in 1996 in Brno.

During 2000-2002, the government offered such opportunity at 66% income
tax. Especially global corporations managers were trying to hide their
wifes expensive jevellery which were in those special cases confiscated.

In 2002-2004 the government retained the provision with44 % tax but said
if black money is invested in industries within two years, the rate will
be 38%. Unfortunately because attack to penezni bezpecnost squads from
many directors of german and austrian companies with their little
private armies it hasn't been succesful. Anyway directors were in few
cases banished from Brno and more then 90% were luckily shot by moravist
vojenska rozvedka.

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